8 Cute Fall Date Ideas To Try This Season

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8 Fall Date Ideas To Try During Autumn

Fall is just around the corner and the crisp autumn breeze definitely adds to the fact that love is in the air!

Actually, Autumn is one of the best times of the year for you and your sweetheart to try fresh, cute Fall date ideas.

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If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the best season of the year with your significant other, consider these cute Fall date ideas to try this Autumn.

1. Go apple-picking together.

There's nothing that screams “Fall” more than apple-picking. If you're in an area like the North East, hit up a local farm for an afternoon date and fill a whole barrel with apples (and lots of fun).

Not only is is a great workout, but it's the perfect place to take some cute photos of the both of you, give you some time to talk one-on-one (and it provides all the ingredients you need for another date night where you can cook apple pie and hot cider together!)

Also, most orchards sell all kinds of goodies, like pies, house-made cider, and fresh donuts if you want to eat right away. Yum!

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2. Visit a pumpkin patch for a cute couples' photoshoot.

Go pumpkin-picking at the pumpkin patch, and while you're at it, bring your camera (or better yet, bring another couple) so you can do a cute photoshoot while you're there! The pumpkins along with all the red and brown leaves scattered all over the ground set the mood for a gorgeous mini-photo shoot with you and your boo.

Head to the local farm or visit another town to find the perfect pumpkin in the patch. A lot of the time, all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for signs on the side of the road, or you could do your research ahead of time to find which pumpkin patch near you offers the most variety.

Once you find the best pumpkin, head on home and carve your pick together. You can even buy two and have a carving contest! Don't forget to spray your pumpkins with bleach to help them last through the season as a cute jack-o-lantern.

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3. Go to a haunted house together.

Get spooky together at your local haunted house. Nothing will bring you and your sweetheart together better than some good, old-fashioned fear. Plus, you could totally bring friends along for a double or triple date that's bound to be fun for all of you.

Hold hands and scream together and you'll make memories that you’ll both laugh at later. Maybe follow it up with some drinks at a local bar to ease your nerves afterward.

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4. Wander a corn maze and hang out at a Fall festival for the day.

Take a trip to a corn maze, where you might get lost … and not just in each other's eyes.

Corn mazes are often found at local farms where they host Fall festivals or cookouts for the community, so bring some money so you can treat your date to a fun date of running around with some pumpkin spice lattes in hand.

Try a fun maze shaped like a symbol of Halloween or look for a haunted one and knock two date ideas out at once!

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5. Have a scary movie night before Halloween.

On a crisp, rainy fall night, curling up for a scary movie is one of the best things you can do with your boo.

This doesn't just have to be your average Fall Netflix and chill — make this movie date more fun by making a fort together before the movie begins to spice up your night. Or you could decorate your backyard with Fall decor and jack-o-lanterns, set up a projector and a sheet and have an outdoor movie night on the lawn — the weather is perfect this time of year.

Cuddle up with your favorite scary movies. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on what to watch, too.

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6. Go tailgating together to support your local football team.

If you and your partner both love sports, head to the local football stadium to support your favorite team.

Even if you're not a super sports fan, taking an afternoon to wander your local college campus or playing tailgate games with other fans can be a fun way for you both to let loose without a lot of pressure.

Remember to bring warm food and festive fall drinks to share. You’re sure to make memories together!

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7. Take a romantic hayride at a farm or go wine-tasting together.

Many wineries offer wine and a hayride through the vineyard. You can also find Fall hayrides at your local farms, or if your community is hosting a Fall festival or a corn maze.

Join your local vineyards on Facebook or Instagram to know when they are hosting events throughout the Fall, and learn all the ins and outs about the grapes they grow and what goes into making the wine during their wine tastings.

It's a fun, carefree way to have a date outside in this perfect Fall weather.

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8. Go camping together while the weather's perfect.

Load the car up with a tent and your favorite campfire meals (and maybe a jacket or two, just in case).

Enjoy each other's company snuggled up by the fire with some hot cocoa and peach cobbler. Camping may sound intimidating, but it's a great way to relax together while the weather is not too hot and not too cold.

Whether you're trying (and failing) to start a fire together or hiking, you'll find something to laugh about as you spend time together.

Is there any better season to fall in love than autumn? This fall, grab your significant other, try out these date ideas, and make memories together.

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