The Morning Routine Your Life Path Number Needs

Your path to tranquility starts here.

The Morning Routine Your Life Path Number Needs getty

Having a morning routine isn't easy to start, but it's a good spiritual practice to have.

The best way to find what works for you is by seeing what is best for your life path number.

What morning routine works best for you, according to numerology?

A daily practice that connects with you spiritually, and that you can stick to.

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Your life path number can help you find what works for your personality.

You have probably gone through most of your life seeing number(s).

Whether they are on a license plate, on a clock, or a letter, these numbers appear almost all the time.

It may just be a coincidence but what if I told you these numbers hold significant meaning in your life?

In numerology, these numbers are more than just digits. They are the currents in the universe that flow to us.

The reason for all of the coincidences is a part of the natural flow that life offers us. Everything is designated differently from one person to the next.


This means that we all have a different set of life path numbers.

Some of us may share the same number(s), but we were all created with a differing set of obstacles, life challenges, and more.

Numerology has been around for many years. In ancient times, numbers represented ideals and or the perfect form of things in our lives.

Numbers are the golden threads that bind the seams in every element of life and make sense of it all.

Getting familiar with these numbers can help guide you through your life and bring you a sense of ease and reassurance.

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Each number holds a different set of characteristics and traits that you may possess and not even realize.


Whether you are an avid numerologist or you're just starting to do your research, everything can seem overwhelming.

That is why we are giving you your personal plan on how to perfect your daily spiritual ritual and what your life path number needs on a day to day basis.

It's important to know what fits your lifestyle and not live a version of your life that is not perfectly designed for you!

Here's which morning routine is best for your life path number, according to numerology:

Morning routine for life path number 1

If your life path number is 1, you are a leader at heart.

You are strong in your walk of life and nothing stands in your way when your eyes are fixed on a particular goal!


Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with things going on in your life.

Every morning, you should start your day off with a gratitude exercise.

Before you get out of bed, think of five things you are most grateful for.

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Morning routine for life path number 2

If your life path number is 2, you have a duality fit for any earthly experience.

You are deeply rooted in balance and harmony when dealing with the other numbers.

In order to stay connected to your community, start your morning by connecting with your friends and family.

Instead of hopping on social media to scroll through the newsfeed or try to text.


Call someone and spend a few minutes asking how they're doing and vice versa.

Morning routine for life path number 3

If your life path number is 3, you are a creative and communicative soul.

Think of this number as two parents come together and birth a metaphorical child full of depth and dimension.

Start your morning off by creating a detailed plan on what your day will consist of.

Write them down on a piece of paper so your brain can get used to thinking so early in the morning.

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Morning routine for life path number 4

If your life path number is 4, you are grounded in your ways and are not prone to change anytime soon.


You are very practical but that does not mean you are not open for some change in your spiritual routine.

Sometimes you take on the burden of others and it can physically and emotionally drain you.

This is why every morning, you should start by looking in the mirror and simply say, "I love you."

The one person you should stand by no matter what is yourself.

Morning routine for life path number 5

If your life path number is 5, you are a wild child at heart! Your desire for adventure and spontaneity is what drives you day in and day out.

One thing is for certain, you are not as grounded as number 4, but you will never leave your grounding place.

Start the morning off by giving yourself enough time to wake up.


Set your alarm ten minutes earlier than you normally do.

Use those few moments to really settle into the new day.

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Morning routine for life path number 6

If your life path number is 6, you are represented by home and family.

You give off a nurturing feeling and love to cater to those who are closest to you.

This means sometimes you can get caught up in everyone else's mixes.

When you're too busy fixing everyone else, you leave yourself hanging.

Try to start your morning with a 5-10 minute meditation session.

This will give you the energy you need to jump right into your day.


Morning routine for life path number 7

If your life path number is 7, you are a deep thinker and have the greatest sense of wisdom and intuition.

However, your wandering mind can often lead you off the deep end.

Start the morning by getting on your feet and exercise!


You can either go for a jog or simply get those arms and legs ready for the dumbbells you've set aside for the winter months.

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Morning routine for life path number 8

If your life path number is 8, you are represented by renewal.

Someone with the number 8 has a life that is set in stone and is run like a business.

They often are referred to as a bit controlling.

Every morning, you should write down at least three pages worth of ideas and thoughts.

That's right, three pages. Write about anything. Let your imagination soar and bring those ideas to life.

Morning routine for life path number 9

If your life path number is 9, you are often considered the end of the cycle for the life path numbers.


Cats having nine lives, feeling on cloud nine, this number usually represents the extreme human experience.

Wake up every morning and simply just breathe. I know, it seems pretty ideal to breathe as soon as you wake up.

But with all of the heightened emotions and adventures you face, you need to remember to recognize your body and mind are just as important as those amazing life experiences.

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