40 Thought Provoking Spiritual Questions

These questions will keep you up all night.

40 Thought Provoking Spiritual Questions Yavyav/Shutterstock.com

Thought-provoking questions are fun and intriguing. So, here's a list to ask yourself or your friends.

The universe is full of many obstacles, good and bad, and we will always question whether or not these things will guide us in the right direction.

If you've ever been up late at night pondering what your life meant on a grand scale, you are not alone!

What's a thought-provoking question?

Some questions are complicated and require a deep sense of realization and affirmation, however, there are some that we simply can't answer on our own.


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There are thoughtful questions about human v. human experiences, and how we really interact with our fellow earthlings.

Some people wonder why our society depends on technology and where we will be in AI in 10 years.

The point is we've all asked a thought-provoking question.

We have all wondered why and how some things work or do not work in humanity's and the earth's favor.


Every time my friends and I hang out, our conversations always steer toward questions into the world of the unknown.

We're sitting in someone's backyard, throwing back a couple of beers, and one person initiates the deep questions.

"Do you guys think life is a simulation?" After one deep question is asked, many of these topics are asked in a rapid-fire round.

How would we ever know whether our reality is actually real?

One of the best past-times for me is asking my friends and family thoughtful questions that require deep thinking.

Whether it is about our life, nature, or politics, debunking and trying to solve some of the world's most prominent conspiracies and controversial topics is one way to get to know someone.


I have put together some of the most spiritually thought-provoking questions that you can ask your friends, families, or even strangers!

Not only will they become interested in your conversation, but it will require them to think about life on a grand scale.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves questions about the way the world works even if we don't have the answers right away.

All we need to do is ask the question, sleep on it, and I guarantee it will be all you think about for weeks.

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Here are 40 of the most thought-provoking spiritual questions!

1. What should be humanity’s goal?

2. Should everyone on the planet be striving toward a common goal? If so, what would that be?


3. Can you think of something that everyone could agree on, despite the chaotic world we live in?

4. What’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever heard someone say?

5. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

6. What harsh truths do you prefer to ignore?

7. Where is the line between art and not art?

8. Why do we dream?

9. Where does your self-worth come from?

10. Do you think humans will last another 1,000 years?

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11. If you could teach the entire world just one concept, what would it be?

12. What gets you excited about life?

13. Is it possible to live a normal life and not ever tell a lie?


14. Is the meaning of life the same for animals and humans?

15. If someone you loved was killed in front of you, but someone created a copy of them that was perfect right down to the atomic level, would they be the same person and would you love them just as much?

16. If you could become immortal on the condition you would NEVER be able to die or kill yourself, would you choose immortality?

17. What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

18. Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

19. If a child somehow survived and grew up in the wilderness without any human contact, how “human” would they be without the influence of society and culture?


20. Have humans figured out how to keep progressing towards something better?

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21. Is it better for someone to have a wide range of superficial knowledge or deep knowledge about a few things?

22. Can we ever believe someone when they say their intentions are different from their actions? What if someone’s intentions were truly transparent?

23. What is the biggest waste of human potential?

24. Will religion ever become obsolete?

25. Is suffering a necessary part of the human condition? What would people who never suffered be like?

26. Does hardship make a person stronger? If so, under what conditions and at what point is it too much hardship? If not, what makes a person stronger?


27. Why are people resistant to doing things that we know are healthy but crave things that are detrimental to our health?

28. What if one of your long-held memories isn’t actually completely true? Does it matter?

29. What benefits does art provide society? Does art hurt society in any way?


30. If freedom is simply being able to do what you want, are animals freer than humans?

31. Would you want to know you are going to die beforehand or die suddenly without warning?

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32. Who do you love and what are you doing about it?

33. What is the best way for a person to attain happiness?

34. What is the best way to train people to see the gradients in the world around them instead of just a simplistic “this is good, that is wrong” view of the world?

35. Is intelligence or wisdom more useful?

36. Which of your beliefs are justified and which ones aren’t?

37. Is free will real or just an illusion?


38. How will humans as a species go extinct?

39. How long will you be remembered after you die?

40. What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

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Destiny Duprey is a writer who covers spirituality, astrology, and self-care topics.