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Who Is Romain Bonnet? New Details About Mary Fitzgerald's Boyfriend-Now-Husband On 'Selling Sunset'

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Who Is Romain Bonnet? New Details About Mary Fitzgerald's Boyfriend On 'Selling Sunset'

Just like the shows we see on Bravo or E!, sometimes, Netflix puts out a hit show that we can binge.

Last year, Netflix's premiered a new reality show called Selling Sunset. The series follows six female real estate agents working for The Oppenheim Group, and fighting over selling real estate.

Now, Selling Sunset is back for a second season, giving us eight more episodes of drama.

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One of the real estate agents, Mary Fitzgerald, seems to always be at the center of the gossip ring because of her relationship with a much younger man, Romain Bonnet.

Who is Romain Bonnet, Mary Fitzgerald's boyfriend-now-husband?

Here are all the details about their relationship and new title as husband and wife

Bonnet is French.

We meet Romain Bonnet during episode one of the show, and he continues to play a major role in her story throughout the first season. Fitzgerald said that she met him when his boss was moving some of his pastry chefs to the Hollywood area a couple of years ago and she helped him find a place to stay. 

That's right — not only is Bonnet French, but he's a French pastry chef. Unsurprisingly, Fitzgerald immediately was attracted to him and he felt the same. They then started to live together and were even about to upgrade their home.

They have a major age difference.

Fitzgerald is 39 and Bonnet is only 26, which is a big age difference already, and is even weirder when you add in the fact that Fitzgerald has a son who is 22.

Fitzgerald and Bonnet met through friends in 2017 and started dating not long after. In episode two, we also learn that Bonnet wants a family. And not just in the vague "someday sense." He wants them in precisely five to 10 years. 

Fitzgerald was obviously not sure if that was going to work for her, so it looked like they still had obstacles ahead of them.


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They got engaged during the first season.

Spoilers! Fitzgerald and Bonnet got engaged on the show. While they didn't immediately set a date, they were still strong as ever, posting sweet messages about each other on social media.

"Finally got her the ring that she deserves," he posted alongside an Instagram photo of Fitzgerald sporting a massive engagement ring in April 2019. She also met his family in his hometown in France.

"After almost two years, coming back to #France to see and for her to meet my family in #bretagne is been a such a pleasure. A little cold compared to our usual weather but so much fun. Looking forward to those next couple days with her, here," he wrote.

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How does he feel about her working with an ex?

Awkwardly enough, Fitzgerald used to date Jason Oppenheim, one half of the sibling real estate duo, The Oppenheim Group. While it's not clear how Bonnet feels about it, or if he even cares, fans of the show have talked about how strange it is.

Oppenheim, however, disagrees. 

“Mary and I understand that our situation is unique and that many find it hard to be close friends with an ex," he said. "The way I see it, you choose to be with someone because you love and value that person as a friend. So just because you break up and are no longer romantically involved shouldn’t mean that you aren’t able to respect and love that person as a friend. My ex-girlfriend before Mary is also one of my closest friends, as is her husband."

“If you treat your significant other with respect, and you don’t do anything to violate his or her trust, then I see no reason why, with time, you can’t be friends after a breakup,” he added.

He's also a model.



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There is no evidence of Bonnet's former life as a pastry chef in France on his Instagram account. He's gone full Hollywood, and his feed is mainly a collection of modeling shots and shirtless photos with inspirational captions. 

"The real man smiles in trouble, graters strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection," one caption reads.

They're married.

Bonnet and Fitzgerald have officially tied the knot!

They got married in October 2019 in L.A. on the low-down. However, now that the second season of Selling Sunset is streaming, the news about their wedding is out. In fact, it's going to be prominently featured on the show.

"We wanted to keep it very intimate and have our families as a big focus. And you never know when we get the cast there with all the cameras, if our families were going to feel comfortable, if there was to be some dramatic fighting with the girls. So I made it very clear to them that we'll have them escorted out if that happened," Fitzgerald said. 

All of Fitzgerald's costars were in attendance at the wedding. She was even working on her wedding day, adding, "I end up selling my wedding venue on my wedding day, which was amazing: I paused the wedding and sold it in the middle of getting ready. Everyone thought I was out of my mind, but I told the seller when he allowed me to book it for the wedding venue that I won't let the wedding planning or doing it there get in the way of selling it!"

Fitzgerald also revealed that she did her vows in French: "I don't speak French — I'm trying to learn, but apparently I'm a very slow learner — but Romain's sister helped me the night before. His parents don't speak English, so Romain and I both thought that was a very nice touch." Bonnet said, "They really loved it; it meant a lot to them."

As for the honeymoon, it appears things are on hold currently due to coronavirus. However, as Fitzgerald revealed, "We're looking forward to our honeymoon. We're going to start looking for a house to start flipping, and we are going to start doing that going forward."

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