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20 Best Rainbow Tattoos That Symbolize The LGBTQ+ Community In Celebration Of Pride Month

20 Best LGBTQ+ Tattoos, Lesbian Tattoos, Gay Tattoos & Transgender Tattoos To Celebrate June Pride Month 2019

You’ve probably seen LGBTQ+ tattoos, pride tattoos or ally tattoos in passing, whether on Pinterest or in person, but you might not have considered getting one inked permanently on your arm, leg or chest for the world to see.

Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community (or supporting and being an ally to the queer community) is something to celebrate, not cover up, and a rainbow tattoo can show your respect for others like you who may be facing adversity for their sexual orientation.

Gay tattoos and lesbian tattoos can be great ways to express yourself and solidify your identity. Choosing to tattoo your skin is a big decision, but it’s also a rewarding one.

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If you want to subtly tell others and remind yourself of your sexual orientation, then getting an LGBTQ-inspired tattoo may be the perfect way to do so. Not only will you feel proud to display a symbol that means so much to you, but you will also be encouraging others who may not feel as confident with their sexual orientation to come out publicly.

From bleeding rainbows reminding the world that love is love no matter the gender to simple letters stating your PRIDE, there are plenty of options for your new LGBT tattoo. You can use these beautiful tattoos as inspiration for your own design or just steal the tattoo for yourself! After all, the LGBTQ+ movement, and the colorful symbols used to represent it, can mean different things for different people.

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Note: Regardless of their purpose, tattoos must be administered by a professional tattoo artist. Any permanent tattoo applied to the skin can have serious health risks, which are reduced when dealing with a professional in the field. Still, it is important to consider your pain tolerance, health condition and other factors that may affect your ability to get a tattoo safely.

Without further ado, here are 20 amazingly beautiful and meaningful LGBTQ tattoos that will make you want to embrace your sexual orientation!

1. When you need a reminder.

Credit: Pinterest

2. When your is as big as the stars.

Credit: Pinterest

3. When you know you're all the same inside.

Credit: @goldlagrimas

4. When you're united, no matter the gender.

Credit: DeviantArt

5. When you know your won't change.

Credit: Google

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6. When you need your LGBTQ pride to be as boho as you.

Credit: Pinterest

7. When you know you were made this way.

Credit: Pinterest

8. When you still have faith.

Credit: DeviantArt

9. When you need to explain that it's in your genes.

Credit: Pinterest

10. When your hearts beats to a different rhythm.

Credit: Google

11. When you always want to raise the pride flag high.

Credit: Pinterest

12. When you represent the colors of the rainbow.

Credit: Tattoodo

13. When you want a subtle pride tattoo.

Credit: Tattoodo

14. When you were definitely born this way.

Credit: Tattoodo

15. When you finally spread your wings proudly.

Credit: Tattoodo

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16. When you want others to see you for who you are.

Credit: Tattoodo

17. When you like the LGBTQ flair.

Credit: Tattoo2Me

18. When you bleed pride.

Credit: DeviantArt

19. When you feel united with LGBTQ around the world.

Credit: Somegram

20. When you love Disney and yourself.

Credit: Buzzfeed

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