What Is Sporting Numerology & Why It Predicts Who Will Win A Game

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What Is Sporting Numerology & How It Predicts Who Will Win A Game

Have you ever tried to guess which team will win a game? If you know a little bit about numerology, you can determine which opponent will win by discovering each player's life path number.

This ideology can also be applied to athletes playing each other in sports. This concept is called Sports Numerology.

What is sporting numerology?

Sport numerology is the prediction of an athlete’s performances and behavior based on their life path number.

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Numerology differs from astrology in the way that it tells us about challenges and outcomes in our life rather than traits and personalities.

It helps us understand the people and things around us by using numbers to predict certain astrological outcomes.

For example, we know people with a certain number have values in their life that play a role in the challenges they face every day.

Many numerologists have been able to make predictions about game outcomes based on this theory.

A large part of sporting numerology is game betting.

Many people listen to numerologists to predict the game outcomes in order to win money.

The planet’s and star’s alignment plays a big role in the numbers relevant to the event.

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Sports numerologists compare the knowledge of a certain athlete’s life path number to the life path number of the opponent.

They make predictions based on their knowledge of the number.

If you’re an athlete, you can gauge the likelihood of your winning by using numerology and applying it to yourself and your opponents.

In order to understand this in-depth, you must first find your own life path number.

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Finding your life path number is simple.

First, you will need your birth date.

Let’s say your birth date is March 8, 1991.

March is the third month of the year (3) and you were born on the 8th day (8).

Now, sum up the four digits of the year you were born. (1+9+9+1=20).

Then sum that number (2+0=2).

Then, sum everything together (3+8+2=13).

Finally, sum the last number (1+3=4).

Your life path number would be 4.

(The key is to keep adding until you get a single number.)

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What this means for athletes

Now that you have your life path number, you can use it to understand your past, present, and future performance.

For example, you might not understand the progression or decline in your physical and mental ability to play as well as you want to.

Your number helps you understand your motivation, your personality, and mental stability.

These are all important factors you need to play your best and give the game your all.

Some numbers are even predisposed to be interested in certain sports.

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For example, Number 9 is usually very interested in sports like football, golf, hunting, karate, motorcycling, and soccer.

However, Number 2 is interested in sports like archery, basketball, bowling, exploring, fencing, fishing, handball, and horseracing,

Take the number you have and find out what challenges you are likely to face.

Then apply the concept to your next sporting event. It will help you feel less unsure of the outcome and help you ease your nervousness.

Sports numerology can also give you a sense of relief knowing that your future is written in the stars.

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