4 Free Love Spells That Work In Minutes

Love potion not required!

4 Free Love Spells That Work In Minutes Getty Images

Everyone wants to be with someone special, and love spells that work in minutes are perfect for making the magic happen.

In fact, one of the very first ways people are introduced to magic is through love spells.

We’ve all been there; pining after someone’s affection when it feels they don’t even notice we exist, at least not in the ways we wish they would be drawn to us. 

We might find ourselves wondering if there is a way to convince our heart’s desire to fall just as madly for us as we have them with a love spell.


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After practicing witchcraft for the past nine years I have found that love spells hold a special potency.

It is unlikely that you can bend the will of the universe to force someone to fall in love with you against their will.


However, if the chemistry is there, you can definitely influence that special someone to start thinking about you with a love spell.

A love spell can help you to take up space in their thoughts and dreams.

Even a quick love spell can inspire a kinship with the one that holds your heart’s affection. 

Part of the love spell starts with you. 

While I don’t subscribe to the belief that you have to love yourself before anyone loves you, it is important before proceeding with a love spell to know that you are worthy of love.

So it's important to believe in yourself when you do a quick love spell that works.

Letting the intention that you are a loveable being who not only deserves love but can attract it will make your spell that much more potent when releasing your energy into the universe.


Sometimes, just by saying our intentions, we put the message out that we actually are the things we claim, and can rewrite our own truth.

It is also good to know that these love spells are also applicable to self-love, and generating a deep desire for ourselves as well. 

The last thing to know, about magic in any form, is that resources and tools listed, as well as the written word for spells, are interchangeable.

Magic is not a “one size fits all” craft; it bends to the will of the practitioner and should fit that person’s style.

If you’re not crazy about roses, substitute for a plant you know you love and would like to receive from your crush.


If you despise the color red or pink, use a candle that better fits your affections.

The resources you use should best service you.

You’re the one who puts the intention into the universe, it is only fair to have the spell fit your unique style. 

Here are four love spells that work in minutes:

Preparing for your love spell

It is important to cleanse the room, body, and mind before proceeding with any spell work.

You don’t want any outside energies interfering with your work.

I would advise a smudge; be sure not to use any resources that appropriate cultures outside of your own.

Lavender and rose bundles are a great resource for love spells and are fairly inexpensive.


If you are limited on resources, you can roll a bundle using rolling papers for tobacco, rose petals, and a pinch of dried lavender. 

Another way to cleanse your own energy, not just the energy of your surroundings, is to take a sea salt bath or shower.

As you cleanse and scrub using the sea salt, imagine anything holding you back being released and slipping away down the drain as it rinses off your body. 

Love spells notoriously work best on Friday nights.

Fridays are ruled by the planet Venus, named after the goddess of love.

However, if you apply the same intention on any other day it should work. Whatever works best for your schedule is what you should do!


1. The name on the foot love spell

You will need a shoe for this love spell. Write the name of the person you love in red ink and fold it several times.

Tuck the paper into your left shoe. Whisper everything you want this person to know and why it is you want to be together.

Tell them the wonderful things about them, tell them your deepest desires.

This works as a way to influence the other person to want to be with you by working energetically to appear in their subconscious.

2. Candle love spell

Using a candle, set your intention!

It is advised that you use pillar candles so that you can carve in their initials, a rune such as Ehwaz for relationships, or a sigil denoting what you wish.


This works best with a red or pink candle, depending on the energy you choose to invoke.

Working with red candles invokes the energy of Mars, which is ruled by physical energy and sexuality, whereas working with pink brings love from Venus.

You can choose to invoke this candle with ritual oils or even rose water.

Be sure to work the magic from the wick down, as that is the best way to manifest instead of releasing.

Light the candle and in your mind, set your intention.

Meditate until the candle burns to its end. Once the candle goes out, the spell is complete. 

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3. The red pen and paper love spell

On a piece of paper and using a red pen, write down your intention.


For example, "To be together". Then write your name and the name of the person you want to attract.

Re-write this for a total of 33 times. Meditate on this desire for five minutes.

After meditating, draw a circle on this page; over your intentions write a spell in the round.

You can say something along the lines of “Our fate has been sealed, we are united, so it is, the spell is done.”

Be sure to write this until it overlaps in the circle, to close the spell.

Fold the paper towards you, chanting the spell again.


You will rotate the paper and close it towards you until you cannot fold the paper anymore, repeating the spell with each close.

Once you cannot close it anymore the spell is invoked. 

4. The love box spell

You can use any gift box around your house for this, but it is preferred that you use a smaller box for this type of spell.

From the top of the box, you can dangle either a picture of your crush or a list of wishes of the person you want to bring into your life.

Around the inside of the box, paste pictures of yourself, or write the things you wish to be on the walls.

Fill the boxes with objects of love; rose petals, rose quartz, heart trinkets. Close the box.


They will be surrounded by love and thoughts of you with the completion of this spell, drawing them closer to you! 

What to do after you've cast your love spell

The best way to invoke a love spell as soon as you are finished performing it is to completely forget about the magic you just invoked.

You want to move into the phase of receiving love.

When you focus on the love spell that was just performed, you are stuck in the doing, and spirit interprets that as you’re not done releasing the spell.

The way you can solidify this magic is to go about your day and routines as if nothing is new, but knowing within that everything is about to change. 


Love spells are notorious for not working the way the practitioner means them to and do typically work best with practicing these rituals daily, for a week at least.

However, if your intentions are strong and you believe in your work, you can make romance manifest into your life with ease. 

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