8 Awesome Holiday Date Ideas That Don't Suck

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8 Awesome Holiday Date Ideas That Don't Suck

Unpopular opinion, but Thanksgiving is secretly one of the sexiest holidays of the year. Conventional wisdom typically holds Christmas and Valentine’s Day as the steamiest days to celebrate with new lingerie, and Halloween or the Fourth of July competing for the number 3 spot, depending on whether you’re more turned on by horror or patriotism.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is chronically underrated across the board, and as far as the sexiness factor goes, it rarely even charts. That's why you need some good fall date ideas to really get things going.

Sure, stuffing your face and arguing with your family may not exactly be classic turn-ons, but think about it: Thanksgiving is actually a great time for romance. It’s peak cuffing season, you and your partner are probably forced to bond together tighter than ever to form a united front against whoever’s family has the pleasure of hosting you, and you’re all cozied up together for a long weekend with not much to do. (Also, admit it: there’s something kind of sexy about the idea of sneaking around with your partner like a teenager while your parents are around.)

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Whether you’re staying in to avoid the swarms of Black Friday shoppers or desperately trying to escape your parents’ house before you're force fed another round of leftovers, Thanksgiving is a prime time to sneak in some fall date ideas.

At this point in the season you're probably corn-mazed and apple-picked out. In September, you're counting down the days until you can unpack your sweater collection and go grab an outdoor bite to eat, even if you're sweating through it. You've already Instagramed enough pumpkin patch pics for the year, and once Thanksgiving hits, you might find yourself coming up empty on the seasonal-idea front, but that's where we step in.

Before you start counting down the days until your annual Christmas or Hannukah bash, we've got a few ideas that should take you straight through Thanksgiving weekend.

1. Boycott Black Friday

Let's face it: Black Friday is horrifying. Instead of spending the day trying not to lose a limb (or a coupon), spend it in bed with your partner, surfacing only if leftovers are involved. 

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2. Embrace your peanut butter cravings

You've probably had your fair share of apple and pumpkin flavored treats over the last two months, so why not switch up your dessert menu in lieu of November being National Peanut Butter Lovers Month? Gather some recipes that the two of you can bake together, and then indulge in your decadent dessert by the fire... or in the bedroom. 

3. Warm-up and unwind

Hanging out with your extended family can be a blast, but it can also be super stressful, especially if you’re busy playing host. Book a couples massage for the Saturday or Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. The warmth and scent of the massage oils will allow both of you to unwind and focus on the reasons you are thankful to for each other, sans the family pressure.

4. Movie marathon your way through leftovers

Line up a movie marathon list that you and your partner can spend the weekend crossing off, based on celebrities who celebrate November birthdays. For starters, you've got David Schwimmer (and those Friends Thanksgiving episodes are unrivaled, if you ask me), Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway, and Ben Stiller. You can each pick a couple of flicks, cozy up and chill out until Monday. 

5. Go on a Brazillian steakhouse date

Not feeling the Thanksgiving leftovers? While everyone else gobbles down cold turkey sandwiches, treat yourself to a festive feast of a whole new variety. Steakhouses like Texas de Brazil offer a fun and fiery experience perfect for group dates with friends and family or some much needed post-Thanksgiving one on one time.

6. Volunteer together

There's no better way to express gratitude for all that you have than giving back to others in need. Check out a local soup kitchen in your area, and see if they could use an extra hand on Thanksgiving weekend. Putting on your do-gooder caps will bring you closer together, and will give you a whole new appreciation for one another.

7. Make your New Years resolution a few months early

One hearty holiday meal down, many more to go, at least until mid-January when most people's New Year's resolutions begin to kick in and fitness classes become swamped. Make a gym pact together this weekend (while you're still digesting) and research the type of classes you're interested in. Sign up on Monday morning! 

8. Have hotter sex

Three whole days off of work together with nothing to do. Hmmm... how ever will you spend all of that time? Check out some fun things to bring into your bedroom. Better yet, have a glass of leftover Thanksgiving wine and swap fantasy scenarios! Nothing is off–limits. 

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