6 Simple (But Romantic!) Date Ideas You Can Use During The Week

Photo: weheartit

Why wait till the weekend?

The week can get a little hectic between work, happy hours, events and reality TV. With all those things on the agenda, it's pretty hard to schedule in dates.

Stop leaving date night for the weekend and put a little romance back into your weekdays with these super easy weekday date ideas that won't leave you drained the next day at work!

1. Rent some hidden treasures from the library.


If you've fallen into a Netflix rut (don't worry — we've all been there), put down the remote and head to your local library. You'll find tons of recent and old movies perfect for a casual weeknight snuggle sesh — all for free!

Bonus points for recommending a few books to each other and checking them out, too. Plus, all those quiet aisles, tall shelves... We'll let you take it from here.

2. Get your game on. 

Board games are such a casual, fun way to spend a night when you're looking to stay in. If you don't have any on hand, check out your local thrift shop for retro board games or chess and checker boards, or grab a deck of cards for a little friendly competition.

If you're feeling a little feisty, might we suggest the strip version of Scrabble?

3. Dig into dessert.

Going to your favorite restaurant after a long day at work is a classic move, but it can definitely get old after you've tried just about everything on the menu. Switch it up by choosing a new restaurant known for its dessert and splitting that instead.

Perfect for an early night, a little decadence, and a lot of time for a serious make-out session.

4. Play like kids again. 

Yes, arcades are cluttered with kids everywhere. But on weeknights? The little suckers have bedtimes.

Stop by the closest arcade for a romantic oasis full of fun, games, and prizes without the craziness that comes with a weekend visit. This is a great weekday date if you're feeling nostalgic for childhood and want to re-experience it with your SO.

5. Explore the neighborhood.

Crank up the tunes and take the car (or bike... or walking shoes) out for a spin. There's nothing better than an open road and your S.O. next to you, the sun shining on your faces, the wind blowing through your hair, and drifting sultry melodies. This date lasts as long as you want it to and gives you enough time to focus solely on your date.

6. Get that adrenaline pumpin'.


We all know how hard it is to fit everything you want to do into the 24-confines of the day. That usually means skipping out on at least one thing, and most times that's fitness. Who really wants to go to the gym after a grueling workday?

Make your workout fun by pairing up and doing it together, whether that's a run in the park, a quick swim at the local YMCA, or a body-weight lifting session in the living room. If you're feeling ambitious, sign up for a Bikram yoga or rock climbing class together and meet there after work.