30 Best Mother's Day Gifts Of 2020 From Your Mom's Favorite Child — You!

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Best Mother's Day Gifts Of 2020 For The Greatest Mom In The World

Is there any gift that can truly show just how incredible your mom is? Probably not. But still, in the current state of the world, we want to show the most important woman in our life just how special she is.

We should all give our moms Mother's Day gifts that are both thoughtful and creative. While that goes without saying, it should also be a gift that reflects her personal interests and how she lives her life.

Whether that means cooking, having a green thumb, or if it's just a pretty piece of jewelry for her to admire, get a gift that shows you're paying attention and really see her. When you "see" her, it's not just as a mom, but as an incredible person who deserves all the love and respect in the world. Not just on Mother's Day, but every single day of the year.

So, with these Mother's Day gift ideas, get the woman who raised you something truly incredible.

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Style, Beauty & Wellness

1. Bouquet Pendant

This necklace has a cluster of pink and yellow sapphires, a morganite and a diamond. She'll feel gorgeous anytime she wears it, especially once she finds out that this jewelry is made with ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds, recycled precious metals, and 5 percent of profits are donated.

(Brilliant Earth, $395)

2. SHASHI Sparkle Mesh Grip Socks

SHASHI Cool Feet Socks are designed to give you a refreshed feeling while staying active. The performance mesh utilizes COOLMAX® technology, with fibers that transport moisture away from your body to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates. Plus, how cute and unique is this style?

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

3. T. Jazelle 'Boss Lady' Turquoise Bracelet

Is your mom the definition of a boss? Get her this bracelet to show her! T. Jazelle bracelets are made with semi-precious gemstones and Sterling Silver, with charms that have a message of life significance. Even better? The company gives back to a charitable causes, including the Humane Society, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, and First Responder causes.

(T Jazzle, $42)

4. Clove + Revel Charlotte Satchel in Grape

This structured-top handle bag is the perfect day bag for the working mom. It's large enough to fill with all her essentials, whether it's for her next meeting or a day off. It's made from 100 percent genuine leather and is sure to win your mom's heart.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

5. Los Angeles Trading Company 'Supermom' Robe

Mom may not be a literal superhero, but she comes pretty close. Remind her of that with this plush "Supermom" robe made with polyester and — get this! — pockets. Can't go wrong with that.

(LA Trading Co., $95)

6. Newshows Weekender Bag

Another style must-have for your mom, this bag is made for weekend trips. It has its own shoe compartment, a shoulder strap, and is a great accessory to your full luggage bag.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

7. Boyfriend Eau de Parfum 3-Piece Set

Boyfriend by Kate Walsh has notes of dark plum, myrrh, night blooming jasmine, golden amber, and vanilla wood. It's BPA free, vegan and cruelty-free, and will become your mom's newest signature scent.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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8. M.M.LaFleur Irene Slingback Shoes

For the mom who loves shoes, she'll easily add these to her collection. These super cute slingbacks are great for work, weekend brunch, or anything in between. And with six colors to choose from, she can add a pair to match all her outfits.

(MMLaFleur, $265)

9. Moderne Monocle Soleil Gold Necklace 

This pendant doubles as a monocle and is a chic adaptation of a vintage eye piece. It's elegant, functional, and is a great gift for busy moms. She'll no longer have to search for her readers while trying to see the fine print!

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

10. Ora Delphine Darla Envelope Wallet 

Spoil mom this year with this stunning genuine leather wallet. We all know her wallet holds the most important essentials, so help keep her organized with this chic wallet that goes with any outfit.

(Ora Delphine, $225)


11. SELF Journal

The SELF Journal is a 13-week life planner that features a daily progress tracker, daily gratitude acknowledgment, and a weekly habit tracker. Help mom optimize her time and prioritize her workload, leading to positive change and success!

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

12. Tile Pro

Does your mom constantly misplace her car keys, phone, wallet, or other important everyday items? Using Bluetooth technology, the Tile Pro is one of the best tracking gadgets, and it will make sure she never loses anything again.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. iRobot Roomba i7+

Have a mom who is obsessive about her cleaning? Well, this is a fun way to help out with a gadget that sucks up all the dirt and debris in her home. The High-Efficiency Filter and AllergenLock bags trap 99 percent of pollen, mold and dust mites, so mom can rest easy and spend her time doing something she loves.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. Family Pebble Portrait

If your mom loves art, this family portrait is made of sea shells, pebbles, pieces of wood, and flowers to create your unique family. Framed in gray wash mahogany, it will be her favorite thing in the house.

(Uncommon Goods, $110)

15. Floral Garden Tools Set

Whether she's an avid gardener or has just begun to plant, make her venture into the backyard complete with this set of a silver and teal colored trowel and fork.

(Ten Thousand Villages, $29.99)

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16. Drink More Water Bottle

Tired of reminding ma to get her daily intake of water? Now you can give her a water bottle to keep her hydrated. It holds two full bottles of water for ultimate hydration.

(Uncommon Goods, $15)

17. Hand-Painted Nature Mug

If mom is a coffee drinker, she probably has plenty of mugs in her cabinet. But now, her morning coffee will be tranquil with a hand-painted mug. It features scenes of flowers, hummingbirds, and butterflies!

(Uncommon Goods, $25)

18. Seafood Dinner For Four

Treat her to a delicious, fancy dinner from the comfort of home! The Seafood Dinner Party Box includes four (8oz) Frozen Lobster Tails, four (8oz) Fresh Faroe Islands Salmon Portions, 2lb Frozen Cooked Cocktail Shrimp, and two Dozen Live Blue Point Oysters. Yum!

(, $199)​

19. Cocktail Grow Kit

Let mom knock back a few with cocktails she made herself! A night out of martinis isn’t in the cards right now, but this simple grow kit offers seeds for a creative, beautiful and flavorful cocktail.

(Uncommon Goods, $12)

20. Cravings by Chrissy Teigen Enamel Cast Iron Mini Dutch Ovens

This is perfect if she loves to cook. Now she can whip up some of your favorite dishes with this pair of mini Dutch ovens. They combine even-heating cast iron performance with the durability and beauty of a food-safe enamel coating. And it's such a beautiful addition to a kitchen!

(Macy's, $89.99)

21. Mezcal & Tequila Infusion Tasting Kit

For moms that like to sit back and relax with their favorite tequila drink, this infusion kit is a wonderful idea. It comes packaged in a beautiful craft gift box with copper details, and includes infusion recipes, 4 hand-blown glass tasting cups, and a wide-top decanter.

(Verve Culture, $98)

22. Via Citrus Calamondin Plant

This brand offers citrus trees from farm to front door. Available in meyer lemon, key lime, and calamondin orange, these trees will spice up your mom's backyard, or give her something gorgeous to look at while at home until the fruit blooms.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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23. Rose Gold and White Cheese Knife Set by CIROA

If mom is a chef in the kitchen, now she'll have something cool when she entertains. This set of four cheese knives is the perfect accessory for any cheese or charcuterie board. It's made of quality stainless steel blades with a rose gold finish.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

24. Somebody's Mother's Dessert Sauces

Ever wonder what to get someone with a sweet tooth? The answer is chocolate! These 6 unique chocolate sauces are great for anything sweet. There's no preservatives, so you can add to any dessert or fruit you desire.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

25. Aerogarden Harvest 360 

Great for the mother with the green thumb, AeroGarden Harvest 360 grows up to 6 different herbs, veggies or flower varieties all year long. The best part? There's no sun or soil required!

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

26. Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

This Mother's Day, give mom the gift of her own personal mixologist. Now, she can have endless premium cocktails minus the crowded bar scene. From Cosmopolitans to Whiskey Sours and Margaritas, the Bartesian makes delicious cocktails in seconds.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

27. Dixie Wildflower Honey Vodka 

This Honey Flavored Vodka is a great gift! The honey is sustainably sourced, and it's great for cocktails as well as on its own. Where else could you find a flavor this delicious?

(Dixie Vodka, varies by location)

28. Hard Seltzer Making Kit

Hard seltzer is so popular right now, but you can save a huge chunk of change by making your own! Not only is it fun, but with this kit she can brew refreshing, grapefruit-flavored spiked seltzer at home in only one month.

(Uncommon Goods, $35)

29. Kosterina Olive Oil Subscription

This olive oil is made from cold pressed, early harvest Koroneiki olives, making it extremely high in antioxidants and healthy polyphenols. If she loves to cook, mom will adore a subscription quarterly or bi-monthly of new olive oils of her choosing.

(Kosterina, $75-$139)

30. Territory Grocery Produce Box

Right now, we aren't exactly in a normal state, and mom is probably going through the same thing we are: keeping healthy, fresh food in the house. Now she won't have to leave her home to go grocery shopping; instead, you can have chef-prepared meals delivered to her. Each 15+ lb Territory Grocery box includes root veggies, garden veggies, fruits, hearty greens and fresh herbs.

(Territory Grocery, $60/week)

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