27 Stunning Black Engagement Rings For Women Who Wear All Black, All The Time

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Stunning Black Engagement Rings

By Lindsey Lanquist

Engagement rings were once somewhat formulaic. They featured a generally large diamond on a gold or silver band, and they ran the groom-to-be a whopping three months’ salary. These days, though, we’ve broken tradition—embracing all kinds of cuts, colors and costs.

This shift has meant an increase in budget-friendly, minimalist jewelry; a rise in alternative, Art Deco–inspired pieces; and perhaps most notably, a widespread acceptance of black wedding rings.

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Though white diamonds are timeless, black diamonds convey a kind of edgy sophistication that no other stone can touch. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and pearls have their own appeal, but black is, well, black. It goes with everything, it doesn’t automatically dress up or down a look, and it immediately communicates a daring sartorial spirit.

Wearing a black wedding ring makes you the kind of person who wears a black wedding ring. You’re bold, disruptive—not afraid to part from convention when it suits you. You make your own traditions, and you’re practical enough to recognize that a black diamond will probably pair better with your impeccable wardrobe than a white one.

Black wedding rings turn heads—practically demanding respect from anyone who sees them.Ahead, you’ll find 27 black wedding rings so stunning you might just feel tempted to cheat on your classic white diamond. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for yourself, your future self or the version of yourself that’d actually dare to wear a black wedding ring—you’re sure to find at least one piece you love in our roundup.

1. Engagement Ring Set

Tempted to buy this for myself and wear it every day. (That's the beauty of a black diamond—it doesn't have to say "engaged" if you don't want it to.)

Engagement ring set, $1,920 at Etsy

2. Multistone Engagement Ring

Genuinely stunning—and incredibly affordable.

Multistone engagement ring, $93 at Etsy

3. Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Told you we'd parted ways with the "single stone" convention.

Black diamond engagement ring, $1,400 at Etsy

4. Moissanite Engagement Ring

Super stunning. And the black is just subtle enough.

Moissanite engagement ring, $2,280 at Etsy

5. Moissanite Engagement Ring

Super stunning. And the black is just subtle enough.

Moissanite engagement ring, $2,280 at Etsy

6. The Original Gatsby

What's an engagement ring roundup without an Art Deco silhouette?

The Original Gatsby, $2,100 at Heidi Gibson

7. Black Diamond Ring

For the minimalist who wants a piece that's just a little bit bold.

Black diamond ring, $360 at Etsy

8. Oval Rosette Ring

This unique ring is custom made for each buyer.

Oval rosette ring, $5,000 at Anna Sheffield

9. Black Diamond Engagement Ring

A stunning stone rendered in an even more stunning setting.

Black diamond engagement ring, $1,250 at Etsy

10. Round Bea Ring

Simple without being too simple, ya know?

Round Bea ring, $5,900 at Anna Sheffield

11. Bea Suite No. 06

Now that's a head-turning piece.

Bea Suite No. 06, $8,600 at Anna Sheffield

12. Black Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Delicate, but still completely special.

Black pear diamond engagement ring, $808 at Artëmer

13. Charcoal Gray Diamond Ring

A closer look reveals the stone is speckled—making it all the more special.

Charcoal gray diamond ring, $1,395 at Etsy

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14. Marquise Bea Ring

Super sleek.

Marquise Bea ring, $4,900 at Anna Sheffield

15. Gray Rose Diamond

The sparse stones on the halo make this ring quirky in the most delicate way.

Gray rose diamond, $1,600 at Etsy

16. Crescent Moon Engagement Ring Set

Heavier hardware for the bride-to-be who wants something a little badass.

Crescent moon engagement ring set, $760 at Etsy

17. Black Diamond Selene

The engraved sunburst setting keeps all eyes on your out-of-the-box stone(s).

Black diamond Selene, $1,740 at Ali Munn

18. Rosette Suite No. 22

A maximalist's dream.

Rosette Suite No. 22, $6,500 at Anna Sheffield

19. Dark Dolly Ring

Pairs particularly well with geometric wedding bands. (You can click through to see what I'm talking about.)

Dark Dolly ring, $2,520 at Ali Munn

20. Round Gray Engagement Ring

Simple, but oh-so showstopping.

Round gray engagement ring, $1,145 at Etsy

21. Bezel Round Rosette Ring

I'm rarely into diamond-encrusted halos, but the execution of this ring is truly perfect.

Bezel round rosette ring, $4,350 at Anna Sheffield

22. Black Diamond Radiant Band

In case you want to vary your wedding band, too.

Black diamond radiant band, $880 at Ali Munn

23. Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Because "black" and "sparkly" don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Black diamond engagement ring, $576 at Etsy

24. Custom Black Diamond Engagement Ring

This jewelry designer specializes in custom-made pieces, meaning you can literally design the black diamond ring of your dreams.

Custom black diamond engagement ring, $3,360 at Etsy

25. Diamond Ring

Another out-of-the-box wedding band option.

Diamond ring, $1,070 at Etsy

26. Gray Moissanite Engagement Ring

In case black is too dark—but white is too light.

Gray moissanite engagement ring, $898 at Etsy

27. Black Diamond Ring

Minimal, edgy, perfect.

Black diamond ring, $1,150 at Etsy

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