Meet Kayla O'Brien — '90 Day Fiancé's' Jay Smith's New Girlfriend — And Ashley Marston Look-Alike

She looks just like Ashley.

Who Is '90-Day Fiancé's' Jay Smith's Girlfriend? New Details On Kayla O'Brien — Who's A Spitting Image Of His Ex Ashley Marston Instagram

90 Day Fiancé's Jay Smith has been released from ICE custody and is showing off the new woman in his life — Kayla O'Brien — in an Instagram post on August 6th. Fans immediately noticed something kind of funny: Kayla looks just like his ex Ashley Marston. It's not just one sided either, Kayla also shared a picture of Jay on her Instagram account. Reportedly, it was Kayla who picked Jay up when he was released from jail. Who is Jay Smith's girlfriend? 


1. They've been dating since January

Kayla and Jay have been dating since January, according to numerous reports. Jay's wife Ashley Marston filed for divorce the first time when she found out her husband was cheating on her. She filed for divorce a second time when she found out he was in a relationship with Kayla O'Brien.



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2. Kayla started a GoFundMe for Jay

Jay was arrested this summer for violating a protection order filed against him by Ashley Marston. Part of that protection order said that he could not talk about Ashley on social media or the internet. That is what he violated. He was transferred to an ICE detention center because he is not an American citizen. Kayla started a GoFundMe to raise money for his attorney fees to get him out of the detention center. She referred to herself as "Jay's friend" when she set up the GoFundMe.



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3. Ashley started a rumor that Kayla is pregnant

Ashley appeared on The Domenick Nati show recently and started a rumor that Kayla was pregnant. She was discussing why she wouldn't sponsor Jay and she said if she helped him get his green card she would be responsible for her ex and his child for 10 years. She said: "From what I saw at court she could've been expecting. So if I sign [for him] I would be responsible for paying his child support. No way in hell am I going to put my name on that line. There's no way."



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4. Is Kayla going to help Jay stay in the U.S.?

Jay may be out of jail, but he's not off the hook. The native of Jamaica may still be deported — especially once his divorce from Ashley Marston is final. Many fans, however, feel like Kayla will help sponsor Jay so he can stay in the U.S. Jay has no home and legally cannot work, so Kayla could provide shelter and basic needs to him. That could be complicated by the fact that Jay and Ashley are still technically husband and wife. There are some fans (and Ashley) who think Kayla may go as far as to have Jay's baby so that he has a blood relative in the U.S. to keep him from being deported.



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5. Was Kayla a stripper?

Ashley Marston didn't stop at just claiming that Jay's new girlfriend Kayla is pregnant. She also claimed  she used to be a stripper but is now a bottle service girl at a nightclub. Kayla fired back at Ashley and told InTouch: “I was not a stripper first that converted to a bottle girl, I have actually always been a bottle girl lol it’s funny how much stuff she makes up by herself. [Ashley] also never saw my body in the courtroom, so her pregnancy speculations are trash, I was sitting the entire time."


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6. Kayla was really excited when Jay was released

Kayla posted a video of Jay's release from the ICE detention center in York County, Pennsylvania and captioned it "My f**cking baby. so happy, so grateful." She included a bunch of heart and lovey emojis.



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