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Who Is Christine Quinn? New Details About The Fiery Real Estate Agent On 'Selling Sunset' On Netflix

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Who Is Christine Quinn? New Details About The Real Estate Agent On 'Selling Sunset' On Netlfix

Netflix's new reality show Selling Sunset premeired last year and immediately became a hit!

The series is set in L.A. and follows a group of six female real estate agents fighting over Hollywood's most exclusive housing market. The company they all work for is called The Oppenheim Group.

On May 22, the second season of Selling Sunset premiered, and we're looking forward to eight more episodes of the popular series. And though the series follows these ambitious women in their careers, they also have trouble keeping their personal lives out of the office. 

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And out of all the ladies, Christine Quinn has made herself known as the queen bee. 

Who is Christine Quinn? 

She's the queen bee.

In the first season, Quinn had already established herself as the most aggressive real estate agent in the group.

She also made it crystal-clear that she didn't like the group's newcomer, Chrishell Stause. Quinn refused to shake her hand and told Heather Young that she doesn't like Stause's voice or clothes because they're "too annoying."

Ironically, her Instagram feed is full of inspirational quotes about being yourself. "Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you," she has written. "Tag somebody you love." 


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She's not afraid to be bold.

Quinn is definitely the boldest real estate agent the agency has. On the show, she was quoted saying that poaching clients from her fellow realtors is "real estate 101."

"The devil doesn't always wear Prada," she captioned one photo. "If you can't say something nice, say something clever but devasting," she wrote on another.

She's from Texas. 

Quinn originally is from Texas, though it's not clear what part. She had previously worked in the fashion and entertainment industry before she moved into the world of real estate.

On the show's first season, she helped one of her friends from high school, named Jacob Berman, find a new place in Los Angeles. One of the bachelor pads she showed him was worth $40,000,000! After showing him some places, they went out after Berman asked her to get drinks. 

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She's married. 

Quinn, 31, and businessman Christian Richard, 41, secretly wed in December 2019. In April 2020, Quinn explained why she waited so long to let the cat out of the bag.

“I waited to share details from our special day until now. We wanted to get married in December to start off the New Year [as husband and wife]. And a winter wonderland theme with a wicked twist is memorable forever,” she said.

Quinn wore a black gown for the event, saying, “I never conformed to the status quo or societal expectations. I’ve always enjoyed being bold, different and trendsetting. I’ve always wanted to get married in a black wedding dress, and I’m so happy that my dream came true.”

They met through a friend and Richard proposed last Valentine's Day. About their relationship, Quinn revealed, “We’re so similar in all the ways that matter. We are both creative, driven, entrepreneurial, and have always lived by our own rules.”

Did Christine Quinn even want to be on TV?

Selling Sunset is Netflix's first reality show/soap opera and it comes from Laguna Beach creator, Adam DiVello.

"I tend to try to find the people who don’t necessarily want to be on TV. It’s a good starting off point. I think if they’re a little more reluctant they’re going to enjoy the process more and it’s going to feel like we’re getting a glimpse into something new.

We get a ton of pitches every day from people that want to do a TV show. But it’s like, ugh, do you really need a TV show about your life? It’s difficult to find that exciting world, so I think when you know you have it, you have it,” DiVello said.

He also added, “Every new cast member is savvy now, they’ve seen the other shows, they know where other people’s careers have gone. I say to them all at the very beginning, you just need to be yourself. The more they’re just themselves the more likeable they’ll be and the audience will relate to them. 

I think when you’re trying to play a part it always reads as fake and people don’t sense that person as well. We try to stay away from those types of people. And the ones we gravitate toward are the ones being themselves. If I feel like someone is being artificial we steer clear of them.”

Needless to say, it looks like Quinn is more than capable of being herself.


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The second season is now streaming.

The ladies are back for another round of the reality show, which started streaming on Netflix on May 22.

Quinn recently opened up about the new season and her part in it, saying, "This season is really, really different because we get really deep in season two. All of our drama in the office and outside of the office and I think you're going to see much more relationships blossom and also some that get destroyed. 

I'm a businesswoman all the way. I wanted to make sure in Season 1 that I was viewed seriously. But in Season 2 I approached it a little differently because I wanted people to see a different side of me, the softer side of me outside of the office. You're going to see new friendships formed for sure, and old friendships, bon voyage!" 

However, Quinn hasn't been able to work lately due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, she says, "I've been taking up cooking and just doing things that I never really would have had the time to do so it's actually the perfect storm right now. I'm enjoying the calm but I hate my freedom being taken away — that's the one thing that's been difficult to deal with." 

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on April 2019 and was updated with the latest information.