3 Questions To Ask Yourself That Reveal Deep Facts About Who You Are

Let's get deep!

How You Answer These 3 Easy Questions Reveal Deep Feelings About Yourself getty

Have you ever just become totally disassociated with your feelings? We spend so much time worrying about what others think of us that we often lose track of what we think about ourselves — which is unfortunate because that is what's most important.

So how can you get back to who you really are as a person?

Turns out it's as simple as answering three easy questions that, on the surface, seem like small talk. However, they just might provide some deep insight into yourself.


TikTok user Savannah Outen posted a video explaining a memorable Uber experience.

"My driver asked me three questions and to this day, I can't forget about them," she said in the video.

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3 questions to ask yourself:

1. What is your favorite color?

"Think of a color, and then three words to describe that color," she says in the video.

What color comes to your mind? Imagine that you were going to describe the color to someone else to carefully come up with three words that you believe express that color best.

Keep those three words in the back of your mind.

2. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Just as you did with the color, think of three words to describe this animal.

3. What's your favorite form of water?

Sure, it's a weird question, and probably one you've never thought of before. But take a second to envision your favorite form of water.


"You know, like ocean, rain," Outen explains. 

Now think of three words that describe the water.

What do your answers to these questions mean?

"Think of your answers," she says in the video, and goes on to describe the deeper meaning behind each of the items and adjectives you chose.

1. What your favorite color means

According to Outen, the adjectives you used to describe your favorite color is how you see yourself.

This all indicates how you are feeling on a deeper level. Especially when you gravitate towards a specific color can mean that you are searching for something that that color can provide you.

Also, the color can tell you what your personality is or provide you what you need at the moment even if you don't know it.


Green can indicate that you like harmony, communication, spending time in nature, and living a balanced life. It can also indicate that you are a social person, you easily fall in love, and you are in need of being accepted.

Yellow can indicate that you are a light person who enjoys having fun and laughing. Yellows often are very creative and logical. They also have a lot of intellect and power.

Red can indicate that a person is stable and has a lot of passion. They have a lot of physical energy and stamina. Reds do things spontaneously but they are also a very grounding person.


Purple can indicate that someone is connected to the world around them. They are very artistic and they usually love to meditate. Purples also connect with their imagination on a deeper level and they have a connection with their intuition that will not lead them astray.

Orange can indicate that you are a very emotional person. They are creative, optimistic, and productive. Oranges are connected deeply to finding pleasure and enthusiasm in everything they do.

Blue can indicate that a person is very calm. They love peace, honesty, love, truth, and devotion. They have an emotional depth that brings about a sense of knowing to that person.

For me, I try to surround myself with color and brightness because it makes me happier as a whole. If I am in the dark if it's just blah outside, then I gravitate to being in more of a depressive mood. So, the brighter my surroundings are, the happier I am as a whole. This reflects my inner feelings because the color is an outward projection of who I am and where I emotionally want to be.


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2. What the animal you want to be means

According to Outen, the words you chose to describe your favorite animal is how others see you.

This question can give you an idea of your own deeper feelings because it can tell you how you want to be or how you see yourself being at the moment.

Some animals point to different types of personalities and it can also tell you not just what traits you believe you embody, but also subconsciously tell you how others view you.

3. What your favorite form of water means

What words did you use to describe your favorite form of water? This is "how you view love," according to Outen.


For example, if your favorite form of water is the ocean and you chose the words volatile, deep, and strong, this gives you an idea of what love means to you and might even give you some insight into why your romantic relationships are the way they are.

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