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Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person, By Zodiac Sign

The problem we have is that people tell us from the time we were kids when you know you know. But what does that even mean? When you know you know.

Maybe that’s true for some people but I think to the majority of the world it is improbable to think we will just wake up one morning and say, “Guess what! I know.”

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Relationships are built slowly over time. You find someone and you both are only polite to each other for months before you get comfortable enough to tell them you don’t actually sleep in negligee every night.

Or before they tell you that they don’t actually like it when you massage their shoulders, Heck it could be months or even years before we let out the tiniest fart in front of our partners.
When it comes to the major parts of ourselves, sometimes we close ourselves off to hide the parts of ourselves from our partners that we don’t want them to see. We are afraid to lose them, so we sacrifice things that are important to us to keep them around.

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Sometimes we will blow off work when we shouldn’t, or maybe we'll keep quiet about something they did that bothers us. We pretend to like something they are interested in so we can spend time together or so they think we’re cool.

We amend ourselves slightly (or in some cases drastically) to protect our futures. We think sometimes that love is the most important thing and everything else will fall into place. Maybe that’s true but so often it’s not.

What happens when after you marry someone to whom you haven’t fully revealed yourself? Once you no longer have a fear of losing that person, these little sacrifices we have been making fall to the wayside.

If you blew off work for him, it will seem less important now that you’re married, and you trust that if you don’t you will still have someone to come home to. Or he says something that hurts your feelings.

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It is going to come as a shock if you fight back where you hadn’t before. This is what happens. People don’t change after they get married, they just stop pretending.

They finally allow themselves to be who they are, those two people may not get along when they stop trying to be people they aren’t.

This is why you will marry the wrong person based on your zodiac sign, astrology.

ARIES (March 21- April 19)

Aries people are always competing. They want to be the first at everything they do. They rush through things to make it to the finish line quickly. This doesn’t always work out when it comes to relationships.

They don’t always think through their decision. They can get married in such a rush of passion that they forget to really check in with themselves and their partner to see how deeply they understand each other.

If Aries are not careful, they may be in such a rush to get married, that they end up with someone that they don’t want to spend their lives with.

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TAURUS (April 20- May 20)

Taurus people are very practical. They make decisions with their heads before they consult their hearts. Once they fall in love, Taurus’s are very protective and mildly possessive of their partners.

This will usually attract people who are more insecure and drive away people who are more independent. This is a problem for Taurus people because they hate insecurity.

They will likely fall in love with someone who needs their protection but they will hate comforting their feelings of inadequacy. This could lead to potential problems for Taurus people.

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GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

The thing about Geminis is that they are constantly changing. One day they might be out of this world outgoing and funny and quick-witted and the life of the party.

They can wake up the next morning and be full-on anxiety and introverted and just want to sit quietly reading a book, without socializing.

Sometimes Geminis will only show one side to their partners. They will be whichever part of their personality their partner wants them to be, suppressing this other side altogether.

No one can do that forever though. When they get married the other side will come out. If their partner fell in love with the introvert, it will be hard convincing them to go out.

If they fell in love with the extrovert, it will be hard convincing them to stay in. It is hard to fully reveal yourself when there are so many sides to your personality.

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CANCER (June 21- July 22)

Cancers are usually very intuitive and sentimental. They make excellent partners because they are good listeners and can intuit what their partners want or need. However, Cancers can be very moody and pessimistic and suspicious.

They may try to suppress this side of them while they are still dating their partners but when the commitment has been made, they can show their true colors.

It can be off-putting to their partners to see someone who is usually making them feel so loved and secure, be so suspicious and make them feel guilty for no reason.

They will usually attract people who need more security in their relationship because of how intuitive they are, but it can scare them away to be made to feel guilty and shameful. Especially when it's not what they are made used to.

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LEO (July 22- August 22)

Leo’s are always very dramatic and outgoing. They are going to go out of their way to take their partners on romantic trips and vacations, buy them expensive presents and make their lives seem like a movie.

After they are married, it will come as a surprise to their partners that Leo’s can be very lazy. They will stop caring about what their spouse thinks of them.

They will put more work into getting strangers to like them than their husband or wife. This can make anyone jealous and maybe even a little bit regretful.

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VIRGO (August 23- September 22)

Virgos are very methodical. They will learn every detail about their partner's likes and dislikes, their thoughts and feelings, their beliefs, and their hopes and dreams for the future. They will find the person that makes perfect sense for them to marry, and they will be forever loyal.

However, one of Virgos greatest weaknesses is that they are very overly critical of themselves. They will likely try to hide the parts of themselves that they don’t like or are ashamed of. They will try to never fully reveal themselves to their partners.

So, in this scenario, it is not the Virgo who chose the wrong person to marry, but their chosen spouse. They end up marrying someone who hides their flaws. If they ever come out it can really knock the wind out of their partners.

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LIBRA (September 23- October 22)

Libras have a difficult time with confrontation. It is likely that in a relationship they become somewhat of a pushover. This is likely from their fear of being alone. However, when they are married, a promise is made to them encircling them in someone else’s forever.

This takes away some of their fear. It is easier for them to defend their ideas and their actions when the threat of losing their partner has diminished. However, they married someone who agreed to marry a pushover.

They thought they married someone a little more spineless. So when Libras start trying to have a say where usually they would have let things roll off their shoulders, it can cause a lot of animosity.

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SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)

Scorpios are full of passion and romance. They make big romantic gestures and are constantly sweeping their partners off of their feet. They usually attract people who are comfortable being spoiled and doted on.

However, when they are married, Scorpios can show parts of themselves that are more insecure. They need more reassurance that they are the one that their spouse would still choose if they would have to do it all over again.

It is hard to sometimes get the level of comfort you need when you introduce it late into a relationship. If you didn’t show that you needed that during your relationship, how can you be sure your partner is equipped to handle it?

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 21)

Sagittarius people are very idealistic. They want so badly to be the person their partner needs but sometimes they can promise more than they can deliver. They want to have someone to come home to, someone to cherish, someone they can make laugh and rely on.

So they make a commitment due to impatient and impulsive behavior. This can be complicated because sometimes it works out. But other times it turns into ice-cold resentment. Sagittarius people will resent their partners because they miss the freedom they had when they were single and could make decisions based on themselves.

Their partners will resent them because they were promised a life that they will never have. This isn’t to say Sagittarius people can never be happily married, but it won’t happen until they reveal their true selves to their partners and are honest about the expectations their partner should hold for them and they for themselves.

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CAPRICORN (December 22- January 19)

Capricorns are always very practical and serious. They are very family-oriented and usually excited to get a family of their own started. If a Capricorn has been dating someone for a long time it is likely they will take the plunge into marriage because it seems like the next logical step.

They won't always focus on the long-term compatibility of themselves and their partners. They will likely be more inclined to asses the logical details. Career goals in line, family planning similar, want the same amount of kids, same pets, want to live in the same area. It will become a matter of logic.

All the heart will be taken out of the decision. This will work out logistically but will we ever really be fulfilled if we’ve never been head over heels drastically knock your socks off in love?

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AQUARIUS (January 20- February 18)

Aquarius people hate talking about their feelings. They really hate it. They are also natural problem solvers. A lot of times when an Aquarius person is dating someone, when they are fighting, an Aquarius may be quick to give in.

Being a problem solver that doesn’t want to address their feelings, this becomes the easiest solution, especially when they want to keep their partner happy. However, when they are married, Aquarius people have a stubborn uncompromising side that will come out.

This will come as a shock to their partners. They will not be accustomed to the power shift. The relationship will be completely foreign to them.

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PISCES (February 19- March 20)

Pisces people develop great relationships. They are always very compassionate and understanding. They listen and relate better than a lot of other signs. The problem is Pisces people really value their alone time.

It allows them to re-center and check-in with themselves. It gives them time to remember who they are outside of their relationship. Pisces people can sometimes wait to reveal that to their partners until after they are married.

This can come to a shock to their partners who are likely very co-dependent. Pisces usually attract more codependent people because of how patient and understanding they tend to be.

When they reveal to their partners that suddenly they want more alone time, it can make their partners feel very anxious and insecure. These two personality types don’t always make a very good match.

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