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What The Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction Means For The Rest Of 2020 & The Numerology Of 4/4, According To Astrology

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What The Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction Means For The Rest Of 2020 & The Numerology Of 4/4, According To Astrology

While this is a transit that has been in effect for six days, our zodiac signs will see the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction become exact on April 4th, changing the landscape of our lives and love horoscopes, and making us realize just how valuable the truth really is, both personally and in relationships.

This astrology aspect is one of the major ones of 2020 — not just because it involves two of the heavy hitters, but because it only occurs approximately every 13 years, and even then, it usually only happens once. But this year, we will be experiencing a triad of them.

Whenever we see a triad of astrological transits in one particular calendar year, especially if it’s not common, we know it’s something to draw our attention to.

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In this particular case, we’re going to see the themes of both planets: future, abundance, secrets and shadow side will all come into play simultaneously. But there is a transition in our way of thinking that we can see evident, even in the current events happening now.

There is the shadow side of fear that, together with Jupiter’s abundant power, can turn the shadow side into all we see. Whether it’s in our own personal lives or in the news, in the lead up to this conjunction it’s likely that we were challenged with whether to buy into this way of thinking.

Jupiter and Pluto, especially this year with the triad and not having seen it since December 2007, have created a time for us to circulate back to our own truth or to rediscover it for the first time. This is about acknowledging shadows and darkness, choosing to not live there, but it’s also about the fall out from what happens when we neglect our truth.

While there is so much ongoing with this transit as we approach it, we have to look for the truth, even in current events of what is happening on a global level. Look for the truth. This is what Pluto wants from us and what we’re being pushed to do.

In many ways, it's not that much different of a process than the one we have to go through in our own personal lives, when we’re getting ready to make a big decisions or in matters of the heart.

But that shadow side of fear will always be present — whether it’s fear over a financial collapse, a virus, or even being hated by those we care about because we choose the path that feel authentic for us. Fear is a part of our shadow side, a part of our darkness. It’s not just those things we hide or aren’t proud of that make up this side of us, but the fear that prohibits us from forgiving and moving forward into the possibility that lingers.

This is a challenge from the universe. Do you dare to accept the truth and then decide to live anyway? Or, are you letting the darkness drown any realistic hope you have for yourself, your life or your future?

At any given point in our lives, we have the ability to choose which part of us we want to feed, which part of ourselves we want to grow. We get to decide if we’re going to operate from our darkness, our shadow, our unhealed bits, or if we’re going to live from hope, from beauty and from love.

This is ours to decide, and ours to be without pressure or circumstance from others. Sometimes we have to realize that only by working with our darkness can we also let in our light.

There is a great deal of fear in our society at the moment, but we have to ask ourselves: is it really anymore than normal, or is it just because Pluto has brought it to the surface? Pluto is the planet that takes what we’ve tried to ignore or deny, and brings it to light.

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Our truth is that, despite how much as a collective we've grown, and how much we’ve raised our awareness, there is still this substantial fear we’re still working though. But this is what Pluto does. Whether in your relationships or in our world, Pluto brings this fear to light by also bringing it to a head so we can no longer ignore it or suppress it.

The only way we’re going to change things is by looking at the reality of the situation and our truth as a whole, and if that fear is still a major motivating factor. When we think about our reasons for what we do, our whys and why not’s, many are attributed to fear. Whether politically, racial, economic or even the freedom to just be who we are, we’re scared.

But this is the positive that Jupiter is trying to show us. We may feel that fear bright to a head in a very Plutonian way, but it’s because this is the key to letting in the light. We have to acknowledge our fear, our deepest thoughts that hold us back, or those that still determine the lives we chose to live.

So, this is our chance to lean into our fear. To embrace the darkness of our shadow side — not in an effort to give up or to lose hope, but instead to delve through it so we learn not only what is on the other side, but that there even is one.

There is a different way of being and different way of living, rather than looking at and feeding into the fear. This is the purpose of this transit: to embrace the truth, to learn the value of it, to welcome both the darkness into our lives, and be able to practice greater awareness around both, but also more consciously choose which to embrace.

This is also what the numerology of April 4th (4/4) is trying to show us.

Four is a number that represents not only mind-body-sprit, but combines that with the physical world, which is structure and stability. Four is the energy that connects our spirit, our beliefs with the foundation to make them happen.

Whatever is occurring around this time is necessary for us to plant the seeds for these dreams of ours, and coupled together with the energy of eight (4+4=8), which is eternal abundance, it gives us hope that there is a purpose for this darkness. There is always a reason for everything — the hardest part sometimes is just believing that.

This is just the first conjunction in our series of three, so when we experience the second one in June, we’ll see a peak around these themes of fear and future, restriction and abundance, still not seeing the final outcome until November 2020 when we will have our third and final one until 2033.

Part of our truth and perhaps even darkness is recognizing that everything is a process, everything is ongoing. So while we can embrace this, the truth is one thing we can’t change.

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