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What Venus In Virgo And The Nine Of Pentacles Tarot Card Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

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What Venus In Virgo And The Nine Of Pentacles Tarot Card Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

On August 21st, Venus moves into Virgo. The balanced, aesthetically- and relationship-driven planet of Venus will be in the analytical, scientific, critical, nervous, cerebral zodiac sign of Virgo.

Considering astrology, the Venus in Virgo placement is also linked to the tarot card the Nine of Pentacles. When this card pops up, it's usually a welcome sight. It points to material security, comfort, independence and self-discipline.

This card traditionally shows a woman in a beautiful garden with nine pentacles in the background. She's often with a bird, usually a falcon, and she's wearing really nice clothes. But everything she has was earned. She worked hard to get to this point. She's secure in herself, secure in her possessions.

She's by herself (save for the falcon), so she's not overtly flaunting her riches to others, but she's not ashamed either. This card is known as the Lord of Material Gain, which is another reason people love to see it in readings.

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Material doesn't always mean money and pretty things. It can also mean practical. Earth signs and the suit of Pentacles are concerned with the practical — money, security, the physical body, health, work and stability. The number nine means nearing the end of a cycle.

With the Nine of Pentacles, this is the reward for all of your hard work. The diet and exercise plan paying off. The new place after finally moving away from your parents. Financial independence from starting your own business. These are all things that tend to pop up.

"Yeah, that's great, but what does this mean for relationships?" Well, let's get into that.

While this card is about the practical, Venus is still the planet of harmony and balance, but also luxury and pleasure. And this card represents what happens when physical luxuries are within balance.

When we're secure in our bodies, our positions and material states. And that in itself is funny, because when Venus is in Virgo, she's in the "fall" placement. She's not at her best. Why? Because Venus is about harmony. Virgo is cerebral and disciplined, and intellect and practicality is very seldom harmonious. It is what it is.

Don't get me wrong, Venus is practical and cerebral; it rules earth sign Taurus, and air sign Libra. But Taurus and Libra are indulgent. Virgo is about control.

As far as relationships go, this isn't the time for side-stepping feelings. Virgo has the rep as a critical nag. And when you put this sign with Venus' desire for beauty and harmony, things get pretty... screwy.

There's a desire to be standoffish, or we might pretend to adapt for the sake of harmony while we want to just go "what are you doing?" (This standoffish impulse will be pretty tempered because on the 29th, Mercury will go into Virgo as well, and that placement is known for telling it like it is, whether people want to hear it or not.) You're really going to watch that impulse lest you wake up friendless the next morning.

Another thing to watch for is purposeful isolation. Taking time to yourself is great and recommended. In fact, this is the perfect time to tend to your own needs as this is another aspect of the Nine of Pentacles. Shoving people away needlessly? Not the best idea.

But there is good news. Overt displays of affection aren't on the table. Neither are heartfelt, overly emotional declarations. Venus in Cancer and Venus and Leo were the times for that. Venus in Virgo is the placement of "doing" versus "saying" or "showing." Because mixing the cerebral with the material and Venus' fixation on relationships results in "doing" for others.

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Big, showy gestures are on vacation now. Instead of taking your partner out for an expensive romantic dinner, this is where you cook it at home. And you leave nothing to chance. This means you pick out place settings and search for the perfect recipe while being mindful of diet restrictions. Heck, this is even the case with friendships or familial relationships!

The emotional displays aren't the thing now. This is when we put into play something we remembered our loved one mentioning, and then we implement it. Did someone mention a book they wanted? Don't be surprised if you go and buy it. Someone needed a certain small appliance and you had the cash for it? Yeah, you just bought it. Being helpful (one of Virgo's traits) is the key thing here.

And this isn't just about gift-giving, either. This time, much like the garden in the card, isn't secretive but it is private. As far as romance, this is the time where you're going to want to stay to yourselves. Quiet nights in are more favorable to loud nights out. Hashing out shared books and shows are a great way to connect.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so the need to converse is high. But here, the conversing is about the day-to-day. If you haven't been doing that before, this is when it starts. Another great way to connect is to ask for help. Is there something your honey's spectacular at that you can't figure out? Go to them with it. You would be surprised how much that helps with connection.

If you're prone to telling all of your friends every little bitty-bit of your relationship woes, this is when that stops. Virgo is discerning, so it asks that we check to see who we're talking to. This isn't the mistrusting nature of Scorpio, but more of "not everyone needs to know everything about what's going on" type of mentality.

Another thing is that we might see who is useful — and useless — in our lives. That can sound pretty mean, but it is what it is. Some people we hold on to aren't the best for us.

During this time, we're going to be more discerning about what we're doing for others and what they aren't doing for us. This is where that alone nature of the Nine of Pentacles comes in, because after some careful evaluating, we may find we're better off alone. (This is where that independence vibe comes in.) This even rings true with friendships, work and familial relationships.

Another thing to note is that Venus is about give and take, and when Virgo comes in, the give and take is with matters of security. And there's an impulse to become overly materialistic.

You can also get so concerned with yourself that you neglect others. This is especially true for those who have done way too much for others. While it's good to cut out those who aren't beneficial to you, make certain you aren't chopping away loyal friendships due to misconceptions.

On a less serious note, this placement is perfect for decorating, especially on a budget. And on a fun note, while Virgo is more reserved, it's also pretty earthy and service oriented. What does that mean as far as bedroom stuff? Well, quite a fun bit. And since Virgo is all about the learning, this is a good time to try out some of the more... interesting play you may have been considering.

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