3 Cancer Full Moon Rituals To Do January 10th If You Want To Find Inner Peace

True strength lies within.

3 Cancer Full Moon Cancer Rituals For All Zodiac Signs To Do January 10th To Find Inner Peace, According To Astrology getty

The full moon in Cancer on January 10th is a special one. It's the first full moon of 2020, as well as a lunar eclipse. Suffice to say, the night sky is going to be lit, and you are not going to want to miss this one.

So, what does a Cancer full moon mean for the zodiac signs, astrology, and next few weeks ahead?

It's about your foundation, what you consider family (blood or not), and what you need to do to strengthen yourself from within. After all, we are living in a time where climate change and political upheaval are destabilizing our lives. And if we are not strong on the inside, we will burn down with the rest of the world.


So, here are 3 full moon rituals you can do on Jan 10th to find peace within and make yourself bulletproof in the face of challenges.

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1. Ask yourself: Who is my ideal partner in a relationship?

The sign of Cancer rules the family. And every family has two foundational units: a father and a mother. This ritual will help you understand what kind of partner you would like to start a family with. (Family can mean anything — a family of pets, adoptive children, and so much more. You get to decide!)

You will need a journal, a pen, and at least an hour of alone time to do this. Start out by listing the qualities you want in your ideal partner. Then, next to each quality, write out why you want it. How will it benefit you and the family unit you will create with them?

Then, go through the list and put a star in front of the qualities that you possess within you. Rate yourself at the end of this and put the score at the bottom of the page. (For example, if you have listed out 14 qualities that you want in your ideal partner but possess only 7 of them within yourself, then write 7/14 at the bottom of the page. You can convert it to a percentage score as well if you like.)

The point of this exercise is two-fold. One, it will help you zero down on who you want to share your life with (so you can reject the suitors who don't match up). And two, it's a reality check for those who want a shining star but are not a diamond themselves. After all, why would someone so awesome choose you if you aren't awesome right back?


Just remember: don't be disheartened if your score is low. Because it's only when you know where you stand that you can do something to improve your situation.

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2. Remove the skeletons in your closet.

This ritual might sting a bit, so we recommend you do it only if you are in an emotionally strong space. Because, as the name suggests, this ritual will help you accept the unsavory truths about your birth family and heritage.

You will need a journal, a pen, and a solid hour of alone time for this (although we recommend blocking out more time than that since this ritual will definitely make you very emotional). What you are going to do next is focus on three subjects: your family's relationship with money and beliefs about it, how people fight in your family, and how you all feel about authority and authority figures.


Use anecdotes to stimulate your mind and don't restrict yourself to your own experiences. Also, include how individual family members react between each other and with outsiders.

The more you write, the wiser your observations will get. Because every one of us is capable of seeing things clearly. We just don't exercise this ability enough.

3. Do one thing that makes you happy.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is all about being loyal to those who support you and bring you stability. But it's also about being loyal to activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. After all, you can only fill another's cup when your own is full to the brim and overflowing.

So, do one thing on this full moon night that brings you joy. It can be something as small as having a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe to something big as booking yourself a spa day. Better still if you take a beloved with you on these adventures — a sibling, your favorite parent, a bestie, or even your partner.


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Valeria Black is a freelance writer who reads Tarot cards in her free time.