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The Right Questions To Ask The Tarot (For An Accurate Card Reading)

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How To Get An Accurate Tarot Card Reading By Asking Good Questions

Tarot cards are an ancient form of divination. Asking the cards questions result in true insights is an art that anyone can learn which starts first by learning how to ask the right questions.

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When reading the tarot, first it's important to know that there is hierarchy within the 78 cards. The 22 Major Arcana cards involve internal circumstances and your zodiac sign's personal journey. The 56 Minor Arcana cards can give you insight into things that are out of your control or influence your environment.

Each tarot card is associated to a planet, a zodiac sign and a horoscope element. 

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When you are starting out with tarot readings, whether you're seeking a tarot card reader to assist you or performing readings for yourself, you'll want to allow the tarot cards to express openly and they do have a lot to say.

Tarot cards do their "speaking" with symbols and each card is loaded with them. If you know a little bit about astrology, you can use this as a framework of knowledge to interpret them when seeking answers.

Just remember to think of questions that are simple. Don't ask too many questions at one time. 

You'll want the reading to have a clear focus. Keeping to a theme is also a good idea as it allows the card symbols to have continuance as you move through your reading. 

Here are some questions to use that will help you to have the most accurate tarot card reading, even if you are just starting out.


1. Use open-ended questions.

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Questions that leave room for the energy to flow are vital for a great tarot card reading. For instance, if you pull The Fool card and you had asked a question like "Why haven't I received a call back for the job I interviewed for?".

Then your take away will be less than helpful, had you instead asked something like "What should I do to get a job?"

The Fool card would then have indicated, being optimistic, and taking some chances in putting yourself out there in new ways is one way towards success.

  • Don't: Why won't he commit to me?
  • Don't When will I find love?
  • Do: How can I improve the closeness in my relationship? 
  • Do: What can I do to improve my love life?

These questions are limited and have the energy of lack, putting that into your reading could end up leaving you with a rather negative reading and more confused for the effort. Tarot isn't meant to be used that way. If you create open questions then there is plenty of room follow the course the cards are laying out. 

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When you considering what you most need insights for, you'll need to stick to open-ended questions for the reading. This type of questioning allows the cards more space to make impactful statements, let there be an open air to what you're asking. 

Trying to force an answer from the cards is likely to result in a reading that is more of a challenge to read and not the fun kind. 

2. Ask constructive questions for insight and direction.

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The energy of the cards then have the room to move toward providing deeper meaning to your reading. If you ask rigid questions then you have stifled the cards ability to energetically communicate with you. 

  • Do: How can I let go?
  • Do: What can I do to get a great job?

These types of questions are constructive with the tarot cards working to toward examining what's holding you back and how to move forward. 

Non-constructive questions:

  • Don't: Will he contact me?
  • Don't When will I get a job?

These types of questions are more reflective of a helpless nature and are not considered constructive. 

Take ownership of your questions. You may be tempted to ask questions such as "Why hasn't he called me"? "When will I have a new job offer"? or "Will my vacation be fun"?

Maybe it seems like those types of questions are perfectly reasonable, but for the tarot, they are just not going to work. Keep your questions themed around what you can do, take personal ownership of the questions and the insights will focus directly on you too.

If you are thinking of questions that revolve around what someone else is doing know that in the tarot world that is considered a no, no as it's invasive to the other person and will prove to just give odd mixed up readings. The cards are there to read your energy, not someone else's. 

3. Clarification questions that provide direction or what to focus your attention to.


Questions like these are empowering and can allow the tarot cards to guide you through with suggestions. 

  • Do: How can I be successful in achieving my dreams? 
  • Do: What can I do to improve my financial income?

Questions like these seem again more reflective of not being a part of your own life, there is a helplessness to them that the tarot will give confusing answers to.  

  • Don't: Will my dreams come true?
  • Don't: When will I make more money?

It's also important to focus on the present. We only live in the present, the past is present gone and the future is the present that hasn't come yet. No matter the way you look at it you'll always be in the now. 

4.  Guidance for happiness questions.

This, as in the now, is the time to work on creating a life you love. Ask your questions from that standpoint. Don't fuss over what might happen someday and instead look for what you can do now to be happy. 

  • Do: What can I do now to be happy?

Asking this question is great and it gives a self-empowered energy to your reading. Tarot can give you step by step insights on the energy you are currently embodying and the energies you should embrace to get where you need to be. 

  • Don't: When will I be happy?

This is a question a mixed signal as happy has to happen in the now, tarot will not understand this type of question. 

With some ideas on how to approach your tarot card readings, have fun and keep an open mind. Use the resources available, there are plenty, and keep your focus on what you can do. If you keep these tips in mind, you will have an interesting and insightful reading. 


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