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25 Self-Love Tattoos With Deep Meanings To Remind You To Love Yourself As You Are

self love tattoos with deep meanings meaningful quote tattoos about self love

Self-love is one of the most important factors in determining whether you will be happy or not in life. Being able to love yourself determines how long it will take to get over a breakup, how likely you are to keep pursuing your dreams when people say no and how much love you can give to someone else. 

After all, loving someone else always starts with loving yourself.

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You need self-love to meet the person of your dreams, start a family and enjoy a happily-ever-after. Self-love is a concept discussed everywhere when it comes to self-help, but only some of the people actually commit to loving themselves unconditionally. There are people who preach self-love but then compare themselves to others, hate their body or stay in toxic situations. That is not healthy and will not lead you to be happy — that type of mentality will only put you down a darker and more twisted rabbit hole that will corrode you to your core. It will cause you to react negatively outside of your head, be rude to people and act much more mean-spirited.

You can change your attitude — and your life— though. Tattoos are a wonderful way to remind you to love yourself in the right ways.

For many people, self-love tattoos with deep meanings are a way to express themselves and their uniqueness. Some may have meaningful tattoos of a cross, character or an important person, but for many people, they also have a tattoo designs that reflects self-love. Getting a tattoo about loving yourself can reinforce that positive mindset.

Some self-love tattoos involve meaningful or inspiring quotes, or lines just telling them that they're beautiful.

If you’re considering getting a meaningful tattoo about self love, it's a good idea to check out some of these quote tattoos to find some inspiration. You can try and do something similar to one listed here or just completely copy (I won't tell). Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re designing the tattoo for you — and no one else.

These are the top 25 best self-love tattoos.

1. Love yourself ankle tattoo.


Simple and to the point. Whenever you feel down about something going on in your life, you can look at your legs and know what to do.

2. A colorful rainbow heart tattoo with a clear message.

Credit: Molly - Love Well Live Wel

Very colorful tattoo. It would be painful to get through but having a beautiful one like that will be worth it.

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3. Self-love tattoos are the best love.

Credit:  Kedzie Frey

You can't expect to love anybody else if you can't love yourself. This tattoo tells that fact well.

4. Take care of yourself tattoo.

Credit: Gallery Tattoo

You need to be able to care for yourself first. Self-love is only possible if you do that.

5. Self-love in its purest form.

Credit: Alexis Donnelly

Beautiful tattoo to put on your arms or legs. Instead of adding flowers, you can use something else to decorate the tattoo.

6. Love yourself tattoo.

Credit: Alexis Donnelly

At the end of the day, you need to love and respect yourself first before anyone else. Don't let anyone force their way on you.

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7. Give yourself a hug arm tattoo.

Credit: BootsK

Sometimes you can always use a hug. Don't we all?

8. Self-love doesn't need to be big to be powerful.

Credit: Inkstinct

You're with yourself. You need to make yourself happy first before anyone.

9. If there's no rain, there's no flowers tattoo.

Credit:  Lilii Caa

Sometimes you have to go through hell to make way for the good times later on.

10. Trust that you can get through life.

Credit: Cafe Mom

Trust yourself to make the right decisions that will affect you positively. 

11. You make your own self-love.

Credit: Care Mom

The design of the hand and paint really go well with the tattoo. It creates more depth to the message of self-love.

12. Choose life tattoo.

Credit: Kay

Never give up. No matter how hard things may get, it will always get better.

13. Join the self-love club.


Unite with friends to be there for each other when you lose faith in yourself. They'll give you the strength to keep going.

14. When you're not angry at yourself anymore.

Credit: Kelsey Farquhar

Ignore all of the negative excuses out in the world. We have heard them all.

15. Girl power tattoos for the win.

Credit:  Gosia Krajewska

Be empowered to accomplish whatever you dream.

16. You're too good to give up on yourself.

Credit: Oliwia

The hands are a perfect spot to put that. You'll always see it when you need to.

17. Look at how the stars shine for you.

Credit: Junebug42

Spread your light, and make people see how great you truly are.

18. Create yourself tattoos.

Credit: Tattoo Ideas

You are writing your own book, you're the main character. Act like it.

19. Fall in love with yourself tattoo.

Credit:  Tattodoo

Find reasons every day to be thankful and learn why you are so amazing.

20. You are enough tattoo.

Credit: Designzz

Don't let anyone change who you are. You're perfect the way you are.

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21. Never forget tattoo.

Credit: Amy Johnson

Self-love is all about being consistently happy with the things going on in your life. Don't forget that.

22. You are so loved.

Credit: european.son.420

Sometimes you need to ignore the negative voice inside your head. You are amazing

23. Don't accept love if it's not for who you really are.

Credit: Sutton Sutton

Find someone who doesn't want to change you at all. That loves you the way you are.

24. Netherless, she persisted tattoo.

Credit: Buzzfeed

Whatever it is you dream of doing, keep persisting. Will always finds a way.

25. Life is what you make of it tattoo.

Credit: Glamour

You can decide to live on the bench moving past life or you can find your own path and purpose.

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