What The Sun, Mars, Venus, & Jupiter Transits In Virgo Mean For Your Every Love Life Until 2021

Pay attention to the signs.

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On September 2nd, there will be two transits in astrology that will bring us to an energetic point of knowing we can no longer ignore the signs around us. 

The first transit is Sun conjunct Mars, with both Sun in Virgo and Mars in Virgo. It's a transit that will be responsible for the infusion of an intense burst of energy, which may prove to manifest as frustrations or anger if not properly channeled. 


The second is Venus square, with Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. It's a really great transit for us to enjoy ourselves, but not for actually getting the day to day things done. The vibe of this will be a little like being in “la-la land,” as the saying goes.  

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The conjunction between Sun and Mars only occurs every two years, so this is the first time since 2017 we’ve experienced this energy and we won’t again until 2021. This means there is something important for us to use from this aspect so we can harness the energy and take steps towards the new beginning we're working for.


The second aspect, Venus square Jupiter, occurs next in February 2020, so we may see certain themes play out during the next few months. Specific feelings can be an inability to fake it, meaning that it’s not that we expect life to be a fairytale, but we do want life to be enjoyable. And that means loving the people we love, living where we feel most alive, and working where we feel a connection to purpose.  

In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets are within approximately eight degrees of one another, essentially combining or harmonizing the energy of the two so we can feel its highest benefit. In this specific case, it’s Sun and Mars, two very distinctive and yet different planets.

While the Sun rules our inner self, Mars rules the action we take in this life, often because of what we have going on internally. In Virgo, Sun is more focused and concerned about our future, and Mars is more stable and ready to commit to those plans.


There will be almost this burst of energy, this sense of urgency in expressing ourselves and following our hearts. But life is never as simple as just that. For many of us, as much as we want to go full speed ahead, we’re going to feel a delay.

And this is where this transit gets tricky, taking that energy we want to use to move forward and instead using it to project it at those blocking that path. We’re more apt to be frustrated or even angry during this time if we feel constricted on taking action fueled by our passion. 

In this case, the best thing any of us can do is to remain aware of the plans we have and trust that while we may feel frustrated, divine timing is always at play, so we have to trust that everything happens at the perfect time. Instead of viewing someone as holding up your happiness or future, think of them as a teacher of patience.

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Try to look for the reason why you can’t take the brake off just yet, and use that energy in a healthy way by getting outside and moving your body. Connect to nature, go for a hike, breathe deep, and practice unconditional trust for everything that occurs in life, especially those parts we don’t understand.  

What is interesting about these two planetary aspects is that while Sun conjunct Mars is usually a positive alignment, we have to be cautious of channeling that energy in an unhealthy way. Venus square Jupiter is a more difficult transit. While this one does come with a warning, it’s also going to provide us with the time and energy to focus on what we want. 

In many ways, these two astral occurrences are actually complimenting one another, so while we do have to watch out for some potential pitfalls, we also have a great deal of positive energy to make the best of.  

Venus square Jupiter is all about socializing, and enjoying time with friends and those that we vibrate with on a similar frequency. It’s about focusing on the things in life that make us feel good. Under this transit, we’re going to want more of that in our lives and we’re going to be thinking and planning thanks to Virgo.


We have to be aware of making healthy decisions regarding our dating lives in the next few months, and that we’re not operating out of a sense of desperation. There is also the possible temptation to overspend because we’re going to feel so good and enjoy life that we may not realize we’re not making the best financial decisions.

It’s important to try to remain aware of our choices and actions as we move through these transits. There is a lot going on astrologically and we won’t fully know until the full moon in Pisces on September 14th what the ultimate purpose and outcome will be. 

Until then, we can only try to remain in the moment and trust that if we stay honest with ourselves, look for the lessons and practice trust, everything that does occur is part of the plan, even if at first it feels like a delay. 


Because of the heightened astrology this week, signs and even synchronicity will be more profound. Because of that, we have to be open to what we receive, and open to life going differently than we had anticipated.  

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