5 Horror Movies To Watch On A Date

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Horror flicks make great date movies. Here are our five favorites.

Horror movies may well be the perfect date movies. They're an excellent excuse to sit close together in the dark, and grabbing his hand during the scary parts is totally acceptable. There are no cheesy rom-com clichés to deal with, and studies have shown that scary situations promote intimacy. Here are our favorite horror movies to watch on a date. Poll: Why Do You Like Date Movies?

The Descent
What happens: A group of women go spelunking and end up navigating far more than stalactites. 
Good for: Feminists who want to be truly terrified. This Love Buzzer screamed out loud no less than three times. This isn't the kind of movie that builds up suspense that ends with a gotcha! scene where you find out the monster is just a cat—the tension here doesn't abate until the very end of the movie. The fact that all its heroines are women makes it even better.
Grab his hand when: You get your first, quick glimpse of the monster.

What happens: A single-camera indie horror movie (similar to The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal) from Spain, in which a TV-documentary film crew follows a group of fire-fighters into a building and gets more than anyone bargained for.
Good for: Indie and foreign film buffs who are no longer impressed with Japanese horror flicks.
Grab his hand when: The first, bloody fire-fighter falls down the stairs.

American Psycho
What happens: A seemingly normal, wealthy finance guy is actually a serial killer who murders women for kicks.
Good for: People who prefer the kind of monsters that actually exist. Beware, though—if you don't know your date that well this film could hit a bit close to home, especially if he likes cocaine, is really into 80s music or uses a lot of grooming products. 
Grab his hand when: The prostitute's blood slowly penetrates the white sheet.

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