The 50 Best Melanie Martinez Quotes And Song Lyrics

Who says that all lyrics were created equally?

melanie martinez quotes song lyrics

The collection below of our favorite Melanie Martinez quotes and song lyrics are perfect to use for your next Instagram caption — especially if you're in a play-no-games and take-no-prisoners kind of mood.

A 25-year-old singer hailing from New York, Melanie Martinez was discovered while appearing on the reality show The Voice back in 2012. Some of her top hits include "Play Date", "Show & Tell", and "Mad Hatter", and her song lyrics have always been completely relatable (especially if you're going through a breakup or just sick and tired of dealing with fake people).


In an article written by Ed Masley of AZ Central, Martinez talks about how she came up with her breakout hit titled "Cry Baby", which was a name she was often called when she was younger, and how she wrote it to be relatable to her listeners. “I took things very personally and was super emotional — maybe too emotional ... eventually, I started writing down a bunch of titles that related to childhood themes and would pair it with an adult situation that either I was going through or someone else in my life was going through."

Interestingly, Melanie Martinez curates all of her music videos on her own without any outside help.


Take a look below at some of our picks of the best Melanie Martinez quotes and song lyrics to see if you find something that relates to something you're going through.

1. "I don't want to play no games / I'm tired of always chasing, chasing after you." — Play Date

melanie martinez quotes

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2. "I know the driver sees it / I know he's peeking in the rearview mirror / He says nothing / Trying to ignore it, it's f---ing boring / I'm quietly observing, I'm saying nothing" — Wheels on the Bus

3. "No one's watching us, don't give a f--- / Wheels on the bus / I'm holding it down up in the front / Wheels on the bus" — Wheels on the Bus

4. "Ring around the rosy / I never know, I never know what you need / Ring around the rosy, I want to give you, want to give you / What you need" — Play Date

5. "Kids are still depressed when you dress them up / And syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup" — Sippy Cup

6. "Pill diet, pill diet, if they give you a new pill then you will buy it / If they say to kill yourself, then you will try it / All the makeup in the world, won't make you less insecure / You got weights in your pockets when you go to the doctor's / Your favorite candy's cotton, that's why all your teeth are rotten / Silly with silly boys" — Sippy Cup


7. "Someone's turning the handle / To that faucet in your eyes / They're pouring out / Where everyone can see / Your heart's too big for your body / It's why you won't fit inside / They're pouring out / Where everyone can see / They call you cry baby, cry baby / But you don't f---ing care / Cry baby, cry baby / So you laugh through your tears" — Cry Baby

8. "You're all on your own and / You lost all your friends / You told yourself that / It's not you, it's them / You're one of a kind / And no one understands / But those cry baby tears / Keep coming back again" — Cry Baby

9. "Think I just remembered something / I think I left the faucet running / Now my words are filling up the tub / Darling you're just soaking in it / But I know you'll get out the minute / You notice all your fingers pruning up" — Soap

10. "I'm not a piece of cake for you to just discard / While you walk away with the frosting of my heart / So I'm taking back what's mine, you'll miss / The slice of heaven that I gave to you last night" — Cake


melanie martinez quotes

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11. "Think I got myself in trouble / So I fill the bath with bubbles / Then I'll put the towels all away / Should've never said the word 'love' / Threw a toaster in the bathtub / I'm sick of all the games I have to play" — Soap

12. "If I am just a piece of cake / I am just a piece of cake (cake) / Then, you're just a piece of meat / You're just a piece of meat to me" — Cake


13. "I'm just like you, you're like me / Imperfect and human are we" — Show & Tell

14. "Show and tell / Harsh words if you don't get a pic with me / Buy and sell (buy and sell me, baby) / Like I'm a product to society / Art don't sell" — Show & Tell

15. "Don't cut me, punch me, just let me go / Into the nurse's office where I float away / I'm pale as the loose-leaf paper they grow / From hollowing out all my lungs in the snow / Yeah, I'm coughing / I'm bleeding, Band-Aids won't heal it / 'Cause they hate me, so I'm fakin' / All, all, all this so they take, take me" — Nurse's Office

16. "Teacher, can I sit right there? / This b---- behind me is cutting my hair / "No, just sit your -ss down at the chalkboard and stare" / I faked up a seizure and left outta there" — Nurse's Office


17. "I never signed up for your drama / Up for your drama, up for your drama club / I never signed up for your drama / Up for your drama club" — Drama Club

18. "I don't wanna be an actress, living by a script" — Drama Club

19. "Feeling unsure of my naked body / Stand back, watch it taking shape / Wondering why I don't look like Barbie / They say boys like girls with a tiny waist / Now, my mama's preaching to make sure I'm pure / But, I never really cared about that sh-- before / Look around the room to whoever wants me / Got boys acting like they ain't seen skin before / Got sent home to change 'cause my skirt is too short" — Strawberry Shortcake

20. "Someone told me stay away from things that aren't yours / But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?" — Pacify Her


melanie martinez quotes

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21. "You said, "Hey, girl, will you sit with me? / Table in the back of Cafeteria C? / We can be friends if you want to be / But only 'til the clock hits three / After lunch, we can walk to class / Talk about the boys that we want to smash / Talk about ways to get a little more cash / After that I'll ignore your -ss", oh" — Lunchbox Friends

22. "Throw it on TV, people have high expectations of me / Wanna be my best friend, then judge me" — Lunchbox Friends


23. "You turn oranges to orange juice / Into there, then spit it out of you / Your body is imperfectly perfect / Everyone wants what the other one's working / No orange juice" — Orange Juice

24. "Ooh, I wish I could give you my set of eyes / 'Cause I know your eyes ain't working, mmm / I wish I could tell you that you're fine, so fine / But you will find that disconcerting" — Orange Juice

25. "I'm physically exhausted / Tired of my knuckles beating / I'm chewing gum to pass this time / Sadness, can't you see it? / You're too busy seeking self-pleasures / Look at how I'm feeling / You write me up and say it's love / And I can't believe it" — Detention

26. "The teachers don't care about me / F--- how I feel, as long as I make money / They let them do whatever they want to me / They're the customer, I'm chopped meat / I'm chopped meat" — Detention


27. "I was too young to see the truth / In my grandma's lap, I'm drowning in her perfume / Too naive to even care / 'Bout the words she whispered while she brushed out my hair" — Recess

28. "Sittin' in my room, looking at all I've done / Everything I wanted has come to fruition / I should be happy but I can't get out my bed / Stressin' 'bout the voices screamin' inside my head" — Recess

29. "Little bit of poison in me / I can taste your skin in my teeth / I love it when I hear you breathing / I hope to god you're never leaving" — Tag, You're It

30. "One, two, Melatonin is coming for you / Three, four, baby, won't you lock the door? / Five, six, I'm done with it / Seven, eight, it's getting late, so close your eyes, sleep the days" — Milk and Cookies


melanie martinez quotes

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31. "Ashes, ashes, time to go down / Ooh, honey do you want me now? / Can't take it anymore, need to put you to bed / Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end" — Milk and Cookies

32. "Running through the parking lot / He chased me and he wouldn't stop / Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it / Grabbed my hand, pushed me down / Took the words right out my mouth" — Tag, You're It


33. "It's my fault, it's my fault 'cause I put icing on top / Now, the boys want a taste of the strawberry shortcake / That's my bad, that's my bad, no one taught them not to grab /Now, the boys want a taste of the strawberry shortcake" — Strawberry Shortcake

34. "I can't stand her whining / Where's her binky now? / And loving her seems tiring / So boy, just love me, down, down, down" — Pacify Her

35. "And it's all fun and games, / 'Til somebody falls in love, / But you've already bought a ticket, / And there's no turning back now" — Carousel

36. "Why did you steal my cotton candy heart? / You threw it in this d--- coin slot, / And now I'm stuck, I'm stuck / Riding, riding, riding" — Carousel


37. "You're always aiming paper airplanes at me when you're around / You build me up like building blocks just so you can bring me down / You can crush my Candy Cane but you'll never catch me cry / If you dangle that diploma and I deck you, don't be surprised" — Alphabet Boys

38. "I'm not a little kid now / Watch me get big now / Spell my name on the fridge now / With all your alphabet toys / You won the spelling bee now / But are you smarter than me now? / You're the prince of the playground / Little alphabet boy" — Alphabet Boys

39. "Letting go, letting go / Telling you things you already know / I explode, I explode / Asking you where you want us to go / You've been riding two-wheelers all your life / It's not like I'm asking to be your wife / I wanna make you mine, but that's hard to say / Is this coming off in a cheesy way?" — Training Wheels

40. "Oh, Mrs. Potato Head tell me / Is it true that pain is beauty? / Does a new face come with a warranty? / Will a pretty face make it better?" — Mrs. Potato Head


melanie martinez quotes

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41. "If you weren't born with it / You can buy a couple of ornaments / Just be sure to read the warning, kids / 'Cause pretty soon you'll be bored of it" — Mrs. Potato Head

42. "I carry band-aids on me now" — Training Wheels

43. "Stitched you up, put you together / With cotton and feather / Gave you love, put my heart inside you / Oh, what could I do / When you started talking in your sleep / Saying things you'd do to me / I didn't care, I wasn't scared / Now I'm finding knives under the sheets / Crumbled photographs of me / I'm in despair / Should I be scared?" — Teddy Bear


44. "I threw you out, I didn't outgrow you / I just didn't know you / But now you're back / And it's so terrifying how you paralyze me / Now you're showing up inside my home / Breathing deep into the phone/ I'm so unprepared, I'm f---ing scared" — Teddy Bear

45. "I'm , baby, I'm mad / The craziest friend that you've ever had / You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone / Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong / Over the bend, entirely bonkers / You like me best when I'm off my rocker / Tell you a secret, I'm not alarmed / So what if I'm crazy? The best people are / All the best people are crazy, all the best people are" — Mad Hatter

46. "My friends don't walk, they run / Skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun / Popping, popping balloons with guns, getting high off helium" — Mad Hatter

47. "Maybe if I knew all of them well / I wouldn't have been trapped inside this hell that holds me / Maybe if I casted out a spell / But told them decorations were in pastel ribbons" — Pity Party


48. "Places, places, get in your places / Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces / Everyone thinks that we're perfect / Please don't let them look through the curtains / Picture, picture, smile for the picture / Pose with your brother, won't you be a good sister? / Everyone thinks that we're perfect / Please don't let them look through the curtains" — Dollhouse

49. "No one never listens, this wallpaper glistens / Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen" — Dollhouse

50. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to / Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry) / I'll cry until the candles burn down this place / I'll cry until my pity party's in flames" — Pity Party

melanie martinez quotes


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