How To Find Happiness, Using Your Life Path Number, Per Numerology

Unlock the key to joy by learning how to be happy using your life path number.

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How does a person find happiness in life? It's an ever going, ever changing story that you can only write.

In numerology, every person’s personality can be boiled down to their Life Path Number.

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It's daunting when you feel like you're just not connecting with what you're supposed to be doing in this life time. Depression, sadnesss, feeling lost or as if you can't win for losing all leads to wondering if there's an easier way. Other people seem to find what it is that brings them joy. So, you may have wondered what do they know that you don't?  

Even though everyone’s Life Path number isn't the same, the ultimate path to happiness is following your heart and intuition. But what if the key to discovering what you really want in life could be hidden in the study of numerology? Would that be helpful? 


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Foundational to happiness IS knowing what your heart desires, and life can make that difficult to truly know for sure. Between messy childhoods or a broken heart after a relationship you invested yourself into for years, it's easy to forget who you are...let alone what will give you joy later in life.

Your life path number gives you insight to who you are, the obstacles you may face, the strengths and weaknesses that consume your life. Understanding your Life Path Number is the first step in knowing how to be happy in life.

Looking at Life Path numbers 1-9, here is how to maximize your happiness, per numerology.



Life Path 1: The Leader


In order to be happy, Leaders should figure out their passions and find a way to execute it with their own voice. They have to do what makes them happy and their own desires rather than listen to what everyone is telling them they should be doing.

Take risks and don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Leaders must use their innate ability to take charge and not be afraid of their own powers. Leaders have a tendency to get stuck in their own head. Take a break and a breather.

They need to escape from their own thoughts otherwise they may become consumed in the negativity that is their own mind. Leaders, it’s okay to fail. In order to be happy you must accept your failures and learn to fall forward. Don’t be afraid to enact change or put your thoughts into action.


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Life Path 2: The Mediator

Mediators have a huge heart and find most fulfillment engaging in activities that either involve other people or are in service to help others. In order to be happy, the Life Path folks have to learn not to give so much.

Their heart is large enough to constantly give pieces of themselves away. If it means they helped someone or made someone else happy, they are more than willing to share those pieces of themselves.

However, true happiness stems from finding people that have good intentions for you as much as you have for them. Only then can you build healthy and loving connections. Mediators must learn to also confront conflict. By their own name, they are the ones who settle conflict between to parties.


However, as soon as they are in one these Life Path numbers tend to shut down. Learning how to address an issue that involves you is the first step to becoming a happier version of you.

Life Path 3: The Communicator

In order to be happy, the Communicator must learn to use their creative side and not shy away from it. The doubts in their heads tell them that everyone can do what they do. However, those thoughts are wrong.

Throw practicality to the wind. Happiness will come when you decide to commit to something and execute it. It’s not enough to just half way finish a project and start another. Learn to become an expert at something.

From there you can find your happiness stemming from the knowledge of limitless power in what you can do. You’re happiest at the center of attention. You’re a natural entertainer. With that, use your creative side to mold the worlds of entertainment and art together. Don’t be afraid that everyone can do what you can. In truth, you have untapped skills that as soon as you hone, you will be unstoppable.


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Life Path 4: The Teacher

The Teacher’s happiness stems from finding stability and security! Teachers tend to be very detail oriented and hard workers. In order to be happy they must work on being mentally and physically flexible.

Don’t stay stagnant, in one place, because you’re used to the norm. Get outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Whether it’s a new hobby or a new adventure, true happiness stems from learning and experiencing new things.

Do some digging and figure out what your true passions are as it will help keep you secure.Teachers always have the answer but know that it’s okay to not have all the answers. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you find yourself stuck in a rut. Take a moment to reevaluate what you really need in life.

Life Path 5: The Freedom Seeker


Freedom Seekers are happiest when they can engage in adventurous activities. You’re not meant to stay in a 9-5 job. If you are going to settle down you need to have a few wild explorations in your pocket.

Otherwise, these Life Path people will feel unfulfilled and regretful for not taking the adventure when it called. The world is your oyster and never forget the endless fun there is out there.


5 is the number of excess so be careful and don’t go overboard in your fun. Find a happy medium and always be safe about the activities you engage in. You’re fearlessness and ability to always seek into the greater unknown is what will make you happiest.

Don’t limit yourself and always believe in everything you can do. Believe that there is always more out there in this world. There is something to be unearthed and you’re just the archeologist to do so.

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Life Path 6: The Nurturer


You’re your own boss and no one can tell you what to do! Nurturers are most happy being the person in charge. You’ll be most happy if you find situations where you can balance your strong sense of responsibility and service to others.


This Life Path group tend to be perfectionists, you’ll find happiness if you take a break on yourself. Learn to accept that not everything needs to be perfect in order for it to still be good.

Life Path 7: The Seeker

Happiness stems from learning to be more in touch with one’s emotions. The Seeker’s tend to live in their head and over analyze everything. Emotions are foreign to this group of people but understanding how you feel and how others feel is a step in the right direction.

Your happiness is a self journey about balancing both the analytical and emotional side you have. As a Seeker, you are in search of answers and sometimes you may never find them. That’s okay too. Life is a process and a journey. When you can’t find one answer, a different one might show up. Never lose your sense of wonder for the unknown.


Life Path 8: The Powerhouse

Your happiness relies on you ability to understand your personal power. Buy that new shirt you’ve wanted or start that business you’ve been thinking about for years. This group tends to think big and want the most in life.

Happiness stems from your resilience. If you don’t get something on the first try always try again. Being goal oriented will help with your happiness . List out the things you want to accomplish and go out there and do it. You must be resilient. When you focus on something with clear intentions and effort, you can truly accomplish anything.

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Life Path 9: The Humanitarian



Whether big or small, you’ll be most happy when you’re able to service a greater good. Your happiness comes from doing what you’re most passionate about. Take some time to figure out exactly what that is.

Using your creative side on a daily basis will also help fulfill your needs. You need to learn how to both give and receive. It’s okay to ask for help as you won’t always have the answers. This group has a plethora of support networks willing to give them what they need. All you have to do is ask. 


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