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How The Divine Lovers — Mars And Venus — Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until 2021

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How The Divine Lovers Mars and Venus Will Affect Our Love Lives For The Next Two Years

Karma comes to visit with a serving of wonderful opportunity on November 24th, as two separate transits in astrology involving Mars and Venus create an energy that will affect our love lives until 2021. The transits our zodiac signs will see are Venus conjunct Jupiter, and Mars opposite Uranus.

Venus and Mars are nicknamed the divine or celestial lovers because Venus represents the divine feminine and Mars, the divine masculine. Together, they rarely meet in the skies, but appear to dance around one another. Transits like these two occur on the same day but are not necessarily near one another.

There are always different cycles we are within, and there are cycles within cycles. Because of this, we often initiate new ways of being or approaching situations while we’re already in a new chapter. Therefore, we’re told that every day can be a new beginning.

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For instance, we are within an eclipse cycle that began in July, but we’re also within a New Moon in Scorpio cycle too. For each, they will reach fruition at different times, so different parts of our lives will be affected.

For these transits involving Mars and Venus, it means there is something about our love horoscopes and lives that will be changing, and it’s going to be a longer cycle for us to work through. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. It could be the start of something wonderful for many of us, and with the Venus aspect, it points more in that direction for everyone.

The first transit occurring on the 24th won't happen again until February 2021: Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. A conjunction really means that these two planets met up in the same sign within a few degrees together, so their energy is combined. This is a positive transit because it’s bringing only good things to our lives, and we’re not going to have to put in any new work in order to achieve them.

For so many of us, this is great news because it seems all we've had to do the past few years is work. Work to learn our self-worth, work to leave a relationship, work to rebuild our sense of self, work to love ourselves, and there were times we wondered if it would always feel this hard.

No. It won’t! That’s what this transit is bringing into our lives. Yes, it may not be occurring again for over a year, but it’s a cycle many of us will welcome into our lives.

This very much carries the energy of receiving pleasure, abundance and joy for what work we’ve done in the past. We are reaping what we’ve sown and because Jupiter finishing up his stint in Sagittarius is all about going out with a big bang, we’re more apt to see big events occur around this time.

Jupiter is the planet that rules abundance and all the best parts of life. He likes to make everything bigger, more amazing, more lovely — just more. In Sagittarius, this planet has been trying to get us to widen our perspective of what is possible all year, to remove the blinders we’ve kept on out of fear, and to open to all the incredible things that exist, even if we never thought they were possible.

A planet is strongest when just entering and just leaving a sign, so getting to the last few degrees of Sagittarius as he readies to move into Capricorn on December 3rd means he’s incredibly potent. He'll be readying us to open our arms to receive what we have deserved all along.

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Because Venus is the planet that rules love and even finances, this means these areas of our lives will be strongly affected. Whether it happens dramatically or in a series of unexpected events, there is no doubt that over the course of the next year, not only will we have more reasons to smile but we’re also going to see the true meaning of that phrase, “If you could love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you could love the right one.”

Occurring on the same day, in true celestial lovers’ fashion, Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, which is a transit that doesn’t occur again until November 2021. An opposition is when two planetary bodies oppose one another on the zodiac; in this case, Taurus and Scorpio, or earth and water.

Traditionally speaking, if we were to read the meaning for this transit, it would be sobering because it can indicate that some long simmering hostility will come out, either from yourself to others, or them to you. But as with anything, we must take a closer look and consider what Venus is doing on this same day.

Mars does represent the masculine and tends to want to rush full speed ahead, whereas Uranus represents sudden change and is known as the planet of shock and awe. Uranus just began a new seven-year cycle in Taurus back in the spring of this year, so for many of us we’re experiencing these transits for the first time in our lifetime, which means we don’t really know what they’ll bring.

Opposites don’t always mean difficulty, though; as we all know, they also can sometimes attract. Taurus is grounded and is one of the ruling signs of Venus. It likes to have life figured out and enjoy it, where Scorpio is the alchemist, always ready for a change of some sort.

So, it’s not about adding up the differences of each, but in looking at how those differences can balance out the other. This is a similar energy we may find ourselves experiencing within our relationships.

Instead of focusing on everything that is wrong with the other person, we might see where their rough spots fit perfectly together with our smooth ones. It’s about understanding how two people can really complement one another.

Also occurring on December 3rd, the lovers themselves meet for a sextile, which is sure to bring about some positive momentum and events within any relationships that have felt on hold for the past several months.

These two planets always mean business for our love lives, and while this particular day is initiating a new cycle until 2021, it’s really about making sure we remember that if something is meant to be, it will be. And not only do we not necessarily have to work hard for it happen, sometimes all we have to do is make the choice to open our arms to receive it.

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