What Is White Magic?

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What Is White Magic?

What is white magic? White Magic is the use of spells as a form of healing often used by witches.

There's a difference between white and black magic.

What is white magic?

Simply put, white magic is used to promote and bring in good energy as well as positivity.

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White magic differs from black magic because it comes from a place of light.

Black magic, on the other hand, is usually done when coming from a negative, selfish, and dark place.

White magic is useful.

White magic has a benevolent purpose for both the spell caster and the person it is meant to affect.

For example, if you had a coworker who was bothering you and wanted to use black magic then you might curse them or put a spell on them to leave you alone.

You can do good with white magic, which is why the intention cannot be meant to cause evil.

White magic is a form of blessing.

With white magic, you might do a spell to bless them and yourself with peace and harmony so that you both can feel better working together.

White magic is healing and it allows the witch to channel her energy through intentional spell casting.

White magic is healing.

Not only does White Magic help you manifest and bring good things into your life, but it is very healing for your soul, body, mind, and heart.

White magic has a strong history.

When looking at the history of witchcraft, in ancient times witches were considered to be healers.

Well, using white magic is a way to be a healer and it has been passed down through the centuries.

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You don't have to be a witch to cast a white magic spell. Anyone can do white magic once they understand what it is.

You can use white magic to heal yourself, and then it causes a chain reaction because then you can spread your love and light with those around you.

For example, you can do a spell for self-love, and not only will it help heal you and give you positivity, but then it will help you share your love with others.

Now that you know what white magic is, what does it utilize?

White magic utilizes the energy of nature, beauty, and light from the world around us.

For example, you don’t need a lot of crystals and cauldrons to practice magic. All you really need is mother nature.

A lot of witches use natural herbs, water, moonlight, and natural elements to perform a spell.

So, a simple white magic spell includes placing a glass of water on your windowsill and allowing the energy of the moon to charge it.

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After a couple of hours, you can drink this water or use it for a spell and it will naturally be grounded in magic and power since the moon transfers energy into it.

White magic also helps you manifest and visualize what you want. So, if you have any goals or things that you need to work on then white magic can help.

It is all about asking the universe for what you want and then letting it flow in. It helps you attract your dreams, happiness, love, and anything you truly want.

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Once you get what you desire and heal your wounds, then you can focus on helping others get their desires as well.

It is similar to being on an airplane where you are instructed to put your mask on before helping others with theirs.

With white magic, you have to focus on healing yourself before you can help others do the same thing.

You can use white magic to find your own happiness and then spread it with others.

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