6 Zodiac Signs Who Are Into Conspiracy Theories

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6 zodiac signs who are into conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories are appealing to us — they stimulate our need to suspend reality in order to speculate. One would have to have an interest in detail and timing; someone who admires a mystery, a puzzle.

Flirting with the impossible and trying to prove it probable is like a neverending maze filled with revelations, yet most can never be proven. Well-known conspiracy theories include Flat Earth, Roswell, Area 51, and JFK's assassination.

Conspiracy theories are a speculative look into what may have happened had things turned out differently. It's a search for the origin of an event, one that may seem impossible to believe. Those who indulge in this kind of thinking want to provoke and stir the pot. They want answers, and are demanding of knowledge and alternate "truths."

Add astrology to the mix and the zodiac signs who are into conspiracy theories may latch on to one, or many, but the interest is fervent, and those who hold on to them are adamant about having their ideas expressed. To some, the entire idea of conspiracy theory may be farfetched and overly dramatic, possibly even unnecessary. But to those who do care, it's always good to sink one's teeth into some juicy overthinking.

1. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

The truth is out there, Sagittarius, and if it means you have to stare at the X-Files poster over your desk all day and all night, then so be it. For you, a conspiracy theory is one you come up with on your own. You let it stew for months, maybe years, before you even share your idea with another.

Hopefully, you're not in a log cabin with an arsenal while you're concocting your theory, but the reality of it is that you enjoy doing this on your own. You are absolutely certain there are alien bodies in labs at Roswell, New Mexico. You know it, and you snicker to yourself at the fools who think this isn't so.

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2. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Knowing your stuff is only part of the fun; it's getting your sleeves rolled up and ready to get dirty that makes your heart beat feaster. You love to play devil's advocate, and if something doesn't convince you of its authenticity, you plunge deeply into the dark waters of conspiracy.

You like thinking, you like a good mystery, and it nags at you when you can't put all the pieces together. But ram-headed Aries, you will get to the bottom of this. Oh, yes you will.

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3. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Facts work well with you, Virgo, but so do suppositions and alternative timelines. You hook on to your conspiracy theory like a pit bull, and you don't let go because you never see yourself as wrong.

That's how conspiracy theory works for you: an idea you can't get out of your head becomes something almost as dogmatic as a religion, and if someone challenges you on them, you are more insulted that willing to explain. You know what you believe in, yet you are not enthusiastic about explaining.

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4. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Deep thinking is your ballpark, Scorpio, and you don't mind a little overthinking now and then. In fact, you crave deep mental simulation, not to mention a challenge that might involve tough opinions and thoughts from other deep thinkers.

You're not one to just go with flow, and you can easily be talked into debunking something. You not only want the truth, you want all truths, and that's a lot of truths. You tend to indulge in the darker of the theories, and you've never shied away from true mystery.

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5. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

You don't take no for an answer, and if you think something happened that didn't necessarily happen, you insist that it did. You are extremely good at seeing things through a different perspective, and you can be just as convincing when explaining your conspiracy theory to others.

Your charming ways enable you to get the attention you need to get your point across, yet it's not always easy to make people believe you. You are the person who will take a photo of yourself with Big Foot, but everyone will see you in the photo with some guy dressed up as a Wookie.

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6. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

As a Gemini, you understand the idea of cultism. You both like it and are repelled by it, and what attracts you to conspiracy theories is that it sets up little cults of believers that support an idea — and that makes you feel less lonely.

You lose friends easily because you tend to condescend to those who do not believe in your theory. You come across as snobby and elitist, but you stand by your beliefs, which both serves you and isolates you.

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