What Juno Turning Direct During Venus Retrograde Means For Your Relationships Until August 2020

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What Juno Turning Direct During Venus Retrograde Means For Your Relationships Until August 2020

Clarity begins to return on May 26th with the asteroid Juno turning direct, ending her retrograde period that began back in February and giving us much-needed wisdom on what direction to move next.

Juno is the asteroid that governs marriage, family and commitment, and during her retrograde period we find ourselves asking the tough questions we usually would prefer to put off. We find ourselves considering if the union we’re in is a relationship or a partnership, focusing on whether it feels balanced and if our needs are being met.

However, because Juno has been moving through the air sign of Libra for the past few months, those themes have been intensified, resulting in many of us feeling like we’re on the brink of change.

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Juno is always moving behind the scenes of our life, whether we’re paying attention to what she’s trying to show us or not. She's the goddess of romantic commitments and those contracts we sign with others.

Her influence extends to what we commit ourselves to, and why. In this way, she helps encourage us on our path so we’re less likely to become stagnant or overly procrastinate a choice or decision we have to make.

Whenever a planetary body turns direct, there are always sudden “ah-ha” moments and clarity; however, in this case, we won’t be able to act on them as we are usually able to.

Venus — the planet of love, beauty, finances and material abundance — just recently turned retrograde on May 13th, and will remain retrograde until the end of June. While we are clear about who we want to commit to, there’s still pieces of the puzzle we need to figure out before we move ahead.

The theme of this year seems to be asking us to take our time, to do things right, promising that the reward for being patient will be generous. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Juno tends to ask us to get clear on what was hidden within our partnerships so we not only bring awareness to it, but also healing.

Just because we’re seeing Juno turn direct during a Venus retrograde, that doesn’t mean we’re all heading for a breakup; it only means that instead of living under the guise that everything is fine, we’re being asked to step up and do the work to make it better.

In life, if something or someone isn’t requiring our immediate attention or work, we don’t focus on it. We wait until the pipes burst to fix them or we put off fixing our car until we can’t go anywhere. With everything else that's begging for our attention, we tend to put things off until it’s dire circumstances.

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But the one thing many of us have had over the past few months is time, which means that with all those relationships that maybe didn’t feel like true partnerships and had imbalances, we were given opportunity to delve deeper into what was going on.

While one of Juno’s normal themes is partnerships because she prefers things equal, Libra, the sign she's currently transiting through, is the sign that governs romantic partnerships, and is one of the two ruling signs of Venus herself.

There's a lot of love energy associated with this asteroid turning direct during Venus retrograde, but it’s not the overly romantic fairytale feelings we may think of. The love that Libra speaks of is a mutual benefiting relationship: I water you and you water me, and together we can both grow.

This is the affection between two complementary souls who have discovered that they're stronger together than they are apart — not because they depend on one another, but because each is able to bring a balance to the other that remains elusive otherwise.

During the past few months, it’s been an intense time of contemplating what balance in our romantic partnerships and in our life means for us. Sometimes we don’t realize right away what we need to feel like our best selves, and when we first enter into unions pledging commitment, we don’t fully understand what we need from another until we’ve had the time to learn that for ourselves.

The past few months may have brought up a lot of unexpected feelings, unprecedented moments and situations we weren’t quite sure what to do with, because acknowledging the truth is one thing, but actually making decisions from that space is quite another.

And that’s where it becomes more difficult.

As we near Juno turning direct, it’s likely that we’re becoming clear on what the next step should be, as well as what we want it to be. But knowing our truth is only one step.

While Juno has been retrograding in Libra, asking us to find our definition of balance and what that looks like in our physical lives, Venus has just started her trek backwards in Gemini. While both are air signs, Gemini is about a duality; while Libra wants both to be balance, Gemini wants us to pick one and abandon another.

But this time feels different. This time isn’t about the abandoning of one, but of recognizing that we can find balance between whatever choices or options we’ve been battling with.

Life is not black and white, so it’s not about choosing one path and letting the other become overgrown; instead, it's realizing that true balance is being able to utilize all facets and options in our life to create what we need to thrive.

The trick to this is not to become impatient, not to give up, but to stay the course, believe in yourself and what you’ve learned you need to be your best, and trust that as long as you stay true to you, whatever needs to be figured out from this point, will. Even if it happens more slowly than expected, it’s still happening.

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