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'Jersey Shore' Versus '90 Day Fiancé': Why Are Angelina Pivarnick And Ashley Martson Feuding?

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'Jersey Shore' Versus '90 Day Fiancé': Why Are Angelina Pivarnick and Ashley Martson Feuding?

Nothing says holiday cheer like a couple of B-list reality stars getting into a fight at a charity party. That's exactly what happened at a New York event this week when Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick and 90 Day Fiancé's Ashley Martson started screaming at each other and threatening to get physical.

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The exact reason for the two reality stars — who don't seem to share anything more than a PR firm — to be getting so mad at each other is a little unclear. Some reports say that Martson's friends were filming Pivarnick without her permission. Or it's possible that Martson found out Pivarnick was trashing talking her behind her back.

Regardless of what got them going, the two wound up yelling and screaming at one another and eventually, Martson and her crew left the party altogether. Now, Martson is telling her side of the story.

Why are Ashley Martson and Angelina Pivarnick feuding? Read on for all the salacious details.

1. Who is Angelina Pivarnick?

Pivarnick is best known for getting kicked off MTVs Jersey Shore — twice. She joined the cast of the pioneering reality show in its first season but got kicked out of the house in the third episode for skipping work at the t-shirt shop. She came back in season two but got tossed out in the second episode after getting into a fight with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. 

In the years since, she's tried to stay in the public eye by releasing a song, going on VH1's Couples Therapy in 2012, and even did a professional wrestling event. In 2019, she got married to Chris Larangiera. That year she also participated in Jersey Shore Family Vacation, where she got in trouble with castmate Jenni “JWoww” Farley when Farley's boyfriend was caught groping Pivarnick in Vegas.

2. Who is Ashley Martson?

Martson made her reality debut on 90 Day Fiancé in 2018. The season followed the 33-year-old mother of two as she got married to her 21-year-old Jamaican fiancé Jay Smith. They followed up with a season on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.

Their relationship was nothing short of a hot mess. The weekend of their wedding, she caught him on Tinder and was ready to divorce him when they were barely even married. She even filed divorce papers, though she withdrew them later and they decided to try again. She quickly caught him cheating again and filed for divorce for real this time. They were officially divorced in 2019. 

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3. How do the two reality stars know each other?

It doesn't seem like Martson and Pivarnick are friends. They do appear to share a PR rep, however. They were both invited to a party hosted by Johnny Donovan of Tilt Media Works, who has a big picture of Martson on his twitter header. He has been speaking on Pivarnick's behalf during this fracas. Moreover, both women were featured in marketing materials about the event. 


A post shared by Ashley (@ashleye_90) on Dec 9, 2019 at 5:28pm PST

Martson and Pivarnick were featured guests at the event. 

4. Why are Ashley Martson and Angelina Pivarnick feuding?

The exact details of what happened at the party are a little confusing. Some accounts suggest that Martson attended with friends who were filming Pivarnick without her permission and she got mad about it. However, a rep for Martson disputed that account, saying Pivarnick started filming first to provoke them and “get us kicked out by saying we were filming her.”

After the filming conflict, Ashley decided to confront the Jersey Shore star, according to an unnamed witness. “Ashley stood up, and went over to Angelina’s side of the table, got in her face, and said, ‘I’ll f*** you up,'” the source recalled. “Angelina was just laughing. She said, ‘Yeah, all right. Go ahead.'” Things got heated and allegedly someone broke a glass, though no injuries are reported. 

Johnny Donovan said it wasn't Pivarnick's fault, saying, “Everything was a big misunderstanding. They just don’t like each other." He went on to say, "The people filming were the ones that started the fight. Angelina was just trying to defend herself because she didn’t want to be filmed.”

5. Martson is firing back about the fight.

Now, Martson wants to tell her side of the story, which paints her as completely innocent, of course. She says Pivarnick spent the night gossiping about her to other guests and, while she knew it was happening, she didn't get into it. 

“I didn’t engage. It wasn’t the place for that. We were invited to the event to lift a group of underprivileged kids’ spirits during the holiday season, not to bring petty drama," claims Martson. Martson, who kicked a friend out of her bridal party for fretting that Jay might cheat on her, certainly knows about petty drama.

The TLC star went on to say, "After the event, I was asked to dine at The Sugar Factory. To my knowledge, Angelina was not invited but she showed up at the restaurant and joined the group that I was with.” This statement doesn't jibe with what Donovan indicated about Pivarnick but perhaps Ashley didn't check with him before talking to the press.

"Angelina went back to her antics that she is famous for and again, started saying negative things about me to the table making people visibly uncomfortable,” Martson claimed. “Instead of letting it go as I had done all night, I confronted Angelina.”

Pavarnick hasn't commented on the altercation so far. 

6. What happens now?

Unless there is something in the works to get both of these women on the same reality show where they will fight again, it doesn't seem like this fight will matter very much. That's not to say audiences wouldn't welcome a 90 Day Fiancé versus Jersey Shore showdown.

If the two of them were to wind up on some show where they got to confront each other, it would be excellent entertainment. However, that's just a fantasy at the moment.

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