20 Mother's Day Astrology Gifts For Your Zodiac-Loving Mom

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Mother's Day Astrology Gifts For Your Zodiac-Loving Mom

Whether it's checking their horoscope or getting their fortune told, some people are really into astrology. And if your mom is one of those people who love what's written in the stars, why not keep that in mind come Mother’s Day?

Your mom is the reason you have a birth chart to check in the first place! So, keep that in mind when buying her Mother's Day gifts.

Whether she's a fire sign or a water sign, or if her cards reveal a beautiful future or a foreboding one, your mom will have tons of fun with these astrology gifts. She's sure to go starry-eyed.

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1. Demeter Fragrance Zodiac Sampler Set

Fragrances are a great Mother’s Day gift, and for a mom who loves perfume and the stars, this sampler set is a really fun idea. Each fragrance is dedicated to the specific traits, powers, and energy of each zodiac sign, and they are made to be blended with each other, in any combination, to make a custom scent.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

2. Vintage Zodiac Compact Mirror

A compact mirror is something she’ll always carry in her purse, and these gorgeous vintage zodiac sign compacts are stunning! 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

3. Evil Queen Zodiac Candles

Light your mom's fire with these zodiac-inspired candles. They can be made even more personal by choosing her sign and preferred scent, making it custom just the way mom wants.

(Shop Evil Queen, $20)

4. The Mixology Of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktail Recipes for Every Sign

Drink to astrology! No matter your mom's sign, you'll find the best drinks for every occasion in this book.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

5. Custom Star Map

This cool custom night sky will recreate what the stars looked like overhead during any occasion special to your mom. Maybe it was even the day you were born!

(Modern Map Art, $)

6. Holli Zollinger For Deny Zodiac Throw Pillow

This zodiac throw pillow is an illustrated rendition of your mom's unique astrological sign. Whether it's on her bed or couch, she won't be able to pass by without thinking of the gift you got her.

(Urban Outfitters, $39)

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7. 'Two Sides of the Zodiac' Mug

This cool mug shows off both sides of your zodiac sign, from the traditional (Pisces is a fish) to the imaginative (Aquarius is an adorable otter). It includes lists of traits that come with each sign and is great for mom's morning coffee.

(Uncommon Goods, $32)

8. Spongellé Zodiac Body Wash Buffer

Is your mom fire, earth, water, or air? Choose which applies to her and give this gift of body wash infused buffers. The body wash delivers a rich, indulgent lather to cleanse, exfoliate, massage and nourish the skin with 4 fragrances.

(Spongelle, $20)

9. Your Astrological Cookbook

Bon Appetit columnist Catherine Urban's cookbook is super fun and unique. It includes recipes specifically designed for each zodiac sign, and is a great activity to do together.

(Target, $13.79)

10. Astrology Soap

Does mom love to take her time in the bath? Get her the soap of her sign! Each soap has a specific scent and is swirled with vibrant hues.

(Uncommon Goods, $10)

11. Kate Aspen 'Under the Stars' Glass Coaster Set

Though there isn't a specific zodiac sign in mind for these, it'll make a unique and beautiful accent to mom's home. Now, she can enjoy her drinks while staring at the stars on these coasters.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

12. Zodiac Sign Tea

Spill some tea! Zodiac tea, that is. Each two-ounce tin is blended using fine tea varietals and botanicals to reflect the signature qualities of each zodiac sign.

(Uncommon Goods, $17)

13. Constellation Quilt

Give your special mom this unique and comfy quilt. Handmade in India, she'll stay nice and warm underneath the covers while staring at the beautiful pattern.

(Uncommon Goods, $296+)

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14. Personalized Astrological Date Clock

Replace her outdated and boring clock with this one. It's a unique clock that shows the position the planets were in on the special date of her choice.

(Uncommon Goods, $45)

15. Nashelle Semiprecious Birthstone Sterling Silver Zodiac Mini Disc Necklace

Your zodiac sign says a lot about you, and will also affect the jewelry you buy. This cute zodiac necklace will allow you to take it everywhere you go, and show off your inner personality.

(Nordstrom, $52)

16. Milk Makeup Astrology Tattoo Stamps

Astrology is written in the stars... but also on your skin! With this water-resistant temporary tattoo stamp, choose your sign and have endless fun applying it.

(Sephora, $12)

17. LeRage Ophiuchus Shirt

Was your mama born as the actual 13th sign of the zodiac? Get her this hilarious shirt. Now she has an excuse for doing whatever she wants.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

18. Zodiac Sign Stemless Wine Glass

Mom will be spending her special day indoors, so get her this keepsake wine glass to enjoy her favorite bottle. No matter her sign, she'll love having a glass while basking in her sign's awesomeness.

(Etsy, $12)

19. Zodiac Constellation Bracelet

Not a fan of necklaces? Choose this bracelet instead, which is made by hand in-house and can be customized for everything from length to metal type.

(GLDN, $38+)

20. Name A Star

Is your mom also a fan of astronomy, in addition to her obsession with astrology? Let her name a star or constellation, choose a date of her choice, and add a personal message.

(Star Name Registry, $19.95+)

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