How Can You See Your Aura

How Can You See Your Aura

Everyone has an aura, but how exactly do you see it? Everyone has heard about possessing a unique aura.

What are you looking for in order to see your aura?

An aura is an energy field that surrounds us based on emotions and experiences.

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There are 13 different colors that could present themselves.

You may only show one color at a time or you could show several.

Each color has a special meaning. Lighter colors are going to be more positive whereas darker colors represent negative emotions.

There are 7 layers of the auric field — physical, astral, lower mental, higher mental, spiritual, intuitional, and absolute.

These are responsible for certain areas of the body such as your health and appeal to logic.

In order to see your aura, there have been many types of photography created.

However, you can attempt to view it on your own by looking at a white wall or mirror.

From there, you must allow your vision to go slightly out of focus and focus on the mist that surrounds your body, specifically, your hands.

This will require practice and focus nonetheless, it can be done.

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How can you see your aura?

While some methods to capture the aura around someone’s body have not worked, there’s nothing saying you won’t be able to see yours.

There have been many attempts made to see the aura through photographs.

For example, Christina Lonsdale, a popular artist behind the aura photography practice called Radiant Human, uses a specialized camera to view the subject’s energy.

Regarding auras, she told Healthline that “the camera uses hand sensors that pick up this energy field, and a proprietary algorithm matches this energy to a color.”

Kirlian photography, another way to capture auric fields, produces a colorful egg-shaped circle around the body.

If you’re looking to see your aura without the help of an external force, there are ways to do it.

Centre of Excellence suggests that you first learn how to feel an aura.

This could involve meditation, engaging with your thoughts on spiritual energy, or focusing on your emotions.

The better you are at understanding your thoughts and feelings when they arise, the clearer your aura will feel.

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Maybe you’re waiting on your boyfriend to arrive after a few weeks of long-distance. When he arrives, you’ll probably feel a surge of love.

That being said, it’s easy to acknowledge that your aura color is pink.

By starting the journey to truly feeling your inner emotions, you will gain the strength needed to see the aura color itself.

It may be helpful to close your eyes and “gently rub your hands together to activate your energy.”

You may feel a tingling, vibration, or warm sensation according to the Centre of Excellence.

From there, slowly pull your hands apart and bring them back together. This will give you a feeling of energy presence.

Once you have captivated this feeling, it’s time to embark on seeing your aura.

Stand facing a white wall or use a mirror. Focus on the area just above the tips of your fingers or on the side of your hand.

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While letting “your vision go slightly out of focus, extend your arm as far away as possible so that your visual perception encompasses your entire hand.”

If you see a fine white mist around your hand, you’re viewing the inner aura.

After you move your focus further out, soften your gaze and look at the energy that surrounds you — this is the color of your aura.

It’s not always easy to actually see the color(s) so don’t be discouraged. This type of exercise requires a lot of practice and mental strength.

And over time you will be able to see the colors that surround you!

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