What Month Is Pisces & What Is It Like To Be One, Per Astrology

Water and spirit is what this zodiac sign is all about.

What Month Is Pisces And Other Questions Answered About This Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology pexels

If you were born between February 19 – March 20th, you are one of the 12 zodiac signs, that dares to dream far beyond the rest.

Listed as the last zodiac sign, you’ve been blessed with the personality and skill of creativity and innovation.

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But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for a Pisces. Behind the mask of creation lie heavy feelings.

Before we get to that though, let’s look at where the personality trait descriptions came from and why this is the last horoscope sign in astrology.

The History of Pisces, the Fish of the Zodiac

Going all the way back to mythological times, the story goes a little something like this. Typhon was a terrible monster, described as being strong, vile and having a hundred snake heads on his shoulders that constantly hissed and breathed fire.

Depending on which version you read, Typhon either came from Hera or Gaia, but no matter which one it was, he was clearly born of hate against Zeus. With the power to defeat the king of the Gods, Zeus, Typhon eventually made his way to Mount Olympus.


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This is where Pisces comes in.

For clarification, Pisces isn’t an actual person. It’s a word that derived from Latin and the constellation has roots in Syria (believed to be an inspiration for the Greek myth and gods). But, back to the story.

As Typhon made his way up the mountain, gods and goddess alike fled. Two of those were Aphrodite and her son Eros.

While running from the monster, the popular belief is that the two of them jumped into a body of water (a sea or river depending on who you ask).

There, they turned into fish, tying a cord between them so they wouldn’t lose one another. Then they swam safely to shore. Thus, the legend of Pisces was born.


This myth can tell us a few things about the fish in the stars and what it means for people who are a Pisces (such as myself).

So here’s the guide for all us fish people with this spiritual and emotional personality type within astrology.

1. Birthdate & Season

Late Winter, February 19 – March 20

2. Symbols of Pisces

Element: Water. This makes a lot of sense because, y’know, fish.

Color: Sea green. Also because of fish.

Anatomy: Feet. You might be sad to know we’re literally at the bottom of the body, but it’s simply because it goes in order. Aries is first, therefore it’s the head. Pisces is last, so that makes it the feet.

Metal: Tin. This one actually has a little deeper meaning to it. Pisces are known as dreamers, and tin is a pretty light metal. The airy quality of such a substance applies to your mindset.


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3. Planet Ruler

Any guess? Think about water. Still no? Alright, I’ll tell you.

Drumroll please...

Neptune (duh).

For those of you uninformed in mythology, here’s a little backstory.

Neptune is known as the Roman god of the sea and was the brother of Jupiter (ruler of the gods and Heavens) and Pluto (god of the Underworld).

4. The Sun And Pisces

In astrology, the Sun probably plays one of the biggest roles. It helps to determine your personality, meaning what you’re like as a person and how you act.

For a Pisces like me or you, if you’re one, this means that you’re more sensitive to criticism and other’s feelings, along with being more creative and shooting for the stars.


You tend to be more artistically inclined, which means that playing instruments, doing fine art and other arts-related activities comes more naturally to you.

Some famous Pisces are George Washington, Albert Einstein, and Kurt Cobain.

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5. Fatal Personality Flaws

It’s not all happy times for a Pisces though. The problem with us is two-fold.

One, we tend to want to escape reality, whether that be through daydream or literally running away from responsibility to a different country.

Running away much like Aphrodite and Eros.

Personality-wise, we don’t like to face problems, no matter how big or small, so we tend to just avoid them.


That makes it all the more difficult when reality comes back at full-force.

The other problem is self-pity. We often make ourselves into the victim and retreat into ourselves.

However, a Pisces isn’t one to dwell too long on the past, so you pick yourself up and try again. Just don’t keep repeating the cycle.


6. Love Life

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Pisces and I have been in a couple of relationships.

For me, the signs were Taurus and Aquarius twice. Neither of those is classified as the best matches, but they're not the worst either. So what are the best pairings?

Best Love Match

Surprisingly enough, Scorpios are actually a great match for Pisces because they both have deep, mutual feelings.

Another good match is Cancer due to you both being sensitive and imaginative.

And finally, the third match is Capricorn. This is sort of a case of opposites attract, but the two balance each other out.

Worst Love Match

So what are the worst signs for a Pisces to date? Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius.


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Jesse Oakley is a writer who writes about love, relationships, self-care and spirituality/astrology.