3 New Moon Solar Eclipse Rituals To Do June 21st For Creating Balance & Love

Sow your seeds.

3 New Moon Solar Eclipse Rituals To Do June 21st For Creating Balance & Love mimagephotography / shutterstock

On June 21st, the New Moon will coincide with the Solar Eclipse in the zodiac sign of Cancer. This falls on a Sunday, and will bring with it good feelings and renewed hope.

What is the significance of the Solar Eclipse?

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In this case, it's all about knowing that where there's dark, there's light to follow. These conditions are temporary, and with the eclipse falling on the same day as the New Moon in Cancer, we are getting a glimpse into the impermanence of all things.


The New Moon is always there to remind us of new beginnings, while the eclipse shows us that we can experience dark days — with the full knowledge that brighter days are ahead.

This New Moon affects the stomach, breasts, womb and ovaries, which makes it particularly strong for women, though it's equally as powerful for men, too. (Surgeries are not advised during the New Moon.)

To harness the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, there are a few ways you can welcome positive change. And these New Moon rituals are a good place to start.

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New Moon Ritual #1: Create emotional balance in your life.

Right now, it's about grounding yourself and remaining calm and peaceful.

As a ritual, you can plant seeds in a garden, or even in a small pot by your window sill. You don't have to have outdoors space, and you don't have to dream about planting the largest tree either. 

What it's all about right now is taking the time to sow your seeds, and to know that each seed is an intention.

As you make space for each seed, note how simple the work is. Such a simple action — planting a seed — can bring with it equally simple beauty and splendor.

Simplify your own emotional life by understanding that peace of mind is found in the simplicity of small, focused actions.


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New Moon Ritual #2: Honor your body.

For women, this New Moon is especially nurturing for your physical body.

Make a ritual of cleansing your skin. You may want to incorporate your standard everyday rituals of showering, but on this evening, make it about paying attention to your actual skin.

Exfoliate with a good sugar or apricot scrub — the entire body, head to toe. With this topical exfoliation, you're removing the karma of the week, sloughing off both dead skin and the troubles of the past.

If you shave, then concentrate on how smooth your skin becomes after.


Moisturize your flesh, as if you were watering a beautiful garden. Allow yourself the pampering session you so deserve, and let it be a spiritual experience.

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New Moon Ritual #3: Do a bedtime meditation.

Empty your bladder before getting into bed, so that you'll be able to fall asleep without interruption.

Lie down comfortably, in your dark room, ready for sleep. Set your pillows and covers up for optimum comfort and little disturbance.

Place your right hand over your heart and your left hand over your belly. Feel your chest and stomach rise and fall with your breath. Keep your eyes closed.


Start to notice your breath. Watch it as it slows down to an even, relaxed pace.

As you breathe in, say the words in your mind: "All is well in my world." As you exhale, mentally say the words: "I am safe and secure."

Repeat this casually and easily for several minutes. You can shorten the phrases as you grow tired. "All is well." "I am safe."

Sleep well, and dream peacefully.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.