5 Manipulative Zodiac Signs Who Use Sarcasm To Hide Their True Intentions, According To Astrology

Their sarcasm is a smokescreen.

5 Manipulative Zodiac Signs Who Use Sarcasm To Hide Their True Intentions, According To Astrology getty  

Sarcasm is a great way to hide things. A funny yet biting comment can hide insecurities, motivations, or true feelings. 

If you don’t want people to get too close to you, you can keep them at a safe distance by saying something sarcastic. They may not know that you’re actually making fun of them as they’re laughing at what you said.

But sarcasm can have a dark side when it's used for control. And it's something the manipulative zodiac signs use to their advantage.

While some people use sarcasm as a way to express their disappointment or anger without saying it directly, there’s often an underlying layer of hostility and it’s more about hurting someone than just being funny. This hidden hostility may be the reason it can take a moment to realize that the funny joke was actually a negative commentary about you.


You have to be clever to be sarcastic because you need to have a solid understanding of a subject before you can skewer it, and you can’t be too empathetic if you’re going to deliberately hurt someone with your words. Sarcasm may seem like a perfect safe comment, but there are also things like eye rolls, vocal inflections, and facial expressions that give an innocuous statement its bite.

1. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)


It's much easier to make a surprise attack when the person doesn't know you're coming. Scorpios are very secretive and often have their own agenda. Their sarcasm tends to hide their plans of revenge or seduction.

Sarcasm is a big wall that Scorpios put up, and no one knows what they're doing or why. This zodiac sign is intuitive enough to see right through other people, but they don't want the reverse to be true. If sarcasm makes them harder to figure out and misleads people, it's working exactly the way Scorpio wants it to.

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2. Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Sarcastic people tend to be smarter than average because they work their brains a little more. Aries are especially quick-witted and they're amazing strategists. Their sarcasm hides the fact that they're always two or three steps further ahead than anybody else.


Aries isn't interested in arguments cautioning them against doing something, so they'll be sarcastic to get people off their track and keep their activities to themselves. Sometimes, Aries lose their temper, and rather than go off on someone, they will be sarcastic.

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3. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Being sarcastic is one way to reprimand a co-worker that won't cause too much damage or get you fired. It can be difficult for Capricorn to express their frustrations when somebody doesn't do their job right, and it affects this zodiac sign's job performance.


Sarcasm allows you to get your message out in a joking way that may not come off as threatening or antagonistic as openly expressing your anger. It's more practical and less taxing to make a sarcastic remark than it is to have a temper-tantrum.

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4. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarians are fluent in sarcasm, and it's not something they have to work at — they do it without even thinking about it. Aquarius isn't comfortable expressing their emotions directly, so sarcasm allows them to shield their feelings. Sarcasm is sharing without being overt about it.

They have a creative brain, and everything they do, even if it's just expressing themselves, is done a little differently. It's almost impossible to figure out why an Aquarian does anything because they're so unpredictable.


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5. Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgos don't want everyone to know their business. Being guarded helps Virgo feel in control, and sarcasm helps them remain discreet without people getting suspicious.


Virgos are super intelligent and sometimes they're sarcastic without even thinking about it twice. They don't want to be overcritical and harsh, but sometimes they can't help it. Sarcasm also helps Virgo keep their emotions reined in, in a way that's not alarming to others.

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