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What Venus In Cancer And The Two Of Cups Tarot Card Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

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Venus in Cancer, The Tarot's Two of Cups

What's that in the air that I smell? It's love! Love in all of it's forms — platonic, familial, romantic. That's because on July 3rd, Venus is going to enter the emotional, moon-ruled zodiac sign of Cancer, and will stay there until August 11th. When Venus moves into Cancer, get ready to experience all sorts of emotional fluctuations.

In traditional tarot, this placement is related to the Two of Cups. When the Two of Cups tarot card shows up, it tends to be a herald of great joy, especially when the question tends to be on matters of the heart.

Why? Well, because while the Three of Cups is related to relationships of groups of people, the Two of Cups is the emotional meeting of two people. It is one-on-one soul recognition.

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This card shows two people holding a chalice while gazing at one another. There is a recognition of souls in play here. This placement and card is both receptive and expressive. So, it makes sense that it is known as the Lord of Love. And when we say love, we mean the romantic, platonic and familial.

So, what does this mean for our love horoscopes, relationships, and life for the next few weeks? Venus represents love, harmony, and connection. She also represents diplomacy, artistic expression, and temptation.

There's also the element of balance in play here, such as the desire for either the inexperienced so we can educate (corrupt) it, or the extremely experienced that want to educate (corrupt) us. And we want to let it happen. Corruption doesn't so much mean how it sounds, just the desire to not be so naive/innocent anymore.

With Cancer being brought into play, the give and take here is of matters of the heart. Venus becomes imaginative, intuitive, romantic, and moody. She also becomes more than a bit manipulative, and temperamental with a tendency towards victim mentality.

When the Two of Cups is added to the mix, it brings the notions of emotional recognition, kindred spirits, reflection on good times with another person, and mutual interests. When this card comes up, more than romance, it means joining with another person for mutual healing.

This is why this card comes up more often for deep friendships than romantic. Because while romance comes and goes, friendships tend to see us through more choppy storms than anything else. Cancer's lunar-ruled emotional depth is amplified here, bringing more than the shallow waters we're used to.

When healing is mentioned, it means healing of the psyche and emotions. If you were hurt before, this is the time you begin to move on. This is where a warning comes into play. Be careful of being codependent. Leaning on someone else during a difficult time tends to bring in problems.

Another thing to watch out for is alienation. While it is nice to live in our own little bubble after establishing a new relationship, we shouldn't shove away the ones who have been there for us in the past.

As Cancer lives in the past, you might be really hard pressed to get a hold of past flings and relationships. The best thing to do is exercise caution here as this can lead to a can of worms you may not be ready to open.

Another thing is the need to bring up issues that should stay long buried. You just won't be able to help yourself due to the moon ruling over instincts and emotions, and the moon rules Cancer. However, at best, you can put a damper on it and try to reign it in while behaving accordingly.

One other thing to look out for is caving for favor of someone else. While picking battles is an age-old strategy, the notion of avoiding conflict that needs to be addressed doesn't benefit anyone.

But on the opposite end, you can find yourself trying to emotionally manipulate someone (Cancer is good for that) while appearing to be the martyr. Clinging is another thing that needs to be heeded.

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But it's not all clingy horrors. As this is the Lord of Love, this is the time you'll find yourself vibing with those closest to you on an emotional level. Romantic expression is highlighted. Dates are more thought out, full of feeling. And as Cancer is most comfortable in the home or by the water, expect more romantic nights in or picnics by bodies of water.

If you're in the beginning phases of a relationship, this is the time where the conversations grow deeper. You start to probe past the surface, talking more about the past.

This is also the point where conversations of "where are we headed?" come up. If a relationship has been getting stale, this is the time reconnect. Comfort is taken in each other and you find it's like being in a safe little bubble whenever you're together. Much like it was when you first got together.

For the singles, new connections are easily forged during Venus in Cancer. Chances are quite high that intriguing meetings can happen at an art and/or music related event. Any summer art festivals happening? Don't be surprised if a chance conversation over a piece of art turns into a date.

There's also a high chance of making new friends, though shyness is a bit high right now as well. Venus is social, but Cancer prefers to keep hidden a bit. (It's sort of a good thing that Mars is in Leo during this time as well, counteracting this urge to scuttle off into the shadows).

Also, as Cancer is related to home matters, this is the time you get in contact with that one family member whom you really felt had understood you (or that close friend you haven't spoken to in a while), and see how things have been.

And as Venus is diplomatic, this is the time to handle any family squabbles that need to be squashed. The Two of Cups advises that you speak openly and truthfully about any issues, and address past hurts so that you can move forward.

And while we're on the subject of addressing past hurts, the Two of Cups does come up a lot when two people meet and discuss. This isn't always romantic or familial. This card is a healing card and comes up a lot for therapy sessions. Seeking professional help is a good step toward healing, especially if there are any past issues that need to be seriously addressed.

On a fun note, as Venus represents eroticism on a receiving level, you'll find you're much more intuitive to what your partner wants to do. And you're more willing to try new things. Just make certain you're not going beyond what you're comfortable doing.

Since Venus rules over art, if you're artistically inclined (especially in decorating your home), this is the best period for it. But the best thing to take away from this is the notion of give and take and balance in all things. And when we're balanced, we're at our most content.

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