What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear, By Zodiac Sign

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What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear, By Zodiac Sign

Do you stand in front of the closet and ask yourself, "What type of clothes should you wear on that day?" Of course, if you were going to stay home, you might choose to keep your favorite pjs on instead of dressing up. But, when you have to go to work or meet up with friends for a date, the type of fashion you disply speaks volumes about you as a person.

The clothes you wear speaks volumes about your zodiac sign.

It’s common knowledge that clothing says a lot about a person.

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People will see someone and have many assumptions about the person merely based on the clothes they wear.

We are all guilty of this because it is subconscious.

We do this because it gives our brain a mental shortcut to make assumptions about someone.

We use what we see about their fashion choices to make decisions on who they are as a person.

While it's easier to base your opinion on their fashion rather than having a conversation with them, it's best to find out what type of person they really are.

As close-minded as this is, in actuality, your brain isn’t completely wrong.

We subconsciously dress in a certain way to express how we feel on the inside which can communicate certain personality traits. Zodiac signs are directly tied to certain personality traits and clothing can help tell us who is who.

Here’s a list of what type of clothing each zodiac is likely to wear:

Aries zodiac signs: a cute hoodie

Aries, you like to take casual pieces and turn them into everyday outfits.

A cute hoodie can help you to go from comfy to street style.

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Taurus: an embroidered skirt

Taurus, you are fashion-forward and love to take risks.

This allows you to make a statement with your outfits.

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Gemini: polka dot sweater

A polka dot sweater is consistent with a Gemini’s curiosity.

So, this fashion statement is perfect for your strong, yet gentle personality.

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Cancer: a colorful halter top

Halter tops are perfect for you, especially if you're a Cancer woman.

You have a strong feminine side, and your choice of clothing should reflect that.

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Leo: cute, ripped jeans

Leo, you are known for their fiery personality which can show by how you go for edgy clothing like ripped jeans.

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Virgo: a beige raincoat

Virgo, you are polished which helps you to appreciate classic and timeless wardrobe pieces.

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Libra: a gray peacoat

Libra, you are diplomatic and like classics with a twist.

You go for pieces that can be worn from day to night like a gray peacoat.

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Scorpio: white sneakers

Scorpio, you crave order which causes you to have a “uniform” sense of fashion.

White sneakers are best for you because they can be worn with anything.

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Sagittarius: a striped blouse

Sagittarius, you're a humorous zodiac sign. You don't take yourself too seriously.

You are not afraid to take risks with pattern clothing like a striped cardigan.

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Capricorn: a nice cardigan

Capricorn, you are very reserved but like to look polished.

You can achieve this with a nice cardigan.

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Aquarius: a leather jacket

Aquarius, you are very independent, which contributes to your uniqueness.

This side of you can be shown with a cute leather jacket.

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Pisces: a flowy V-neck blouse

Pisces, you are artistic at heart and love to be daring.

A v-neck gives you the best of both worlds by being sexy and whimsical.

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