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What The Venus-Saturn Conjunction Means For Your Love Life And Relationship Until February 2021

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What The Venus Saturn Conjunction Means For Your Relationship This Week

We somber a little towards our love horoscopes and romantic lives when Venus conjunct Saturn, with both in Capricorn, on December 11th. This transit may not only have us not feeling the love, but we could suddenly start to see things in a whole new light.

In astrology, a conjunction simply means that two planets are together within the same zodiac sign, creating a balance and team effort between the two, affecting us with its harmonizing energies. In this case, it’s an alliance between Venus, the planet of love, and Saturn, the lord of time and karma.

While this isn’t usually an easy transit to navigate, it’s not one that occurs very often. The last time we experienced it was February of this year, but the next time we will feel its affects isn’t until February of 2021.

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Venus is the planet of love, beauty and financial abundance. This is the planet that just wants everyone to be happy and everything to be beautiful. Slightly idealistic, it’s a planet that can benefit from the more serious nature of Saturn from time to time.

Saturn is representative of many different aspects in astrology. Most popularly as the lord of time and karma, but also known as the father of the zodiac and the planet that rules our personal sense of boundaries, this is the planet that has us dealing with our daddy issues and standing up for what we deserve, all while being patient and not rushing something if we’re meant to experience it.

It’s a lot on its own, but when teaming up with another planet, specifically Venus in this case, we know those areas of our lives the planet of love impacts is going to feel the energy change. We will mostly see this show up in our relationships, our sense of self, our financial house, and even new decisions we make.

Venus in Capricorn isn’t all bad news; it’s the placement that has us working for what we really want. We don’t mind having to travel for long-distance relationships, and it’s not an imposition to apologize or take back our words. And as far as having to stand up to those who question our romantic choices, it’s a battle we have no problem taking on.

Venus in Capricorn is all about the love, but it doesn’t mind having to put the effort in for what it really wants. It’s also an aspect that appreciates physical beauty — not necessarily in a way that’s superficial, but it doesn’t mind showing love in an obvious, external way through material or financial means.

But Saturn is the reminder that we must be mindful of the choices we’re making and not become complacent when it comes to love.

Saturn in Capricorn is about having us be more mindful of the choices we’ve made and are making that deal with the structures or foundations in our lives. For many of us, our romantic relationships and finances are at the front and center of this, which means we will likely be reviewing our current situation, feelings and desires for the future.

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More so than other years, this December is about doing a lot of self-reflective work so we don’t head into another year unaware of what we want or whether what we’re doing now is getting us closer or further away from it. So many different transits and aspects are all about encouraging us to dream big for the future, but also being mindful of if we’re still holding ourselves back or if we’re making choices that don’t align with the future we’re envisioning.

Saturn in Capricorn can be a bit serious. It’s certainly not one that will let us ignore any issues in our relationships and, unfortunately, will only magnify anything we’ve already been thinking and feeling.

It’s a difficult time for expressing love, especially if it feels forced or as if the relationship has reached its expiration date without warning. There can be some trying times, arguments and conflicts during this time that will test both people in the connection.

Because of the close tie to karma, thanks to Saturn we can use these challenging moments as a compass to see if our relationship can stand the test of time, or if we have only been kidding ourselves about what we’ve been feeling. A relationship that was destined to end will, and likely at the perfect time before something more serious happens so it’s even more difficult to part ways.

For those who have worked to not only be healthy individually but also build a relationship together with that mindset, any little (or big) blimps that do occur will only serve to make the connection stronger.

Be mindful of feeling lonely and spending money (i.e., online shopping in your jammies and with a glass of wine) as Saturn often serves some harsh lessons about our finances. We may also find that if we over-shopped with this transit, we may be without enough for things we wanted to purchase or do for the holidays.

Instead of spending, look into setting up an online investment portfolio, money market or savings account. While maybe not as fun, it still can be done in pajamas and will end up having a far better impact on our bank accounts later.

When we see a more serious transit such as this one occurring, we know it’s about getting a reality check. Whether that reality check comes in the form of a breakup, evaluating our finances, or not going home with that cute guy that reminds you of your ex, it’s something that is necessary.

Saturn may be responsible for our issues, but it’s also the planet that looks out for us, wants the best for us, and gently nudges us to make the choices we’re meant to, even if they’re difficult.

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