3 Full Moon In Scorpio Rituals To Do On May 7th For Removing Toxic People From Your Life

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3 Full Moon In Scorpio Rituals To Do On May 7th For True Love, According To Astrology

May 2020's Full Moon in Scorpio is going to be all about introspection and self-analysis. Just in case you thought you'd spent enough time going over every single aspect in your life, be prepared for the weepier moments to come during your self-reflection.

This Full Moon will bring many things to the forefront of your thinking, and most of that deep thought will be dedicated to getting rid of what doesn't work for you in relationships.

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By now, you'll know who's a keeper and who must go. And your thoughts will be amplified and reverberated throughout the universe during this Full Moon in Scorpio.

If there is any kind of grand sweeping advice for you, it would be to contemplate all these emotions before acting on them. If there's a person you have come to distrust, do not confront them on it just yet.

This Moon is about thinking. Keep it profound and allow yourself to explore your own thoughts, heavily.

Here are three Full Moon rituals you can do on this beautiful night.

Full Moon Ritual #1: Make a list of priorities.

While this doesn't seem to ritualistic or romantic, you will find great release in this exercise.

What is important to you? Write two list groups on a piece of paper. The first list is made up of that which you must have in your life, what's most important, and what makes the most sense to you for keeping.

On the second list, write down what you believe you can get rid of, even if it's a person. When you write down a list of priorities, you will end up knowing how to proceed in the future.

After sitting with your list, set it on fire — in a safe way, of course. Take your paper outside and light it on fire, making sure the bits fall on to a non-flammable surface, like a concrete deck, porch, or sidewalk.

Once the flames are out, know that your list is now a part of the universe. Your thoughts are now on the line up of that which will be manifest for you beneath the May Full Moon.

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Full Moon Ritual #2: Take a ritual bath for the cleansing of both body and mind.

This Full Moon is one that can affect us, physically. Being that it arrives during Scorpio, it means we need to take care of our nether areas. (Yes, that means your private areas.)

All things "down there" will be needing extra care, and that is much more of a "cleaning" thing than it is a sexual thing, though sex would not be too terrible during this Full Moon.

While in the bath, take time to honor your body and its ability to function. Let the water wash away all that's troubling our mind, and allow this bath to be ritualistic, in so much as it should be geared for pleasantness. Light the tea lights, burn the incense, and play some soft music.

When the water goes down the drain, so do your troubles and woes. Believe it.

Full Moon Ritual #3: Try candle carving.

Get yourself a nice white pillar candle. You can even do this with a grocery store votive, in the glass. You can either carve the candle or inscribe your intention on the glass, in marker.

Set your intention. What is it that you wish to happen? What do you want in your life, right now?

Even if it's grand — like world peace or the end of COVID-19 — write your wish down in marker on the glass, or carve it right into the wax of the candle itself. Make it simple, and put deep thought into it while you are creating this intention candle.

Set your candle up in a safe place and "dress it" for success. That's right, dress your candle. Make it an object of beauty; surround it with small flowers, or jewelry, crystals, things you love. Make sure the candle is safe and won't drip or damage any surfaces.

We use a white candle for peace and health, but if you'd like to up the ante, you can use a pink or lavender colored candle to spiritual progress. Say a silent prayer while you light it, and contemplate your intention while staring deeply into the flame.

Before you blow it out, close your ritual with the words, "So mote it be!"

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.