Why Are Scorpios So Judgmental?

Some people just can't keep their opinions to themselves.

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When you’re naturally judgmental, you find yourself having an opinion on literally everything and everyone.

You can’t help it. Sometimes you don’t even mean to be negative or preachy, you just like things a certain way and find it frustrating when people don’t live up to your standards.

No one likes to feel judged or like their every move is being watched and critiqued, but it's a very bad habit for some people. That's especially true for the judgmental zodiac signs in astrology.


Some days, we’re feeling especially insecure or unhappy and we just can’t resist deflecting these feelings on to others. If we can focus for a minute on other people’s failures, it helps us forget about our own.

We’re all guilty of this, but few people judge as hard as Scorpio.

Why are Scorpios so judgmental?

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Scorpios are often considered to be cutthroat and ruthless. People born under this zodiac sign can be brutal when it comes to interacting with others. You could say it’s critical, but think of it more as no-nonsense advice-giving.

But like any personality trait, Scorpios have their reasons for being judgmental (some more justified than others!). And understanding these reasons will help you stay on their good side. 

1. They have high standards.

Scorpios know what they want in life — or, more importantly, what they don’t want.

When it comes to their friendships and relationships, they aren’t one to give second chances. If you mess up once, there’s no coming back.


They’ll let you do exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to call you out if you’re not living up to these expectations. This can come across as harsh, but it actually comes from a place of self-respect.

Scorpios don’t want to compromise on the things that matter most to them, like trust and loyalty. They also aren’t afraid of criticism, so don’t be afraid to return the judgment. They might be offended at first, but they’ll appreciate the constructive advice in the long-run.

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2. Scorpios are fiery.

Scorpios don’t run from the tough conversations. They tackle their issues head-on, as soon as they arise. This can lead them to dish out some pretty harsh truths.


Often, their judgments come in the heat of an argument, which isn’t always the best idea. Scorpios, choose your words carefully or you could end up pushing the wrong people away!

All signs could learn a thing or two from Scorpio’s honesty, but their delivery is not something to mimic. If you really need to pass judgment, do so calmly without coming across as preachy or aggressive. 

3. They fear betrayal.

Scorpio's biggest fear is having someone break their trust.

They are fiercely loyal and feel devastated if that loyalty is not returned. This makes them cynical and judgmental.

They search for lies and deceit in the hopes of catching it before they get hurt. But this approach only encourages the exact kind of behavior they’re trying to avoid because Scorpio's set people up to fail. If you assume someone is going to betray you, they probably will.


Sometimes, being judgmental causes more harm than good. Scorpios could benefit from opening up their heart and encouraging trust to build.

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4. This zodiac sign wants to appear strong.

It’s hard to receive constant judgment and criticism, especially when family and friends are up to their eyes in the sea of passive-aggressive comments thrown their way. But judgment often says more about the person giving it than the person on the receiving end.

Scorpios are mysterious creatures, and this causes them to feel misunderstood at times, even to themselves. They’re deeply sensitive but are obsessed with appear strong on the surface.


Often, they criticize to deflect from their own insecurities. As much as a Scorpio might judge others, they’re judging themselves twice as hard. 

5. But Scorpio's judgment comes from a place of love.

Now, you shouldn'y excuse all of the harsh criticisms from your Scorpio friends, but know that their intentions are never to upset people.


They’re one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac, so sometimes their judgments stem from how deeply they feel about certain topics or issues.

We’ve already discussed their intense loyalty, so it’s also possible that their judgments are a sign of how much they trust you and want to be frank with you. Of course, you shouldn’t change everything about yourself just for a Scorpio (they probably wouldn’t do the same for you!).

But try not to get too offended — they’re only criticizing because they want the best for you.

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