Are Rebecca And Zied From '90 Day Fiancé' Still Together? New Details About The Allegedly Married Couple

Zied isn't Rebecca's first foreign husband.

Rebecca and Zied TLC / YouTube

On the third season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, fans were introudced to 48-year-old Rebecca, who flies to Tunisia to start a life with a man 21 years her junior named Zied.

While the Georgia native seems sincerely in love with her younger man, she was probably also sincerely in love with her previous three husbands.

Her family isn't totally on board with her latest journey for love and they're concerned that she's setting herself up for heartbreak. 


And now, on the newest season of 90 Day Fiancé, fans are getting a closer look at their relationship, and judging from the Season 8 teaser, it looks like this season is going to be a wild one.

Are Rebecca and Zied from 90 Day Fiancé still together?

Read on for all the details about their relationship, including their history, and whether or not the pair are secretly married already.

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Rebecca has been married three times before. 

Rebecca lives in Georgia and met Zied online.

In their official bio for the show, she says "Rebecca has three kids and three failed marriages, including one to a Moroccan man she brought to America on a spousal visa, but she’s ready to try again. 

She met her new flame online and didn't initially planned on getting serious but, her bio says she "fell in love, despite the concerns of her friends and family that she’s making the same mistakes over again."  

She's a former private investigator.

Rebecca owned her own private investigation business. In the opening moments of Before the 90 Days, she talked about how much she loves putting a GPS tracker on a cheating spouse's car to find out the real dirt in his life.


Turns out she had to do that with her own spouse, not so long ago.

“I started seeing that he went from his phone being out all the time and not password protected to suddenly, he took his phone everywhere he went, and it had a password on it,” she explained.

She went on to say that "When he thought I was going to go do my job, I was, but it was to do him. I tracked him and he met a girl at a restaurant. She was his age, which made it even worse. He always denied everything.”



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However, it seems like Rebecca traded in her PI career for a different venture, telling a fan on Instagram that she's now a restaurant manager.

"I'm now a restaurant manager," she said in an Instagram comment. "I have a culinary degree and have worked in restaurants for years."

How did Rebecca and Zied meet?

After the collapse of her marriage, Rebecca hadn't really been looking for another international relationship. She said that she saw Zied on Facebook and his profile listed him in Lafayette, Lousiana.

Turns out, that Facebook had the wrong Lafayette — instead of being a couple of states away, he lived in Layfayette Province in Tunisia. Rebecca revealed that she didn't really want to do the long-distance thing, saying: "Given the fact that I had married a Moroccan before and did the whole visa thing, I was like, I can’t do this again. I’m not doing this again. But it was too late.”


“I had already fallen in love with them," she added.

Are Rebecca and Zied married?

That's what some outlets are reporting!

Zied reportedly arrived in the United States in late February or early March — right before the borders of Tunisia shut down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Rebecca and Zied allegedly tied the knot in North Georgia in April in "a religious ceremony, officiated by a priest, not an Imam," which suggests that the marriage was not an Islamic wedding and did not adhere to Zied's customs.

However, because of TLC's strict NDA policy, the pair have mostly kept mum on their relationship status, and we'll likely see their love story — including their supposed marriage — unfold throughout the season.


Fans are conflicted about Rebecca and Zied's relationship.

While it seems like the couple is very much in love with one another, some fans pointed out some of the weird quirks of their relationship — like the fact that Rebecca puts their faces on everything, including t-shirts, her duvet cover, and even her credit card.

"And now we know why Rebecca is broke and has ro live with her daughter and her annoying MAGA bf ... Rebecca spends all her money on Zied-printed "merchandise!" one fan on Twitter wrote.

Another said, "No way has Rebecca got a duvet cover of her and Zied? That’s just cringe."


Other fans pointed out that Rebecca treats Zied like one of her children. 

"Rebecca freaking out like Zied bout to go into brain surgery and hes like.... looking for his breakfast burrito haha girl come onnn," one Twitter user wrote.

Another social media user echoed that sentiment, adding that "Rebecca sounds like Zied’s momma. Drive carefully, let me know when you get there, I just want to hold his hand and make it all better."

To see how their love story unfolds, we'll just have to tune into the rest of the season!

You can catch new episodes of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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