What Does A White Owl Symbolize? Meaning & Spiritual Significance Explained

White owls signify change, transformation, and inner wisdom.

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White owls, otherwise known as snowy owls, are often featured in fictional stories about magic, mysteries, witches, and wizards, which is in line with the white owl meaning in different cultures.

Out of all the owls featured in mythical stories, the white owl is perhaps the most well-known. White owls have a still and pensive nature that makes them pleasing to look at and admire.

The spiritual meanings of owls include change, transformation, and inner wisdom, and the white owl is no different.


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What is the meaning of the white owl?

The meaning of a white owl is all about the spiritual significance that includes the cycles of birth and death that lead to spiritual evolution. They are also associated with magic, witchcraft, and supernatural transformation

Whatever lesson you are learning in life at the moment or any struggle you're dealing with, the white owl signifies that there is a reason why you are going through whatever is happening in your life for a reason. 

Spiritual Meaning of a White Owl

The white owl is known for sending spiritual signs and symbols that are meant to help you connect with yourself spiritually and to help you work past the struggles in your life so you can connect with the present moment. 


They are spiritual creatures that mark the beginning and end of things so you can pay attention to things that you've learned so far and then grow from them.

White Owl Symbolism

White owls symbolize change, transformation, and inner wisdom. 

The color white also symbolizes purity and innocence, representing light, cleanliness, brilliance, spirituality, and illumination. Therefore, it's most likely good luck if you come across a white owl.

The white owl also represents endurance which could help you achieve your biggest dreams and push you to be more confident in pursuing them and fulfilling them. It's all about willpower. 

In Greek myths, the goddess Athena thought of the owl as a sacred animal, so if the owl flew over soldiers battling, it meant the Goddess of War was smiling upon them. 


White Owl Totem

People who have white owl totems are drawn to the cool, quiet, and dark powers of the night. That's because owls are nocturnal birds and hunt during the night. 

These people have no fear of the dark or magic and the know-how to discern the truth.

They are very wise and can read the truth behind every person. 

Biblical Meaning of a White Owl

The owl appears with other creatures in some texts of the Old Testament that feature an owl as an unclean animal that humans should never consume.

In the Bible, the bird inhabits the Palestine valleys as it destroyed cities which is why it was named the mother of ruins. 

The owl in the bible is a sign of loneliness, darkness, isolation, desolation, and abandonment. While it doesn't specify if the white owl is a good or bad creature, the Bible includes stories of people who are lonely and desperate coming across an owl. 


People also believed that white owls were capable of turning into humans and were associated with the moon and the night.

Meaning of a White Owl in Native American Culture

Native American culture considers the white owl a symbol of death. 

Some tribes believed that white owls were actually night eagles because they were quite large birds who could see in the night sky.

Most tribes believed that hearing an owl’s hooting during the night was a bad omen as well. The hooting would mean an owl is nearby and that it would come and carry children into the night if they cried or ran out of their beds.

Owls also were symbols of ghosts because ghosts would create bony circles around the owl’s eyes and provide owls the power of night vision to prey on weak people.


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What does it mean when you see a white owl?

White owls are pearls of wisdom and seeing one could mean your spirit guide is trying to send you a spiritual message. 

A white owl visiting you means that the universe is looking out for you and everything will work itself out.

Seeing a White Owl In a Dream

The most common meaning of seeing white owls in your dream is that you are seeking knowledge. 

If you dream of a white owl, start expecting the unexpected. Spiritual beings can take the form of a white owl so if you see one in a dream, make sure to record what happened and where the owl visited you. 


Meaning of a White Owl Crossing Your Path

The owl is most likely there to help you enter the present moment by grabbing your attention. It is helping you realize that something big is going to happen soon in your life.

It also is a reminder to let go of the difficult decisions you have to make and trust the universe to make things happen for you.

If you come across one in real life, you might be feeling this overpowering feeling of surprise and excitement.

Seeing a White Owl at Night

Seeing an owl at night is actually more common as owls are usually out and about at night hunting. 

However, even though it is more likely to see them at night, it's still very rare to see a white owl at night. White owls are special because they have the power to bring light and high spiritual vibration of the color white into the night even though they represent the dark shadow side of the physical world. 


Is it good to see owl at night? If you see one at night you're being called to do deep shadow work at this time of your life. Getting in touch with the physical world.  

What are some superstitions about white owls?

Superstitions about owls are all about things in life being in your favor, according to plan, and having good luck. That's because seeing a white owl is rare, so you can expect after seeing one that there are new and phenomenal changes coming into your life soon.

White owls are a bad omen in some cultures.

White owls are a symbol of death in Native American tradition as they are mentioned in scary stories which were told so that children wouldn't venture out of their homes at nighttime. 

In Mexican and Mexican-American folklore, wwls were called lechuza, which were shape-shifting witches who prayed on the weak.


Even though white owls are featured in some scary stories, overall they don't convey a bad spiritual meaning of death but rather represent the spiritual significance of what death represents. 

Those who don't like change might not relate to the white owl as change should be seen as a positive symbol, representing the end of something and the beginning of something else. 

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