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What Happened When Ashley Confronted The Woman Jay Cheated On Her With On 90-Day Fiancé?

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Who Did Jay Cheat On Ashley With? New Details On The “90 Day Fiancé Couple And How Ashley Confronted The Other Woman

In this week’s rundown of TLC’s thrilling spectacle, 90 Day Fiancé, we delve into the personal lives of Ashley Martson and her husband, Jay Smith. In case you forgot, 90 Day Fiancé is a show about couples who have just 90 days to decide whether the relationship should continue. In this unlucky couple’s case, Ashley had a hunch that Jay was cheating on her with a local stripper. She got to investigating and discovered some ugly truths about her man. Who did Jay cheat on Ashley with?

I’m here to tell you what other juicy details there are to know.

1. Ashley, 31, got her answers from the 21-year-old stripper herself.

She even confronted the other woman over the phone! You go girl — communication is key. While Ashley was packing Jay’s belongings into trash bags, her phone rang with a call from the other woman. She said (paraphrased by Ashley), “I just wanted to call you and to basically kind of face this, apologize. I had no idea that you and him were together,” she explained. “Obviously, if I had known, I wouldn’t have done what went down. So I just wanted to let you know the truth.”

2. They met on Tinder.

The amateur cheater went about his infidelity with a secret Tinder profile. “Someone was FaceTiming Jay at like midnight and I noticed it said ‘Paige’ on the phone and I was like, ‘Who is FaceTiming you at this late in the night?’ and he had just came home from the gym,” Ashley explained. “And then he was like ‘Oh yeah, a girl that was calling about a tattoo.’

Jay works as a tattoo artist, so that checks out. But Ashley pressed further. Why would a client be FaceTiming him late at night for a tattoo? When he refused to explain, she decided to message the woman herself, who told her in turn that they had met on Tinder and Jay had never mentioned that he was married. Apparently they had plans to meet in person over the weekend.

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3. No, actually, they first met at a cookout.

When the woman called her, Ashley asked for the exact details of what led to this happening. The woman explained that she met Jay at a cookout in the summer of 2018—a cookout that Ashley had herself attended with Jay. Ashley challenged her with this information: “Did you not know who I was? Cause I know exactly who you are,” Ashley told the woman. After a long pause, the woman said, “No, I didn’t.”

Ashley wasn’t having it, so she savagely responded, “Okay, well he’s single now so if you’re at all interested. But thanks for calling.”

The woman also mentioned that she had come to Jay’s tattoo shop, and while he was getting ready to start the tattoo, “he kinda was like touching me, kind of caressing me and then one thing kind of just lead to another. We went into the bathroom and had sex.”

4. Ashley confronted Jay and gave him an ultimatum.

Like any self-respecting woman should do when a committed spouse refuses to communicate, Ashley told Jay that he either has to confess to having an active Tinder account and talking to other women, or she would read through the screenshots of his conversations with her and then kick him out. “That’s when he admitted to everything and I was like, ‘we’re done,'” Ashley said.

5. Jay confessed and apologized.

Jay said, “I was giving her a tattoo, she asked if I wanted a blow job and it just happened.” I mean, you could have said, “No, I’m married, but thank you,” but you do you, man. Shortly after their dirty laundry aired, Jay took to Instagram to apologize publicly to fans for what he had done. “It happens and it is what it is, I cannot go back in time and change the past,” Jay, 20, wrote in a text post that was posted by blogger John Yates. “I can only create a brighter future and make up for whosoever heart I have broken.”

And to believe this all happened just one week into their marriage! Now they’re divorced. Lesson learned: date for longer, kids.

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