5 Zodiac Signs With Erratic Emotions

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5 Zodiac Signs With Erratic Emotions.

When you have erratic emotions, it means they’re all over the place. One minute you’re crying, and the next you’re laughing. You run the gamut of emotions and it may be difficult for people to keep up with you.

For the emotional zodiac signs, it can be exhausting — not just for themselves but for the people around them. Their loved ones may feel the need to be careful because they don’t want to set off some kind of outburst. This kind of behavior may also put a strain on your relationships.

Many things can contribute to making someone so erratic with their emotions: they may just be born that way, they may have learned that kind of behavior growing up, or it might have something to do with astrology. And the zodiac signs with erratic emotions can't control themselves and always seem to be on the brink of having a meltdown.

Sometimes, someone with a lot of feelings directs those emotions inwardly, while others manifest their emotions in other ways such as trying to one-up others, not showing up to events, or running from their problems rather than dealing with them.

Being a wildly emotional person may make you seem too intense or into your own feelings that you have little empathy for anybody else. You may have trouble seeing situations from any other point of view other than your own.

1. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer has erratic emotions because they have so many feelings that can change in an instant. They're super sensitive and it may be something that seems fairly safe that can cause them to react.

They're moody to the extreme, and sometimes it can be difficult to follow their emotional pathway. Cancers can be inconsistent, and what causes them to blow up one day might not the next. 

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2. PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces have a lot of emotions and have issues containing their feelings so they tend to come out at inappropriate times. The more Pisces struggles to hold in their emotions, the bigger the explosion when they do come out.

They try to express what they're feeling in their art or work, but sometimes, that's just not enough. In their need to get their emotions out, Pisces' feelings are all over the place.

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3. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libras will suck down their feelings in order to avoid conflict or causing upset, but eventually, their feelings will come out, usually in a bigger way than if they had expressed them when they happened. Libras don't love criticism or rejection and will try to avoid it by not showing their emotions.

They need to have their voice heard, but they're not always that comfortable in expressing it. And that's why it comes out in volatile and arbitrary ways. 

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4. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpios are intense and passionate, which is why their emotions are erratic. Scorpios don't have small or gentle feelings; they have huge feelings that cause them to behave in big ways.

They tend to not turn the other cheek or let things just roll off on them. If you cause a Scorpio pain, you can plan on there being some kind of "come to Jesus" reckoning with them. They are like the audition monologue with various levels of emotions: fun to watch... as long as it's not directed at you.

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5. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Sometimes it's easy to forget how emotional an Aries is. They're so adventurous and fun, but when they get emotional, it's a rollercoaster ride for they will do and say things that will completely surprise everyone around them.

They are impulsive and often don't hold back. They'll express everything they're feeling in a variety of ways, and you won't know what hit you. Once over their outburst, Aries will go back to being the lively, positive person they were.

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