What's The Difference Between Christian Mingle, Plenty Of Fish, And Other Christian Dating Sites

Say a prayer and sign in to your profile.

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The dating scene for Christians can be daunting and intimidating.

But that is nothing to worry about in the digital age when so many sites have catered themselves to spiritual users.

It would be hard to come by another single Christian that isn't utilizing the tools of the online world to find their life mate.

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Christian online dating sites aren't very different from any other dating site. First, you'll answer some basic questions about yourself to let the site's experts know a little bit about yourself.

You'll explain where you are, both in life and on your journey with faith, who you are looking for, and what you expect to find out of this experience.

The secret weapon in any online dating profile is the bio.

It can be so incredibly overwhelming to try and tackle all of the internet in one swoop when it comes to dating. Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but where do we even start?

Understanding what you want out of a dating website is half the battle.


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Ask yourself what you are looking for in a potential partner. Do you want something fun in flirty? Or serious and committed? This can help narrow down your search to find your "one."

Whether you are just starting out in or making your laps around the dating pool, there is an online dating site out there for you!

Embrace the digital culture of 2019 and get excited to share God's greatest creation (you!!) with the world!

Someone is out there waiting for you to stumble into their life, all you have to do is say yes to the sign-up.

1. Christian Mingle

What are you looking for? Christian Mingle is perfect for the person who is looking for some casual dates that could lead to a more serious relationship down the line.


How are you matched? After setting your discovery preferences on age, gender, location, and value set, Christian Mingle sends you matches that best correlate or compliment your profile. You can also browse profiles to make some matches of your own!

How popular is it? Christian Mingle gets about 3.5 million page visits per month!

What is it like? Courtney was a single woman before she met Joe on Christian Mingle. Within 8 weeks they were engaged to be married.

She says, “While browsing one day I came across the profile of a handsome guy with an amazing smile! I sent him a “smile” of my own and the rest is history.

Be open-minded and try to see potential even if it’s not obvious. It can be hard to get a full taste of someone based on an online profile, so don’t write anyone off too quickly. You never know who could be that hidden gem.”


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2. Plenty Of Fish

What are you looking for? You’ll definitely want to sign up for POF if you are looking for a fun time with another Christian single! This site is perfect for anyone looking to date around!

How are you matched? You are paired with possible matches by basic demographic information: age, location, gender, etc. POF also matches you by particular interests outside of the secular field like movies, music, and hobbies.

How popular is it? POF has over 4 millions active members per day so you are sure to find your match soon with this site!

What is it like? Diana and Ryan, who met via Plenty of Fish say, “We met on Plenty of Fish back in November of 2016...


It truly was fate because we’ve been inseparable ever since.

We went on our first date and I found it he had moved to NYC all the way from St. Louis, MO which is why he joined POF. We are truly a perfect match and I can’t wait for our wedding this November. Thank you Plenty of Fish!!!!”

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3. eHarmony

What are you looking for? If you are unsure of your true intentions in a relationship, this site is for you! eHarmony caters to everything from casual dates to full-on, deeply emotional relationships.

How are you matched? After taking their specialized personality test, you have suggested matches that best suit your traits. Their relationship specialists take into account 29 aspects of each profile to make the best match.


How popular is it? eHarmony gets over 4 million visits per month!

What is it like? Sara, a proud supporter of eHarmony says, “Some people hate the guided communication segment, but I loved how it allowed me to flag potential deal-breakers before I had invested any time messaging with a guy.

The prompts for the profiles also allowed me to easily weed out guys that probably weren’t going to be a good match.”

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4. Match.com

What are you looking for? Whether you are in the market for friends or partners, Match.com can hook you up with other singles in your area. It doesn’t always have to be about romance!


How are you matched? Match.com is like other websites in the essence that you are paired via your location in interests. However, you can also browse by an appearance in a potential partner, which adds a personal layer to the matchmaking process!

How popular is it? Match.com gets almost 40 million visits per month! A few days on this site and the statistics are in your favor to find what you are looking for!

What is it like? As of 2015, Match.com has reportedly been the cause of over 1 million babies since its inception in 1995. So naturally, those are some good odds for a single

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5. Zoosk

What are you looking for? Zoosk is all about the fun that leads to the serious. Start with an open mind, and you are sure to end up with some long term success in your future!

How are you matched? Although Zoosk provides you with curated matches based on your interests, the search feature allows you to take the dating into your own hands and find your ideal partner.

How popular is it? Zoosk gets nearly 29 million page visits per month! Try staying single with facts like that!


What is it like? Melanie, who met her now-husband Matt via Zoosk writes, “We knew after that first date that we had something, which quickly grew into us wanting to spend all of our time together.

We have the same personality and spend the majority of our time laughing and joking. My dog, who hates everyone, immediately took to Matt with no hesitation. And, my two kids love how fun he is.”

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6. OurTime

What are you looking for? For the Christian single in their later years of life, OurTime helps unites those over 50 who are looking to venture into the dating scene.


How are you matched? Because the site is catered to an older demographic, the interface is very easy to interact with. After answering a few questions about yourself, you are sure to be pair with someone who compliments you well!

How popular is it? OurTime gets almost 9 million hits per month.

What is it like? OurTime encourages its visitors to look for not only relationships but also friendships! For anyone outside of the booming technology generation, this site will offer your great success in connecting you with other users.

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