How Communication Improves When Mercury Retrograde Ends, By Zodiac Sign

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How Communication Skills Improve When Mercury Retrograde Ends, By Zodiac Sign

In astrology, the planet Mercury is all about the brain, baby!

Everyone is born with Mercury in the natal chart, and when you don't meet eye-to-eye with someone, check your Mercury compatibility.

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Mercury changes signs every 21-40 days. It's the fastest planet in the solar system and is rarely visible with the human eye because of its close proximity to the Sun

When Mercury retrograde takes place crazy things happen to communication and transportation. Why? Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini and Virgo. Mercury reveals how each zodiac sign learns and communicates with others.

Mercury retrograde is an illusion, but when the planet no longer appears to be moving backward in space, we say that Mercury is moving direct.

Mercury direct is the exact opposite of a Mercury retrograde season. It's the perfect time to improve your communication skills, to plan your travel, and to learn things about others and yourself.

Depending on where Mercury falls in your astrological natal chart, Mercury retrograde can mean different things. But all zodiac signs can take advantage of the flavor Mercury direct when it's in a particular zodiac sign.

If you don't know your Mercury sign, you can find it for free here.

No matter what house or sign the planet Mercury is in at any particular time of the year, when direct it is a great time to cleanse your mind and open yourself up to the people around you.

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Mercury direct relieves a lot of pressure and becomes a great time to improve your communication skills at work, home and in your relationships.

Since Mercury retrograde only happens 3-4 times a year, between those seasons sort out everything that's going on in your head.

From work problems to relationship issues to matters involving your family, you're going to feel inspired to think your way through it.

What's great about Mercury also gives us the clarity to open up and talk about these thoughts.

Mercury has a stronghold on communication, and it will drive you to open up and talk through your problems.

You will find it easier to ask for what you want, to express yourself, and to sort out any issues or grudges you have been holding on to.

Depending on your zodiac sign, Mercury may affect you differently than other horoscopes.

This is what Mercury direct means in each zodiac sign, according to astrology.

Mercury in Aries

Mercury retrograde, while in Aries, communication can turn selfish. It can mean rushing to process paperwork or speaking straight from the hip can lead to misunderstandings.

A lot of random accidents with your tech can take place if you don't slow it down when Mercury is rx in the sign of the Ram.

However, Mercury direct in Aries embraces fast-paced communication. It will bring out the side of Aries that will want to really explore their relationships at work and at home.

They will want to learn where they can improve singularly and as a couple or with their business associates.

This could be a time where they bring up past resentments or transgressions, so it could bring about a lot of arguments. It could also be a time of dreaming and planning for the future.

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Mercury in Taurus

Mercury retrograde in Taurus is a time when you could catch a cold or lose your voice. You may miss out on the beauty life or if you're buying property, agree to the terms you didn't want but missed because you were so willing to say yes for fear of missing a deal.

But, when Mercury is direct in Taurus, it's a time of uncertainty as well. Taurus people may not know exactly what they want out of their relationships.

If you are at the beginning of courtship, it may not lead anywhere due to the consequences of indecision. If you are in a committed relationship, it may be a time of self-reflection and evaluation.

At work, Merc direct is a time when a Taurus maybe a little off their game and feeling unsure of themselves romantically. They just may not know what they want.

Similarly to Taurus, this will be a time of indecision for Geminis.

But unlike Taurus, it is not the consequences that will burden their minds, but the possibilities. Mercury in Gemini will be a time of experience and balance.

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Mercury in Gemini

Mercury retrograde is a time to pay close attention to your travel plans, your tech tools and to back up your computer. Mercury rules Gemini, so duality becomes a little more intense for all zodiac signs.

Yet, when Mercury is direct it means that all Gemini signs will see everything as an opportunity and will have the courage to try new things.

This can be problematic romantically for a Gemini if perhaps they are already in a relationship.

But It can also be wonderful for someone who has been secretly wanting to commit but was afraid of taking the leap.

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Mercury in Cancer

While retrograde, Merc in Cancer can increase your inner emotions. You might sense things more than usual and want to spend time in your thoughts. You are likely to take what's said in error to heart and can start to hold a grudge.

When Mercury is direct in Cancer it could be difficult for their romantic partners. They aren’t going to be very communicative, as they will find this a time for quiet self-reflection.

They may seem distant or withdrawn, and while that can be good for our psyches, it can make our partners feel insecure.

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Mercury in Leo

While Mercury is retrograde in Leo, this is a time where boldness seems to be a thing of the past. You might not say what you want to say. You may feel stuck in a rut when it comes to love or romance.

If you meet someone and have a long-distance relationship, it can be harder to reach each other, but thankfully all that passes once the planet of communication turns direct.

Mercury direct in Leo is a time for the authoritarian in you to come out and take back your control.

This can be great in a work environment and can really help with productivity, but it can be very damaging to your relationship.

You are going to want to take charge and make decisions that affect both parties in the relationship and let’s face it, you can be a little one-sided.

Try to use your pushiness to improve your relationship and not alienate your partner and take away their power.

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Mercury in Virgo

Mercury retrograde in Virgo can be a time to revamp paperwork, and you'll definitely want to follow up on your doctor's appointments or get your lab work done during this time of year.

Mercury direct in Virgo is a time where we become workhorses. We want to work on our relationships every day. We will prioritize our partners, and while our romance may not be flashy and in your face, it will be thoughtful and devoted.

This is a time where Virgos will focus on the little things. Waking up 10 minutes before their partner to bring them coffee in bed. Doing the dishes every night without making a big show of it.

Bringing home their partner's favorite candy. It will be a time of small but deliberate actions.

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Mercury in Libra

Mercury retrograde in Libra is a time when things seem to be unfair and you will notice that people treat others in a way that's imbalanced.

Mercury direct in Libra is a time where Libras will really appreciate the intellect of their partners.

They will be exploring deep conversations and they will want to question everything.

If they are with someone who cannot meet their mental stimulation, they will feel slighted.

However, Libras aren’t great at confronting the things that bother them, so ultimately their frustrations will end up as just that, and nothing will be worked out.

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Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is often called the secret revealer. People start to have their skeletons fall out of the close when they would prefer to have them kept securely locked away.

But when Mercury is direct in Scorpio is a time when we will find ourselves on edge. We will be especially observant and suspicious of our partners. We will feel insecure. It will be almost as if we want to find out that our partner has been dishonest.

But we are also going to be looking to get the root of all of our problems. So, in this time of observation, if we do find an actual problem, we will want to work on it with our partners.

The complete opposite of Scorpio is Mercury in Sagittarius.

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Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can be a time when you feel emotionally restricted or when you aren't able to accomplish a goal due to some paperwork that got lost in the shuffle.

Merc direct in Sag is a time when we may not be focusing on the details at all. We may find ourselves to be completely oblivious.

We will be interested in exploring the depths of our partners, but we will miss everything that lies on the surface.

Sagittarius is an optimist to a fault, so if there is a problem in their relationship no matter the size, they are going to assume they can get through it, even if they can’t. This can be very painful for Sagittarius people.

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Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn can be a time when you aren't able to feel as confident about work productivity.

However, Mercury direct in Capricorn is going to be a time of routines that work out well. They don’t want to be surprised and they don’t want to surprise. They want to experience their life with planned expectancy.

They want to go to the same restaurant on date night, they want date night to be scheduled. They will feel aversion to spontaneity. This can feel mundane to their partners which could cause problems in a relationship.

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Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury retrograde is a time when science innovation comes to a halt. Things can become a bit chaotic and more questions arise rather than solutions.

Mercury direct in Aquarius may be a time where we push our loved ones away. We will be interested in debating and feel very argumentative.

However, it is a time when we will enjoy our alone time. This is a time where Aquarius people will want to be single.

They will want to take time to themselves to really explore who they are and what they want.

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Mercury in Pisces

Mercury retrograde in Pisces can be a time when illusions and creativity seem to really be more powerful than you ever dreamed. Your dreams can be more vivid. Even social media will appear to be a bit more obscene.

Mercury direct in Pisces is a time where Pisces is going to be very open to listening and helping others through their problems. They will make themselves available to everyone around them which can be hard on their partners.

It is admirable of them to be so selfless, but they are also putting the needs of their partner aside for the needs of others. During this time, it is a good idea for Pisces to keep their partner in mind while they are being an amateur therapist for all of their friends.

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