What Life Path Numbers Are Most Compatible With An Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Do life path numbers have any similarities with zodiac signs?

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One large reason that crowds turn to astrology and numerology is to reach a deeper understanding about who they are and why they are the way they are.

But another reason people do this is to search for explanations about horoscope compatibility, realize potential problems in a relationship, or find closure about why something played out the way it did. 


There are no sure-fire guarantees about who your soulmate is, or what person would be perfect for you, but astrology can offer valuable insight into these things.

Numerology can also play a large role in shaping who you are, and learning about your life path number can lead to some big revelations about your emotional personality on top of your zodiac.

This article will focus on Aquarius signs in astrology and the most compatible Life Path Numbers so that you can finally find that love connection you've been looking for in a really positive and plausible way.

These life path numbers are perfect for an Aquarius, adding that special something that even an Aquarius can't stop loving.


Life Path Number 6

Nicknamed the Caregiver, life path number six is full of people who identify with others, display a strong sense of empathy and emotional intelligence. This emotional intelligence lends well to a relationship with an Aquarius because it allows them to see past the way Aquarius runs from emotional expression.

Someone with the life path number six will also complement the way in which Aquarius focuses on humanitarian issues and fights for others. As a caregiver, life path number six will be drawn to and passionate about similar issues which will give them something very valuable: a common goal. 

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Life Path Number 7

The Philosopher, as this path is known, is very analytical and logical while maintaining their curiousity and inquisitive nature. This makes them an ideal partner for an Aquarius because there will be a low expectation for emotional communication. Instead, these partners will be able to effectively share in an intellectual relationship and understand each other in a very pure way as a result.


Both Aquarius and life path number 7 find themselves driven towards intellectual pursuits, and enjoy time alone. This allows them to take a step back in the relationship without causing the other person stress. One thing to be careful of here is making sure that you don't lose sight of each other in the relationship. Because both Aquarius and Life Path 7 enjoy time alone and dislike emotional expression, there is potential that this could be a stumbling point for you both.

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Life Path Number 9

Life Path Number 9, or the Humanitarian, seems to be an obvious good choice for an Aquarius. This level of concern for others and a desire to bring injustices to justice is something that pairs well with Aquarius' motivations in life as well. However, a nine also does so from a narrow belief that their views are the only correct one, focusing on morality.

An Aquarius focuses on the logical argument to fight for others, although they also empathize with victims. These two opposing views could be a point of contention between two partners, or could lead you both to deeper understanding and a stronger ability to influence change. 


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