What The May 22nd New Moon In Gemini Means For Your Love Life For The Next 6 Months

Patience always pays off.

What The New Moon In Gemini Means For Your Love Horoscope For The Next 6 Months, According To Astrology getty

Even though it’s been a rough few weeks with so many planets turning retrograde, we get a bright spot with the New Moon in Gemini occurring on May 22nd. The New Moon helps us realize that the choices we have in our lives are meant to inspire us, not overwhelm us.

In astrology, New Moons are traditionally a time when we plant the seeds for what we hope to grow over the next lunar cycle of six months, until we celebrate the Full Moon in the same sign. In this case, we’re asked to manifest what we want to harvest at the November 30th Full Moon in Gemini.


Gemini is an air sign that represents a sense of duality within ourselves and our lives. This zodiac sign is a very mentally active sign representing the sense of connection and communication, both of which are important around this time.

During the New Moon in Gemini, we want to mentally get to the bottom of anything we’ve been struggling with and figure out what it feels like we’ve been missing.

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The benefit of this sign is that we can see and understand both sides to any situation. We can see both the pros and the cons, which enables us to feel like we’re making a more informed decision, leading us to feel confident about the choices we make.

But — there's always a but, especially with Gemini — the other side of being able to see both sides and entertain multiple possibilities is that it gets to be too much. We say we want options, we say we want choices, but then when we have them, we tend to doubt or second-guess ourselves, sabotaging the very thing we said we wanted.

This is the dark side of New Moon in Gemini, which always tends to occur around this time in May.

And while it’s always a time of choice and decisions, creating the energy of which path we will take now, this month, we are contending with some really interesting energy.


Around the time of this lunation, Saturn will form a trine with this new moon; in astrology, this aspect is one of the major ones and signifies the joining of energies. This means we’re going to see the New Moon in Gemini joining forces with Saturn in Aquarius.

This is a lot of really intense and also life-changing energy. The moon in astrology represents our inner selves and our emotional world; the part of us that the external world may not often see. In Gemini, it’s presenting us with either a choice to make in our physical lives between multiple options, but can also signify our own need to accept our own duality.

We are free-spirited but still need stability; we are responsible mothers but still sensual women; we need alone time but still need to be held. At times in life, it’s not just the duality of our external — which job or relationship will you choose, for instance — but instead, accepting all pieces and parts of yourself so you can embrace who you truly are.

But a Saturn trine means that change is in the world; unfortunately, for those who would like to just get a fast pass to life being amazing, the work of Saturn is slow.

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Take heart, though, because while we may have to practice patience, in Aquarius this is all about the new. So, if any of those options you’ve been considering or debating have to do with keeping up the status quo, you already know that change is coming, whether you want it or not.

Saturn is also known as the lord of time and karma so while we may have to be patient to see the fruition of all this work, it will pay off in the end, especially if we take the steps that we’re meant to in the proper order as well.

There's a lot more going on than just a trine between the moon and Saturn. We’re also in the midst of numerous planetary retrogrades including Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Pallas and Venus.

Just one of these planets would cause us to seriously pause and review the plans we made for our lives. But to see so many occurring, hitting the multiple areas of our lives, means we’re being asked to give serious thought to what we thought we not only wanted, but needed.


This, thanks to Pluto retrograde, also calls into question our truth. Pluto is the lord of the underworld, so during his retrograde he tends to bring everything to light that he’s been hiding. Together with Jupiter and Venus, we’re preparing for some major "spilling the tea" moments, hopefully not burning ourselves or anyone else in the process.

While we don’t want to engage in too many clichéd theories about Venus and the New Moon in Gemini, we do still have to acknowledge the obvious: there’s decisions to be made in our love lives.

There’s pathways that have opened up, experiences to be explored, and part of that is going to involve us realizing that it’s not just about who we want to love, or even who we want to wake up with; instead, it's understanding that each person we choose to be with in this life represents an entirely different way of life and different version of ourselves.

So, when we choose our partner, we’re not just picking a person, we’re picking ourselves. We’re saying how we feel about us, how we want to create our lives, and what we’re choosing to believe is possible.

With Saturn on the scene, we know that anything beginning around this time, including those romantic relationships, will take time. But with Jupiter, the planet that governs abundance, and Venus, we’re going to see just how closely tied our own abundance is to the choices and decisions we make in our love lives. Because each partner opens up an entirely new path in life.


A big part of this journey is accepting that patience is key, because in life and love, we get what we accept.

If we need or want something more, we have to understand and believe that great things come to those who work for it, while practicing patience until we receive it.

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