What The Full Moon In Virgo (1 Of 3 In The 2020 Supermoon Triad) Means For Your Relationships Until September, According To Astrology

Trust a little and see what happens.

What The Full Moon In Virgo (1 Of 3 In The 2020 Supermoon Triad) Means For Your Relationships Until September, According To Astrology getty

We start to understand that we can’t plan for everything in life as we welcome in the full moon in Virgo on March 9th — the first in a Supermoon triad. This transit will challenge our trust and faith in the divine, and create big changes for our love horoscopes and relationships.

In astrology, full moons are a time for fruition and completion — not just in knowing what we’re ready to let go of, but also being aware that it’s time to move forward to seize an opportunity. With both full and new lunations, we’re always aware of the energy of the zodiac signs at the time. 


While the new moon works with the current sun sign, full moons bring in the complementary energy of the opposing sign, which creates a more intense and powerful atmosphere.

This Virgo full moon will be especially potent because it's the first in a series of three full Supermoons, and the second closest of the three. Besides being beautifully luminous in the sky, we also feel its energy more strongly.

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After this lunation, the next two full moons in April and May will also be Supermoons, with April’s being the closest and biggest!

Everyone has been wishing for a brand new year and a new start, but once it arrives that also means we have to be ready for it. And while things are still heating up around the time of the Virgo full Supermoon, we’re definitely going to be asked: Do we trust everything to work out as it is meant to?

As we near this moon, we have two different energies at play: Pisces, the current sun sign with a very deep, romantic, passionate nature, and Virgo, an earthy goddess who understands the value in planning and figuring out life’s details. At first glance, these two seem to have little in common, but going deeper, we can see how each can enhance and complement one another in many of the ways we would hope to see in a romantic relationship.

Virgo can help Pisces find her own ground, to make plans, and decide which way she’s going to swim; Pisces reminds Virgo that planning is great, but we can’t always do that for the greatest moments in life. Pisces teaches Virgo how to go with the flow, to open their heart, and to love, which are exactly the lessons we’re going to be asked to understand.


We’re often quick to judge, to write off someone or a situation as done, over, always and forever. We like to have clear boundaries and defined lines; we like to have those Virgo needs within ourselves satisfied, but sometimes by doing so we end up bringing greater pain and turmoil to our lives.

What the balance of these two zodiac signs asks us to see is that we need a little bit of both. We need a dose of Virgo’s practicality and planning, and a few tablespoons of Pisces go with the flow.

This can especially be true in the areas of love and happiness within our lives. We can’t only go by plans, and we can’t only go with the flow, but the greatest success and happiness we can experience comes from learning when (and how) to do both.

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When we feel anxiety and a lack of trust or confidence, we tend to overly plan. We are becoming controlling in our external environment because internally we don’t feel grounded or secure. We don’t trust that things will work as they are meant to because to just seem scary.


But on the other side, if we’re only ever going with the flow and planning nothing, we likely are avoidant and noncommittal within our life because we feel anxiety over having to show up for plans we made, or that our word will be used against us if we later change our mind.

So, life teaches us that we need to implement both; we need to know when to stick to the plan and when to toss it out the window, and for all of us in this moment it actually might be a little of both.

When we want life to go differently than it has, we usually become rigid in our thinking. We think that if only we planned more (and stuck to those plans) we’d end up satisfied and happy, but sometimes plans stop us from living the life we’re meant to, if we don’t look up now and see what path the universe is trying to guide us down.

Lucky for all of us, this Virgo full Supermoon will make it impossible to not look up and see exactly what the divine doesn’t want us to miss.

Maybe we’re going to have to throw out the plans we had; maybe we’re going to have to be brave enough to make new ones; maybe we’re going to have to live in the not knowing for a little bit. But life is asking you to trust that the plans we’ve made up until this point have all been for a purpose, even if we’re now realizing we’re going to have to ditch them.


But it’s also asking us to trust ourselves and to be brave enough to abandon the path we’re on if a new one opens. While we can’t actually miss what is meant for us, we can take the long road there, going down detours and ending up delaying living the life we’ve always dreamed of.

It comes down to us, and can we wrestle those demons inside of us that can’t decide if they’re more scared of life going wrong, or right. To making peace with whatever happened up until this moment because it was needed to bring us here and open up our hearts, our lives and the possibility that we’re not meant to wait.

This full moon is encouraging us not to stay with the current plan, but to jump, to love, and to trust that maybe there’s a better plan you can’t see just yet.


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