What Inspires Each Of The Zodiac Signs

We're talking inspiration, not motivation.

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What inspires you? When thinking about that question, it’s a good idea to clarify the difference between inspiration and motivation. 

Inspiration is generally defined as a way of influencing people mentally and emotionally to do something creative. It’s thought of as a pulling force and has no time-limit on its influence. When we see something that inspires us, we are propelled from the inside to act; the impulse to take action isn’t planned or false.


On the other hand, motivation is the process of stimulating someone to act in a particular way in order to achieve a goal. Motivation is a driving force. People feel compelled to do something when they’re motivated, and the source of this feeling comes externally. There’s competition, resistance, and effort involved, and it tends not to be spontaneous.

What inspires each zodiac sign? As astrology determines our specific personality traits, inspiration varies from person to person. While someone may be inspired by art, others find inspiration in kindness. 

ARIES: People who do unexpected things

Aries are inspired when people go out of their comfort zones and do astonishing things, such as elderly people who are competitive runners or people who do good deeds without expecting anything in return. Any kind of triumph over adversity and reminders of the power and determination of the human spirit are huge sources of inspiration for Aries.


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TAURUS: Joy in its purest form

Joy inspires Taurus' artistic soul even more than beauty (which is a close second). There's something about a child giggling or a puppy frolicking that gives Taurus hope and makes them want to express themselves so they can experience a small moment of that joy themselves.

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GEMINI: Intellect

When Gemini learns about some theory or concept that blows their mind, they get inspired. When they hear something profound that changes their thinking, whether in a lecture or a conversation, they get energized and want to learn more.


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CANCER: Consideration

Kindness and generosity all figure in Cancer's special mix of inspiration, but the thing that really does it for them is consideration. When someone is thoughtful enough to take Cancer's feelings into account or they remember small details about them, it inspires this zodiac sign to pay it forward with their own thoughtfulness.

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LEO: Collaboration

Leos get inspired by working with and off of other people. They love the interchange of ideas and the feeling when everyone in the group is working together towards a common goal.


When Leo sees an idea coming together, their creative juices start to flow. Leos not only work well with others, but they're often the leader, which serves to feed into their own creativity.

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VIRGO: Art of any kind

Whether it be a painting in the Louvre or street art, classical music or punk, or a Broadway show, Virgo is inspired by art and the artists that put their souls into their craft. Great art sparks Virgo's own creativity and inspires them to express themselves.

Sometimes the best thing for Virgo is to be messy and unruly as a counterbalance to their need for perfection. Art tends not to be without flaws, yet it's still breathtaking.


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LIBRA: The ocean

While Libras aren't a water sign, they tend to draw inspiration from the ocean. If they're nearby it, the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea makes them feel peaceful yet full of vitality.

Maybe it's because of the ocean's power or its beauty. Since Libras love to travel, it's not unlikely that they'll choose to travel somewhere with fantastic beaches and tropical delights. The ocean inspires a sense of calm.

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SCORPIO: Perseverance

Scorpios are inspired by people who are knocked down again and again but who continue to get up and keep going. Scorpios understand almost better than anyone that life isn't fair, but those who continue being optimistic and hope for the best are a huge source of inspiration.


People who have drive but aren't jerks, and who are successes in life without compromising their values, inspire Scorpio.

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For Sagittarius, it's their dreams that inspire them — the kind they have when they sleep at night, and those that are their own goals. A Sagittarius is often re-invigorated when reminded of what they're working towards and the things they want in life.

When Sagittarius sees others going after their dreams of travel, career, property, or creating things, they're reminded of what they want and what they need to do to achieve them.


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CAPRICORN: Acceptance

Capricorns are inspired by seeing people who love unconditionally and who are accepting of people for who they are, not who they might be in the future. Fitting in and feeling like they're part of a community, and knowing that they'll be accepted no matter what they do, is freeing for Capricorn.

It's not meaningful if someone is just saying they're accepting; they need to make their actions prove it.


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AQUARIUS: Being told "no"

If you want to inspire an Aquarius, tell them that something is impossible or tell them they can't do something. "No" is a motivator and inspiration for Aquarius.

When they hear stories of people who were told to give up and their resources were taken away, but who built empires or created inventions anyway, they are inspirated to move forward. Failure that still ended up as achievement is a regular source of inspiration for them. 

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PISCES: Kindness

Kindness can be seen as another form of love — love for others. Pisces are all about demonstrations of love, so when they witness true love, kindness, compassion, and generosity, they're inspired.


While Pisces might prefer obvious love, they're intuitive enough to recognize love when it's not as obvious, such as a charitable act. They can't live without the support, comfort, and magic that love brings into their lives. 

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