Best Apps For Bible Study On Android & IOS

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Best Apps For Bible Study On Android & iOS

Either you're here to find the best app for Bible study or you're looking to add more tools to study scripture and want to compare the iOS apps to Android apps to make sure you're using the right one.

Why use a study app?

I know the church has become less mandatory throughout the years. To the point where it probably shocks us that we don't put more time into learning it, and also expanding our faith.

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I for one am a prime example of that. I go to church once to twice a year willingly, usually around Lent.

Throughout the year if I go more it's for a baptism or etc. There's nothing wrong with maybe not having the time to go, or Sundays being your own day off.

Honestly, we still need to fit some prayer into our day, whether it's before bed, or even before we eat.

It's also best if we get a Bible app to use with Bible study tools for spiritual growth.

Think about having it on the go. I know you're going to say I never have time, but those 10 mins you spent scrolling through Instagram or watching TikTok's you could be reading a passage from the Bible.

At the rate, you check your social media apps you could've finished reading the Bible in the course of a week or less.

I'm not telling you to never check your social media apps, but maybe sacrifice 10-20 minutes out of your day to read some passages.

I have even provided free Bible app suggestions that offer audio so you can listen while you drive.

Personally, this is the best option for me since I drive around a lot, so personally I like to hear a podcast in the morning, but I'm trying to switch up and you could too.

We need to stop pretending we don't have any time. We have plenty of it, so download one of these apps, even for it just to sit there on your phone to remind you that you could choose one day to open it besides opening Instagram.

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Think about it! Overall it can be easy to start reading the Bible but isn't it even better if you could have the Bible with you at all times.

Down below is a list of the best Bible study apps and you can decide which one you want to download.

So start keeping up with your faith and get in some reading here and there in your free time.

What software will they work for you ask?

I made sure all the Bible study apps down below are available for both iOS & Android.

I myself am an Android user and know how annoying it is, when all the good apps are iOS, well I'm only providing apps that work for both, so keep reading!

Here are 8 Bible study tools available in both iOS and Android app stores:

1. Holy Bible App

Available for iOS and Android

You have the option to not only read the Bible but listen, watch and share.

If you happen to get the YouVersion, it offers multiple languages, hundreds of Bible versions, hundreds of reading plans.

You can highlight and bookmarks public or private notes.


Available for iOS and Android

This Bible study app stands out because you'll get the chance to read, listen and see the Bible in a whole new light.

It offers more languages and Bible translations than any other Bible app. It includes Bible audio and, "The Jesus Film Project".

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3. ESV Crossway

Available for iOS and Android

Not only is this app free but you can use it anywhere anytime and also share it with whoever you want.

This Bible app stands out because it's the only Bible app you can use with or without an internet connection.

4. NIV Bible

Available for iOS and Android

This Bible study app was designed to offer quick and easy navigation, not taking, all for the use of studying the Bible.

You won't find many Bible apps that can match the design or functionality of this one.

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5. Sermon Audio

Available for iOS and Android

Get access to an incredibly large library filled with free MP3 sermons from hundreds of speakers you can either stream or download.

I personally prefer things like this because I prefer to listen while driving and almost absorb the words that I'm hearing.

6. She Reads The Truth

Only available for iOS

This app is for women, so I apologize to the men reading this.

It allows women around the world to connect to God's word with each other anytime, anywhere.

If you are a woman who wants to be apart of a bigger community, nows your chance.

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7. Olive Tree Bible Study

Available for iOS and Android

This app is supposed to help you with a deeper study of the Bible.

You will learn from plenty of great scholars using thousands of resources. It includes commentaries, maps, and dictionaries that you can have access to offline.

8. Bible Quiz 3D-Religious Game

Available for iOS and Android

If your kind of getting tired of the apps above and want to make it a little more exciting when practicing your faith, try this app out.

Surprisingly its actually a very addictive app that both parents and kids will love to play.

So, if your a parent trying to get your kids to learn more about the Bible, this game should keep them entertained.

Even at my age, I'd definitely probably pick this app since I'm always trying to do things that keep me more entertained than anything.

Another cool thing is this app lets users compete against other players in cyberspace, so the only thing that's a downside is that which you must be connected to the Internet in order to do this.

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